Todd stays with Johnny outside the warehouse while Carly gets the car. He tells Johnny he is getting exactly what he deserves and holds a cloth over his mouth. He tries to suffocate Johnny until Lulu runs up and demands Todd’s jacket to put pressure on the wound. She is upset with Todd for just standing there. Carly speeds up in the car and Lulu helps her get Johnny in before continuing to search for Dante.

By the dock, Sonny and Jax have lost Jerry and are getting sicker. Jax leaves on foot while Sonny is joined by Shawn. They hop on a boat and get up next to the vessel Alexis is in.

Jerry leads Alexis onto a boat. They are riding off to their future so she should get comfy. She is sure Jax and Sonny will stop at nothing to rescue her but Jerry ties her up and tells her about the bomb. He will deactivate it using a remote once they are safely away. He drops into a coughing fit and she asks if he is sick. More than you know he tells her, but is anticipating a recovery soon. He leaves and Sonny and Shawn come in moments later. She assumes they diffused the bomb but they know nothing about it. Alexis panics - the bomb is still live! Shawn leaves with Alexis and Sonny stays, but soon falls to the ground from his illness.

Jerry is untying the boat when Jax walks up and shows him the boat keys he has found. Jerry explains he is dying and has to leave. When The Balkan shot him the bullet was laced with radiation that is eating him up. He had some people find a cure but he still owes $88 million. Jax throws the keys out into the water and Jerry rages that he made a serious mistake. He points a gun at Jax and pulls out the remote to set off the bomb. Out of nowhere Sonny shoots Jerry, who fires back and hits a gasoline can. Another shot lights a puddle of gas on fire.

Back at the warehouse, Alexis thanks Shawn for saving her life and they kiss passionately.

At the hospital Carly gets a doctor while Todd urges Johnny not to get all deathy-chatty on him. Steve wheels Johnny off and Carly tells Todd it sounded like he was trying to confess to her - does he know what about? Todd tells her that while some people can change, Johnny is lying to her and has not changed. Steve comes back and tells her Johnny is stable, but she might want to spend any time left with him. Todd offers to go with her but she wants to do it alone.

Monica gets a call outside the lab that someone died. She wants to be the one to tell Tracy. Meanwhile, Joe watches Tracy get her blood drawn. She hopes she can help with the cure and can’t understand why she is immune. Monica pulls Tracy aside and tells her their cook is dead. Patrick walks in – he has one dose of the cure. It took hours to make and there is not enough time to make it for the whole city. Patrick gives it to Monica and leaves to spend time with Emma. Tracy tells Monica that Edward should get it. Monica balks but Tracy insists – it is her blood, she owns it. In a private room Tracy gives Edward the cure, but soon she comes out and tells Patrick that Edward wants Emma to have it. Monica feigns ignorance over the lack of protocol and Tracy runs after her. Monica has been a promiscuous social climber but over the years she has been good to Edward and she is grateful. Patrick gives Emma the medicine as Tracy tells him that Edward’s life was filled with laughter and adventure and in the end, he will hopefully be reunited with the woman he loves.

Inside the warehouse Dante and John discover the bomb in the suitcase. John calls the FBI for help diffusing it but is put on hold. Dante suddenly hears Lulu calling for him. He tells her about the bomb but she refuses to leave. John needs something to cut wires and Lulu digs some nail clippers out of her bag. John directs Dante and Lulu as they work to diffuse the bomb. With a few minutes left John urges Dante and Lulu to leave – he will ride it out to the end and there is no time to argue. They leave and Natalie calls his phone. He says goodbye to Liam and his fiery redhead and decides to cut the red wire.

Dante and Lulu find cover and kiss each other goodbye. There is a big explosion.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

On the hospital roof, Olivia tells Steve and Kate "This is exactly where I need to be." Kate pleads, "No, it’s the LSD talking."

Sam holds Molly, who says "Sam, I am so scared." Sam replies, "Yeah, I am too."

Jason tells Liz, "I don’t hate you." She replies, "Then prove it."

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