At home, Tea takes a call while Heather tells the baby he is going to be her new little Steven Lars. Everyone deserves a second chance and he is hers - as long as no one finds her. Tea comes back and tells Heather about her struggles to find a nanny. Heather offers to help. Tea is nervous because they don’t know each other but Heather wonders who better to care for him than the stranger who brought him back to life? Some of the best things happen when you don’t expect them. It feels right and Tea agrees. It's a deal - providing her references check out.

At PCPD, Shawn tells Dante and John about Alexis’ kidnapping. John figures there has to be a drop point and Shawn hands over the paper Jerry dropped with a series of numbers on it. They track the longitude and latitude and all head to the marina to get Jerry.

At the warehouse with Carly, Johnny, Jax and Todd, Sonny is ready to give up when Jerry walks in with Alexis at gunpoint. Todd encourages all of them to let him take Alexis now and get her later once they are safe. Jerry reminds them that time is of the essence. Suddenly Alexis has changed her mind. She will go freely if he saves her children so even if she never sees them again she will know they are alive. Todd begins the transfer on his phone. Sonny and Johnny try to stop him but it is too late. Jerry gets a text that the money has been transferred and leaves them with the counteragent - in a locked briefcase. He will give them the combination once he is safely out of the country. Outside, Dante, Shawn and John show up and start a shootout with Jerry’s men. They take them all down and get rid of the bodies. Inside, Jax and Jerry struggle over a gun. It goes off and at first it seems Jax is shot, then Carly. She swears she is okay and they find it is Johnny who was actually shot. Jerry grabs Alexis and leaves and Sonny and Jax follow. John and Dante come in and Todd fills them in about everything while Carly begs to get Johnny to the hospital. Todd stays with Johnny while Carly gets the car. Todd thinks he is getting exactly what he deserves for killing his granddaughter.

Jerry leads Alexis out to the dock and tells her their ride is there. Inside, John is determined to get into the case with the counteragent. He thinks it is too easy and there must be a catch. Dante tries 88111 on the case – the dead man’s hand. It opens and inside there is a ticking bomb.

Steve wheels Sam through the hospital and tells her she can be released. He shares how Heather called him but as she is locked up at Ferncliff she can’t hurt anyone else. A sick woman comes in with a baby and falls to floor while Sam holds the baby to keep him safe. She thinks back to the night her baby died. Steve comes back and tells her the mom is on an IV and is asking for her son so she hands the baby over.

In his room Jason is confused as to why Sam’s baby has a different blood type. Liz thinks there must be a mistake, but he when he put the baby in Sam’s arms she swore it was a different baby. Liz is not convinced and does not want him to get his hopes up. Jason knows there was time not accounted for when Sam was passed out but Liz thinks he is in denial. He has to make sure. Liz tells him they need to do a second autopsy with Sam’s permission to be sure. Does he really want to put Sam through that? Sam arrives and apologizes to Jason for imagining them happy with the baby. She hopes it gives him some peace knowing the truth about how their baby died after all she did to him. She leaves and he tells Liz he still has to find out. Later, Sam comes back to say goodbye. They get emotional as she tells him that if they were still together, she would have died happy. She tells him goodbye but he does not want to hear that so she tells him she will see him later. Later, he tells Liz he will find out what happened to Sam’s baby.

Steve and Liz talk in the hallway. He wants her to know she has been an amazing sister in case they do not have the chance to talk again. They hug.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tracy asks Joe Jr., "Why am I immune?"

Alexis asks Jerry, "Why don’t you just let me go?" He answers, "Is that a trick question?"

Sonny tells Jax, "If anything happens to my little girl’s mother, I am going to kill you myself."

Lulu walks up on Todd and Johnny and cries out, "Johnny!" Carly pulls up and says, "Let’s get him in the car!"

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