Connie looks for Sonny at his place. She is disgusted by the wedding announcement and is glad Johnny is in her pocket. Maxie rushes in with her wedding ideas which Connie declares boring, ugly and stupid. She wants some edge - cleavage and Lucite heals. Maxie does not think it sounds very Kate Howard and Connie tells her it isn’t. It’s very Connie Falconeri. Maxie thought Connie was gone and Connie tells her they are two in one now. Connie is here to "fun" things up. She shoos Maxie off to get it right. When she returns they discuss bachelorette party. Connie wants to drink tequila off of a male stripper’s abs. She hands over’s Sonny’s card and tells Maxie to knock herself out.

Carly gets Johnny home from the hospital. She has a surprise. She cares about Jax, but Johnny is her man. She signed the divorce papers and she is a free woman. She leaves to get him a blanket. Connie calls. She took a murder rap for Johnny so he owes her. And lose the "'tude." Carly wonders who he was talking to and he tells her it was just Todd. He loves her and wants her to always remember that.

At her apartment, Starr tells Michael on the phone she can deal with Trey. Trey overhears and she tells him she is worried about him. Kristina comes out of Trey’s room and cuddles up to Trey. He has someone to talk and their relationship is not for show anymore. She leaves to shower and Starr urges Trey to fess up. He turns it around and asks what she is hiding. Kristina returns and Starr thinks they will want the place to themselves now that they are married. She leaves and Kristina wonders why she is so worried. She has enough to deal with her parents. Alexis wants her to come home and sign the annulment papers but she won’t sign after last night.

At home. Alexis tells Sonny the annulment documents are almost ready, but he is not there for that. He tells her that Trey’s dad is Joe Scully. Alexis is shocked but he tells her the worst has yet to come. Kate got pregnant and left the baby behind. Alexis gets it – Trey is Kate’s son! Sonny thinks Kate does not know yet and this will shatter her. Alexis wonders if he is worried about Connie coming back. They agree to keep it quiet until after the wedding. Sonny gets the papers and wants to find Kristina to sign them now but neither of them know where she is. Kristina texts that she is on her way. Alexis is glad they have not consummated the marriage.

At the Quartermaine estate, Joe pleads his case to a skeptical Tracy. People judge based on his last name and he did not want to scare her off. He asks Tracy if she was every afraid of him. She hasn’t. He knows has been married to lots of criminals and hopes she can accept him like she did them. He has never felt like this. They start making out but she pushes him off. She can’t deny her feelings but she will not be made a fool of again. She leaves. He gets a text from trey that he and Kristina are staying married.

At the hospital Steve insists on knowing what Jason thinks Heather did to Sam. Jason tells him he thinks Heather took Sam’s baby. He tells Steve everything he found out. Steve is in disbelief until Jason tells him about the shack. Steve tells him about the baby boy born at a bus stop who was not breathing. A good Samaritan performed CPR. The baby was so healthy it was hard to believe he was ever sick. Steve doesn’t want to believe it but he has learned the hard way Heather is capable of anything. Jason demands a name.

John visits Sam at home as she is looking over her divorce papers. He tells her about Heather’s escape and wants her to be careful. She tells him she signed her divorce papers. She came close to changing her mind when they were sick, talking about the baby and what could have been. But when she went to see him he had moved on with Elizabeth. It made her realize she has to move on too. Today is their anniversary and she reminisces about the union of the phoenix and the dragon. It was supposed to be the ultimate bliss. McBain hands her the dragon he found in the hotel room. Life can change in an instant and anything is possible. He hopes she gets what she wants. Later, he gets a call from Jason. He needs his help

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie asks Spin, "You are going to go on a date?"

Jason tells McBain, "I think Sam’s little boy is alive and living in Llanview."

Spin asks someone on the phone, "You found the baby?" Sam walks in and asks, "What baby?"

Todd tells Johnny, "We have a problem. Someone else could open her mouth."

Heather tells the baby, "This time, I am going to do motherhood right."

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