Heather arrives at Tea’s house to begin her nanny job. Tea has a major concern. "Susan's" references are great, so why does she want to work for her? Heather would work for peanuts to be close to the baby. Tea welcomes her aboard. She hands off the baby and asks if she can start today. Tea has a good feeling about this. Heather tells the baby that after DNA tampering, kidnapping and a couple of murders, fake references are child’s play.

At the hospital, Spin realizes Sam did not bury her own baby. He runs into Todd and his papers go flying. Todd is curious and would pay good money for a good story. Spin picks up and leaves. Todd walks up on Steve, who is trying to reach Heather at Ferncliff. Todd thinks it is better to leave Heather alone. Tea calls Todd and tells him she hired a new nanny, Susan Moore. He is confused. Suddenly, Heather grabs the phone from Tea and hangs up. She tells Tea that Victor is sick. Tea runs off but soon returns. Victor doesn’t have a temp. Heather gets her keys to leave. Tea must think she is some kind of freak show. Tea is not going to fire her. She is a godsend.

At the penthouse, Liz and Jason kiss. Sam sees but slips away unseen. Jason pulls away and apologizes to Liz. He cares about her, but it is not fair to start something with her when it can’t go anywhere. He can’t be with her. He knows it hurts and she means so much to him, but exposing her kids to the violence would make losing Jake all for nothing. Suddenly Spin busts in with answers for Jason. Liz leaves. She needs time to think. Spin, who is taken with lab tech Ellie, tells Jason that the baby is definitely not Sam’s. Spin thinks it is time to bring Sam in on the investigation. Jason is not ready. They decide to start at the shack in the woods. Spin guesses it is the same shack near the burial of Anthony’s body and Luke’s kidnapping. Jason wonders if Heather is involved in this.

Liz gets to work and cries into Steve’s shoulder about Jason. The timing is never right. Steve gets a call from Ferncliff. Heather escaped!

At home, Kate realizes that Trey is Joe’s son because they have the same medal. He admits it. Joe raised him alone because his mom walked out. She demands to know who his mom is. He doesn’t give a damn about that Brooklyn trash. Shakily, she asks how old he is. She is his mother! Joe raped her. She can still see the medal dangling from his neck. Trey wants to leave, but she tells him she gave birth to a boy and thought he died. Crying, Kate walks over to Trey and tries to hug him. He pushes her off. He does not want anything to do with her. Connie comes out tells Trey he can’t hide from his past. He can call her Connie – that was her name when Joe raped her. She wanted to abort him and would have put him in the dumpster if she could. She left everything and he got saved, all thanks to dear old dad. They fight over the medal when Sonny walks in and pins Trey over the bar.

At Alexis’ house, Sonny demands Alexis and Kristina work on a quick annulment. He gets a call that the $88 million is missing and leaves to handle it. Later, Alexis wants Kristina to grow up as they prepare the annulment papers. She has to stop making irresponsible decisions. Sam shows up and tells them about the kiss. Jason has moved on and now she should too. She grabs the pen, signs the divorce papers and takes off her ring. It is over.

At the estate, Tracy asks Joe what JMS stands for. She thinks he is embarrassed and shares her middle name, Angelica, is an embarrassment too. She gets a call about the money being missing. She thinks one of Jerry’s cronies made off with it. He thinks she can earn $18 million by lunch, so why worry? She agrees – it could have been worse. Sonny walks in and is surprised to see Joe. He tells Tracy she traded one gangster for another. Joe murdered McBains’ sister and raped Kate. Tracy tells Sonny to see himself out and she asks Joe for an explanation. He tells her he was exonerated for the murder. And the night with Kate was just a one night stand. Tracy is pissed! He thinks they have something good but she throws him out and tosses his medal after him.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny says to Kate, "You are not telling me something." She replies, "I am telling you the truth." "No you are not," he yells.

Steve calls Dante and tells him, "My mother escaped from Ferncliff and is coming after Olivia."

Jason asks Spin, "How did Heather get access to the child?"

Carly asks Johnny, "What were you and Todd arguing about at the marina?"

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