At the station, John tells Dante the rich people got together to pay Jerry and Sonny is included in the merry band of thieves. Sonny calls Dante and hopes he is home with Lulu. Dante asks if he is home with Kate, or is he waiting for Jerry Jacks? Sonny must be delusional if he thinks Dante is going to let Jerry just take off with the cash. Sonny hangs up but John has tracked the call to within a five-mile radius.

At her house, Alexis takes care of Shawn while Jerry watches from outside. Shawn tells her the night they played strip pool, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. She admits she had a few thoughts of her own and leaves to check on Molly and TJ. Jerry knocks on the door and walks Shawn out with a gun. Jerry asks if he was the shooter that took him out, but Shawn tells him if he was Jerry would be dead. Jerry tells Shawn he wants Alexis and tackles him to the ground.

In her room Molly and TJ go over their bucket list. Neither of them wants to die without having made love. Alexis walks in and does not want Molly thinking about dying. She leaves and they worry again that they will die before being together. Molly is concerned getting pregnant and is just not sure they are going to die. They lay together on the bed and she asks him not to let her fall asleep in case she doesn’t wake up. Outside, Alexis finds Shawn on the floor. Jerry walks up behind her with a gun. Hers is the only life he cares about and he will kill anyone to get her to cooperate. He points the gun at Shawn, who palms a crumpled piece of paper.

At a warehouse with Sonny, Todd, Carly, Jax and Johnny wait, but no Jerry. Carly is getting worse and Todd, Johnny and Jax bicker over who will stay with her. Sonny wins out. Sonny and Carly wish each other the best. Sonny does not think Johnny is the right guy for her – he really does want happiness for her. Outside, Johnny, Todd and Jax wait for Jerry. Jax walks off and Johnny tells Todd that Sam needs to know her baby is alive so she can die in peace. Todd tells Johnny to call Starr and tell her the truth. He has been lying to Carly for months. Jax walks up and wants to know what Johnny hasn’t told Carly. Johnny won’t say and Jax goes inside and tells Carly that Johnny has been lying to her. Carly tells Johnny there is no more time for lies. Jerry walks in with Alexis at gunpoint. Sonny asks what he is doing with her and Jerry tells them he loves her and she is coming with him.

At the hospital, Patrick fights with the CDC to get the antiserum, but they are having a hard time finding it. Liz asks how Ewen is and he tells her he didn’t make it. Patrick asks her if Ewen ever said anything about Robin because her name was on his last breath. She said whenever he mentioned her it was always in the context of his grief.

In their hospital room Sam thinks her fantasy was pretty good one. She was so angry at Jason and as long as she made it his fault, she could deny that it was her fault the baby is dead. Patrick and Liz check on them. Jason asks Patrick to pull the baby’s chart and he tells them he died of respiratory failure because his lungs were not developed. It was nothing the hospital or Sam could have prevented. What’s weird is his hemophilia did not show up in Sam’s blood work. Patrick wheels Sam out and Jason looks at the chart again. Something doesn’t make sense. The blood type of the baby does not match Franco or Sam. He wonders if the baby who died was not Sam’s.

Heather visits Tea in Llanview and tells her that her name is Susan Moore and that the baby is not Tea’s. Tea demands to know what she is talking about. Heather explains that if you save someone’s life, you are responsible for them forever. Heather asks to hold him and Tea hesitates, then relents. Tea tells her that he has a genetic blood disorder, Dr. Webber diagnosed it and his pediatrician confirmed it. There is no history of it in either her the father’s family either. Tea’s work calls and she leaves to take it. Heather tells the baby Tea is not his real mother.

Shawn shows up at PCPD to help find Jerry.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jerry tells the warehouse crew, "I am leaving and so is Alexis!"

Liz asks Jason, "Do you really want to hurt Sam that way?" Sam walks in and asks, "What way?"

Heather asks Tea, "Is something wrong?" Tea tells her, "Something is very wrong."

Carly yells out, "Jerry Jacks, pout the gun down!"

There is a shootout outside the warehouse.

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