At Starr’s, Michael is waiting to confront Trey. He knows Trey is after something but Starr does not believe he would hurt Kristina. Michael thinks she is too trusting and leaves to check on Sonny.

At Sonny’s Trey and Connie fight over the medal until Sonny walks in and grabs Trey. Connie pleads for Sonny to let him go and Trey runs off. Connie pockets the medal. Sonny can’t believe Trey married Kristina and Connie pretends that is what they were fighting about. He kisses her and she leaves the room, disgusted. She can’t believe she has a son she doesn’t want. He better not make any trouble for her. The shock of seeing her baby flattened Kate and Connie has taken over. Michael arrives and she is rude to him but quickly recovers. Michael asks Sonny about his history with Trey’s dad, but this is the first he is hearing of it. Michael asks Kate why she did not tell Sonny but she got sidetracked. She has to run off to see Kate and exits quickly. Michael tells Sonny that Trey implied Sonny took something from his dad at some point. When he confronted Trey he said he made it up to make more drama for the show. But Michael thinks their whole relationship is a setup. Trey’s dad got out of prison right before they went to Vegas and Sonny makes the connection.

Trey comes home and tells Starr that Sonny was not there, but Kate was. Kate was livid and told him unbelievable lies. Starr asks what she said and he vaguely tells her it got ugly. She persists and Trey gets angry at her defense of Kate – didn’t she kill her kid and boyfriend? He can’t trust Starr anyway because she will run right away and tell Michael. Later, Trey leaves a message for Joe. He wants to talk about his mother.

At the hospital, Steve tells Olivia that Heather is missing. She thinks Heather is going somewhere where she has unfinished business. Steve calls Dante and tells him that Heather escaped and he fears for Olivia. Dante warns Olivia to stay safe and call him if she sees Heather. Steve leads Olivia off to meet Kate. But when Kate walks in Olivia immediately recognizes Connie. Steve tells her Kate is integrated but Olivia is not buying it. Later, Connie ditches Olivia outside her room.

Dante and Lulu are in bed. According to her calendar now is the best time to conceive. Dante hopes little DJ appreciates all their hard work. She wonders what happened to Rocco? He just wants a healthy baby with her looks and his charisma. They make out until Steve calls. Dante reluctantly leaves but will be back to take advantage of their time frame.

In Johnny’s room Carly has a few questions about him and Todd. She demands he be honest with her. He tells her the share he put in for the antiserum was not his. His money was tied in the club so now he is on the hook to the mob. And that is it. Carly wonders why Todd did not just tell her. He would jump at breaking them up. She makes him promise this is the last secret and he swears there will be no more. Now he wants her to divorce Jax. A nurse interrupts and Carly leaves. Connie rushes in and locks the door. She tells Johnny she is back for good.

At the hospital Todd wants a comment from Jax for the paper. Jax has no comment but will talk about Johnny. He does not want Johnny around his daughter and Todd can sympathize. Johnny has Todd’s daughter wrapped around his finger so he installed a camera in Johnny’s office to dig for dirt. Carly called Todd off, but not before he saw Johnny doing the cha-cha in women’s underwear. Jax wonders why he is covering for Johnny when it is clear he despises him. Does Johnny have something on him? Todd lashes back at Jax for acting like a hero after abandoning Carly. Todd leaves and overhears Steve talking about Heather’s escape. Carly approaches Jax and tells him it is time to file the divorce papers.

At the penthouse, Spin tells Jason that Heather could be involved in the baby swap considering the involvement of the shack. She is obsessed with her son Steve. Plus, she has a grudge against Sam because of the undelivered letter. A police officer confirmed he saw Heather that night. She had motive and opportunity. But there has to be someone else involved. They need to find the person who fed Luke while he was locked up. Jason pulls out his gun – Heather is going to cooperate. Spin gets call from Steve that Heather has escaped. Jason will find another way.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick knocks into a nurse who drops everything. She says "I really should watch where I go."

Kristina tells Starr, "I really do care about Trey."

Michael asks Sonny, "You think Trey is Kate's son?"

Trey yells at Joe, "She said you raped her. He replies, "That is a damn lie!"

Connie tells Johnny, "You owe me Johnny and I came to collect."

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