At the hospital Epiphany works with a new nurse, Dr. Westborne confronts Epiphany about a nurse’s notes. The nurse bumps into Dr. Patrick Drake rushing away to fix the problem. He apologizes and she blushes and shares her name, Sabrina. She quizzes Epiphany further watching Patrick throughout the day. Epiphany shares about the Drake family and what happened to Robin.

At Sonny’s, Michael explains that Starr said Trey’s father just got out of prison. Sonny puts the pieces together that Trey’s father is Joe Scully and tells Michael what Joe did to Kate and about him taking the baby. They speculate if it is true and what the motive is for Trey marrying Kristina. Starr makes the ID and Sonny tells her to be very careful and swears her to secrecy that she knows anything about this.

Joe Jr. calls Tracy from the docks and leaves a message. Trey approaches him and confronts him about his mother, Kate Howard. Trey explains what happened when Kate saw his medal. He tells his father what she claimed. His dad defends himself making claims about what really happened as Trey continues to get upset. Joe claims he was protecting him as a kid. Trey asks why he didn’t tell him a truth as a man. Joe asks Trey to plot against his mom with him to get back at Sonny. Trey reasons that his mom is sick and Joe denies it. Trey doesn’t know if he can trust his father who asks him to stay married. Tracy returns Joseph’s call explaining she needs to hear his side of the story.

Connie confronts Johnny in his hospital room and announces Connie’s return and discusses their unfinished business and what they have on each other. Connie talks about the impending wedding that is not going to happen. Johnny tries to help her find a way out. Connie worries Kate will get committed. She threatens Johnny that to protect both of them Johnny will need to help him. She whispers her plans to Johnny snuggled up against him in his hospital bed and he refuses. Connie tries to use Todd Manning as her ace in the whole, but Johnny explains it won’t work. Connie won’t let up.

Kristina shows up at Trey’s apartment and Starr voices concern that Trey is troubled about something that happened. Kristina says she wanted Trey to trust her for helping him, but is worried now if he is upset. Michael calls and wants Starr to come over to identify Trey’s dad for Sonny. Starr leaves Kristina and doesn’t tell her what she thinks she knows about Trey and his father. When Trey returns to the apartment he apologizes to Kristina that he wishes he never got her into this. They decide they need each other and Trey takes Kristina to the bedroom.

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy is upset after listening to Joe’s plea to hear his side of the story. Monica enters and thinks she is crying about Cook. Tracy says her and Joseph are through. Monica tells her she should have found out who he was before she had feelings for him. Tracy confesses how she feels about Johnny making her feel sexy and considers Sonny is a thug and maybe she shouldn’t believe him or what happened to Kate who killed Starr’s family. Monica defends Kate due to her mental illness.

Back at the hospital, Patrick gets invited to dinner with the new doctor during a consult who heard he was single. He said he hasn’t been on a date since his wife died. Things cool off and she leaves Patrick alone. He tracks down Sabrina at the nurse's station to help him with a patient and they share headphones listening to a song she recommends to cheer up a girl coming after surgery. Dr. Westborne interrupts and Patrick reconsiders dinner.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason exclaims, "I think Heather took Sam’s baby."

Sam shares with John McBain, "I signed the divorce papers."

Joe Scully Jr. pleads with Tracy, "I’m not a rapist, and I’m not leaving until you’re convinced."

Carly asks Johnny, "Is something wrong?"

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