At home, Mac, Felicia and Maxie toast to life. Later, Spin comes by and pulls Maxie in a big hug. He apologizes for his enthusiasm but it is great to see them well. Maxie misses being friends but he tells her they are not friends and never will be again. He desires more but she treats him like dirt. She denies it, but if he can’t have her love he refuses her like. He gets a text from Jason and leaves. Felicia gets Maxie alone and tells her a story about thinking Frisco was the perfect fairy tale, but she just needed to grow up because Mac was strong and stable and sensitive. Felicia thinks Maxie is hiding from what she truly wants. Maxie picks up her phone to look at a picture of Spin.

Joe visits Tracy at the hospital. He grabs her hand and she asks him to stay with her at the estate. He assures her they will talk later but now he has to check on some business. As they leave he sees Sonny and pulls her back in the room. He tells her he wants her now and they do it on the hospital bed. Afterwards, she realizes she doesn't know his last name but is interrupted when his phone rings. Trey tells Joe he is back in Port Charles and they need to meet now. Later, Tracy finds his medal and the initials JMS.

Sonny visits Jason in his room and tells him that Jerry and Jax are missing. Someone is going to have to tell Carly that Jax is dead. Jason tries to get up to be there for her but Sonny tells him to stay and consider it a gift – he did not forget his birthday. Alone, Jason looks at some paperwork. Spin comes by and Jason hands over the baby’s autopsy report. He lays out his suspicions that the baby was switched. Spin pulls out his computer to hack into the hospital mainframe. Sam donated tissue samples of the baby, which are frozen and stored. Sam would not have to know if they check the DNA.

In the waiting room with Todd, Carly is worried about Jax when Starr and Michael suddenly arrive and hug their parents. Carly tells them about Johnny and Starr wants to visit him. Todd offers to go with. Later, Sonny tells them about the explosion. Carly is in denial, then blames Sonny for Jax being gone. Suddenly Jax walks in. He was thrown clear and clung to some debris all night. He owes Sonny his life – he shot Jerry before Jerry could shoot Jax. Jax explains Jerry’s illness. Now he knows why Jerry did it. Carly convinces Jax to get checked out and leads him off. Michael is proud of Sonny and when Sonny asks, he tells him that Kristina got married. Livid, Sonny leaves to get Alexis to straighten this out. Later, Jax tells Carly that she needs to find out what Johnny and Todd are lying to her about.

Starr visits Johnny in his room. He is an amazing friend and she is grateful to have him. Todd interrupts and tells her Johnny is not in the mood. Undeterred, she goes on about Johnny’s generosity. Todd can’t take it and tells her she can tell Johnny how perfect he is later. After she leaves, he tells Johnny he will see him in hell and puts a pillow on his face. After a struggle, Johnny pushes him off. Todd does not want Johnny to confess either of their sins or next time Johnny won’t see him coming. Johnny agrees, but Jax overheard them arguing. He is very protective of Carly and a problem for both of them. They agree to keep each other’s secret and shake hands.

Kristina and Trey arrive at home. Sam asks about their trip to Vegas and Kristina tells her they got married. She asks not to be judged but Sam wonders how she will explain it to Sonny. Kristina explains to her they are getting an annulment anyway, so no big deal. Sam hopes she is right. Kristina asks about the epidemic and Sam tells her that John was amazing through the whole thing. Jason wanted to go after Jerry too, but he had a bullet in his leg and stayed with Sam. Trey interrupts to leave and is evasive when she asks about the annulment. Later, Sonny shows up steaming. Kristina explains about Trey’s dad needing the money, but he doesn’t care. He demands to know who it is.

Joe visits Trey at home and congratulates him. Trey is suspicious of Joe for making sure they got out of town before the epidemic but he denies knowing anything. He brushes him off, then Starr walks in.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny says to Kristina, "You did all this for Trey's dad? Who is this guy? I want to see him."

Joe tells Trey, "You spilled your guts to your roommate? Why?" Trey replies, "Because of you!"

Jason tells Liz, "If anybody can find out if that baby was really Sam’s it’s Spinelli."

A nurse asks Spin, "You want me to test for he baby's blood type?" He replies, "Precisely."

Alexis asks Sam, "Are you having second thoughts?"

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