Trey visits Joe at his motel room. He wants out of their arrangement. He and Kristina are going to try and be a real couple. Joe doesn’t care as long as they stay married. Trey is upset about Kate and Joe’s big plan to destroy Sonny. And now he is his father-in-law. Joe blows up. Sonny deserves everything that is coming to him! Trey wonders what that might be. He needs answers. Joe assures him that Kristina is not the target, her dad is. Trey has real feelings for her and needs to know why Joe wants him involved. He can’t get the money from her, so what are Joe’s plans? Joe tells Trey he is right – to just go and be happy. Trey is confused. Is Joe’s plan over now? Later, Joe apologizes to a picture of Trey. There is no way his plan is going up in smoke. Someone comes to the door and Joe tells them they are right on time.

Sonny impatiently waits for Kristina at Alexis’ house. He refuses to say anything to Kristina about Trey’s parentage until Kate knows Trey is her son. Alexis agrees. Kristina arrives and Alexis hands over the annulment papers. Kristina refuses to sign because they have already consummated the marriage. Sonny’s face is frozen in horror. She knows all she needs to know about Trey so they can tear up the agreement. Sonny tells her it can still be annulled on the grounds of fraud. Kristina does not want to end it. Trey arrives and tells them how much he cares about Kristina. Sonny shakes his head and Alexis has to hold him back as Trey and Kristina go home. Alexis wonders if Trey is sincere but Sonny knows he and his dad are up to something.

Carly is surprised when Kate arrives at Johnny’s apartment to discuss business. She wants her wedding at the Haunted Star. Carly is shocked considering she accused Johnny of taking advantage of her. Why didn’t she go through Lulu? Kate is just in a hurry is all – time is of the essence. Carly gets called off to deal with a crisis at the Metro Court that Connie called in. After she leaves, Kate hands over some papers for Johnny to sign. He thinks there has to be another option and she tells him if he backs out she will call the cops on him. He signs the papers.

At The Floating Rib Spin is upset about Sam and Jason’s divorce. Maxie arrives and can smell vodka in his drink. It looks like he needs a friend. He brushes her off, then calls out to her when she turns away. He is upset about the divorce. She thinks it is sad that two people meant to be together can’t work it out. Maybe the wedding she threw was a bad omen. She goes on about Kate’s wedding and he reminds her this is not about her. They talk about her their own almost wedding before she leaves.

Heather packs up at Tea’s. John McBain knocks on the door until Tea walks up and invites him in. They go inside a seemingly empty house but Tea finds Heather in the nursery. Tea wants her to bring the baby down when he wakes up. Downstairs, Tea thinks John is there to get her help getting Liam back and tells him it would be a conflict of interest. She recalls the evening the baby was born. John wants to meet the baby and she gets him from the nursery. She invites Heather to come with but she wants to stay and fold his laundry. Tea introduces the baby to John. She does not know what she would do without him. John asks for a glass of water and while she is gone he swabs the baby’s cheek for DNA. He hands the baby back when Tea returns and thanks her before he leaves. Heather is bummed she missed John.

Jason joins Sam at her table at the Noodle Buddha. She unexpectedly got her figurine back and was feeling nostalgic. He just got his too and they marvel at the coincidence. They remember their wedding - a lot has happened in a year but they have to move forward, not back. She reaches for the divorce papers but they are interrupted by Robert. His grandmother is pleased they remember the double happiness of the union of the phoenix and the dragon. Robert tells them that his grandmother is very ill and it would mean so much if they stay for a feast. Robert toasts them and tells them when times are bad, remember the good. Sam thinks of their vows and cries. Later, Sam and Jason share a kiss.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sabrina arrives at Patrick’s house, who opens the door shirtless.

Sam tells Carly, "Jason and Elizabeth have reconnected. He is with her right now."

Jason tells Liz, "Sam’s baby is alive." She replies, "What?"

Kate shows Sonny the papers she had Johnny sign and says, "I have a surprise for you."

Johnny tells Todd over the phone, "You need to get your ass over here. Now." Todd looks over at Anna in the holding room at PCPD.

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