At the hospital Spin assures Jason he will find what he needs about the baby. Liz overhears Spin wish Jason a happy birthday before he leaves. She wishes Jason the same, but he wants to erase it since he shares it with Franco. She guesses that Spin is looking into the blood discrepancy and he admits that if anyone can find the truth, Spin can. Liz gifts him with an early release. She offers to drive him home. There is something she needs to tell him.

In the blood lab Spin asks a cute nurse, Ellie, for some help. He shows her the paperwork and asks her to test the tissue on file for the baby’s blood type. She won’t help him. He shows off his PI card, but she can’t release the info to anyone but Sam or the baby’s father.

At Alexis’ house, Sonny demands to meet Trey’s dad after Kristina explains why she got married. Alexis arrives and Sam and Sonny encourage her to sit down. Kristina got married in Vegas to that scum Trey. Kristina wonders what the big deal is if she is getting it annulled. Sonny storms off to visit Trey and Kristina follows him. Meanwhile, Sam looks at her own wedding ring. Alexis pulls out Sam’s divorce papers. They just need her signature, unless she is having second thoughts. She tells Alexis about playing "what if" with Jason. She blames herself for the baby’s death. Patrick told them how the baby died and Alexis assures her it is no one’s fault. Outside, Kristina tells Sonny she thinks she would do something this crazy for him like Trey did for his dad.

At home, Michael tells Kate about Kristina’s wedding. It is to be annulled and was just for the show but there is more. Trey’s dad has history with Sonny and isn’t a fan. Trey says he made it up, but he is covering something. Michael asks about their past in Brooklyn. Is there something with a grudge? She tells him there is one but he doesn’t have a son. She asks for Trey’s last name and he tells her it is Mitchell. She does not know any Mitchell.

At home, Trey tells Joe that Kristina thinks they are getting annulled. Starr walks in and realizes Joe is Trey’s infamous dad. Joe explains his charges were dropped but Starr looks suspicious. She asks him flat out about his bad history with Sonny Corinthos. Joe tells her it is just a story – he never heard the name Corinthos until the "Mob Princess" project. She does not seem convinced and goes to her room. Joe is mad at Trey for spilling to Starr and pulls him into the hall. Sonny stole their future. Trey is upset and needed someone to talk to. Starr sees them through the peephole and calls Michael and tells him Trey's dad is there. Outside, Trey and Joe talk about Michael. Trey assures Joe no one knows his real name.

At the Quartermaine estate, Monica asks Tracy about Joe. She assumed he is after her money. They spat a bit until Tracy tells Monica she has invited him to move in. Monica is going to do a background check and asks for his last name. Tracy tells her it begins with "S." Monica thinks it is hysterical that she does not know his last name and is upping security. The last stray she brought in was a deranged mobster intent on revenge. Tracy tells her Joe is nothing like that.

At the penthouse, Liz has set up some decorations for Jason for his birthday. She is sorry and begins to take it down but he stops her. He appreciates her and what she has done. She sits him down. She has something to tell him.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tea makes a choice that might not make her happy.

Steven Lars is shocked by what he finds.

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