Inside the warehouse, John cuts the red wire with less than 10 seconds to go. The bomb stops.

Outside the warehouse Dante and Lulu see the explosion. Suddenly, John walks up with the briefcase. He tells them to get it to the hospital while he investigates the explosion.

Alexis and Shawn make out by the dock until Jerry’s boat explodes. They run to the site searching for Sonny and Jax. John walks up and tells them the possibility of survivors is not looking good. Sonny pulls himself out of the water and tells them not to be so sure. John waits for the Coast Guard while Sonny goes to the hospital and Alexis and Shawn go to be with their families.

At the hospital, Steve and Monica hope the CDC can manufacture enough antiserum from Patrick’s findings in time. There was another casualty. Meanwhile, Kate leaves a message for Sonny. She hopes he is on the way to the hospital with the serum. She stops Steve to ask where Olivia was moved to and they realize she is missing. They find her standing on the hospital roof, imagining she is basking in a beautiful rain. Kate tells her it is the LSD talking and warns her not to jump. Olivia remembers being kids with Kate, playing in the rain in their bathing suits. Olivia suddenly snaps out of it and hopes it is the fever making her crazy. Steve thinks maybe her visions are predictions. He kisses her and goes back to work. Kate and Olivia reminisce about being kids and Olivia confesses to reading her diary when she was 13. Kate wrote that her best friend was her cousin Olivia and no matter what, when they grow up they would still be best friends. Kate cries and tells her she loves her. They hug.

Jason tries to leave the hospital but Liz stops him. He will bleed to death if he goes. Monica comes in and asks Liz to relieve another nurse. Monica stays and she tells him about Edward giving the antidote to Emma. Jason is impressed. He knows she loves him and he appreciates her even if he doesn’t show it. She is just glad she could be in his life. Jason tells her about Sam’s "what if" fantasy, believing the baby was theirs. He is not sure the baby that died was Sam’s. He hands over the medical records and talks about the blood type and Monica thinks it could be a mistake. What else could it be?

Liz is looking at Ewen’s file in the hallway when Steve takes it from her hands. He apologizes for setting her up with him. She tells him he was right about why she was holding back. It is because of Jason. They have so much history and her feelings for him have never gone away. She did not tell him how she really feels and now she probably never will. Later, Liz calls her kids and tells them they won’t waste another moment. Jason listens behind her.

Dante and Lulu get to the hospital with the serum and a CDC agent takes it away. Sonny arrives and tells them he does not think Jerry and Jax made it. Kate grabs Sonny, ecstatic to see him. All he thought about was getting back to her and they kiss among the chaos. Sonny wants to move up the wedding date. She can pull something together for next week. The CDC approaches Dante. It is the cure, and a loud roar goes up. Dante addresses the crowd - they will be cured through the water. Lulu is surprised everyone is just going back to what they were doing before Jerry came along. Dante remembers what they were doing - trying to make a baby. Later, they take a shower together.

Sam gets to Alexis’ house. Molly starts to cry and they wonder where Alexis is. Sam tells Molly that she told Jason and John goodbye, in case that is what it is. Molly wonders who she will choose if they are saved. Sam knows who she would choose – but Alexis and Shawn suddenly arrive. Alexis explains that Jerry kidnapped her, but the nightmare may be over. TJ gets a text – the CDC has the antiserum! They are all celebrate and have someone to hug except Sam – until John walks in. He tells them they have not found Jax and Sam stops him before her leaves. They faced death together, they might as well welcome back life together as well. They step outside and hold hands as they are sprayed by the antiserum raining down from a helicopter.

People drink the water at the hospital. Kate and Sonny go to the roof and are sprayed by the antiserum. Olivia joins them and basks in the water. Steve follows her and they kiss. Later, Jason and Liz join them and hold each other in the rain.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Spin tells Maxie, "If I can’t have your love, I refuse your like."

Carly yells at Sonny, "Why are you trying to onvince me that Jax is dead?"

Sam says to Trey, "So basically you married my sister for money."

Joe Jr. bends Tracy over into a deep kiss and tells her, "I want you, now."

Todd pushes a pillow into Johnny’s sleeping face.

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