Steve tells Jason at the hospital that Tea’s baby could be Sam’s son because of the blood disorder, but he is still doubtful. Jason is adamant with all of the medical evidence that Sam’s baby is alive.

Anna runs into McBain at The Floating Rib and apologizes for leaving when she did. She did not find what she is looking for and the case is closed. McBain tells her he is meeting Jason. She is not judging, but he is the one who split up Sam and Jason’s marriage and has made a dangerous man angry. McBain promises to play nice. She leaves as Jason arrives. He tells McBain that he thinks Sam’s baby is alive and living in Llanview. He lays out his findings. Tea had her baby at a bus stop and when he was born he was not breathing. Todd took him for help and he met up with Heather. This explains why Todd gave her a job. Jason wants McBain to test the DNA of the baby in Llanview. If he cares about Sam at all he will help get her baby back. Later, Jason sees the dragon figure in the lost and found.

Maxie is ordering food from Noodle Buddha for Connie’s wedding when Patrick comes in to pick up his order for her and Emma. Maxie has to bail on babysitting because of work. If she had known it was a date and not a stupid surgery she would have done it and still can. He refuses – he is kind of relieved.

Sabrina has a fantasy about Patrick at the hospital. She snaps out of it when he tells her not to work too hard. She wonders if he has time to relax and Dr. W pipes in that he will tonight on their date. They discuss their dinner plans and he tells her he will pick her up after he gets his daughter to the sitter. Dr. W and Sabrina discuss how much there is to like about Patrick. Later, she has another fantasy where she is Dr. W’s and Master Drake’s maid. Dr. W is a shrew and Patrick sweeps Sabrina off her feet. She is brought back to reality by Dr. W. She needs her paperwork done and hand sanitizer refilled.

Anna visits Steve at the hospital to talk about Heather. He has no information and is appalled at the staff at Ferncliff. Anna wonders about her former boss, Todd. Steve did think it was strange he hired Heather and Anna shares that Heather depended on him a lot. She calls the station to get a location on Todd. Later, Patrick arrives and he and Anna reunite. He is glad she is home and they agree to talk later. He cancels on Dr. W because he has no sitter. She calls over to Sabrina and asks her to do it. Patrick does not want to impose but Dr. W is relentless and makes it happen.

Todd knocks endlessly on Johnny’s door until Carly answers. She tells him Johnny told her everything and Todd shoots Johnny a look. Johnny explains it was about his mob loan. Johnny sends Carly to make him tea and she leaves the guys alone. Todd tells Johnny they have a problem. Heather has escaped and if he has police scrutiny, he will have to give Johnny up. Johnny is in, but wants help with Connie. Before he can explain why Carly returns and wonders what deal they just made. They cover and tell her it is about the missing money. Outside, Todd runs into Anna. She was just looking for him and has questions about Heather.

At the penthouse, Spin calls Jason and tells him he is making little progress, but Jason tells him he found the baby. Sam overhears Spin who hangs up quickly and evades her questions. He hopes she is there to talk to Jason and she is - to drop off the divorce papers. He thinks they can prevail because of their love but she demands he accepts that they are over. He asks her to give it one more day.

Spin goes for a drink at The Floating Rib and Maxie approaches him.

In Llanview, Heather tells Tea to stay at works as long as she needs to. She tells the baby this time she will do motherhood right. Sam and Jason do not deserve him and she needs a do-over. They are going on a road trip - she hears Pine Valley is lovely this time of year. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. It is McBain.

Sam goes to the Noodle Buddha and Jason walks in.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Connie, "This is awkward. You couldn’t find someone else to do your bidding?"

Alexis tells Kristina, "You just have to sign the papers and it is as if you were never married." Sonny adds, "Here’s a pen."

Spin tells Maxie, "Jason and Sam are getting a divorce."

Sam tells Jason, "We can’t move backward. Only forward."

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