At Ewen's, Jerry tells Joe that Ewen facilitated the trade between a person in Switzerland who had the pathogen and antiserum. That person wanted someone in return, so Ewen faked her death and delivered her. He pulls out a briefcase from the fireplace and shows Joe the serum. Joe asks for more and Jerry guesses he saved Tracy at his own expense and laughs. He begs and Jerry hands it over. Joe wants this to be it for their dealings. Outside, Tracy calls Joe to tell him she is at the hospital and is better than ever.

Todd introduces the band, Port Charles and the One Percenters, at PCPD. They have the money and are ready to make the exchange with Jerry. Jax tells them Jerry escaped. Jax thought he could convince Jerry to do the right thing. He got distracted when Jerry told him Ewen killed their father and was jumped by an accomplice. Sonny tells Jax he always screws things up. They start to brawl before Johnny breaks it up. Tracy reminds them they will all die if they don’t find Jerry. Todd is curious why Tracy is the picture of health and they all encourage her to go to the hospital. Maybe her recovery can help the rest of them. Jerry calls Todd and is ready to finalize negotiations. Todd puts Jerry on speaker - they want to get down to business. They decide on a place to meet but Jax is worried there is no serum and this is all a trap. Later, Jerry tells someone else on the phone he is defaulting on their arrangement and leaves to meet the One Percenters.

Sam finds a note in the safe at the Haunted Star with the cards. It says, "Find the cards, find the cure. Too bad you are too late." John wants to go back to PCPD when Sam passes out. John gets her to wake up and they share a moment as he wipes the blood off her forehead. He picks her up and carries her out.

Steve works on Ewen at the hospital. He is not sure he deserves to be saved. But he is not going to bear that cross again and will use all his skills to save Ewen’s life for his sister. Ewen tells him surgery is a waste of time. He begs Steve to let him die after what he has done. Steve asks if there is anyone he can call and Ewen asks for Patrick Drake.

Liz works on Jason’s leg at the hospital. She can’t believe she trusted Keenan. Jason assures her it is not her fault. She thinks it is ironic that everyone kept telling her how wonderful Ewen was and Jason was a killer. She always thought there was something wrong with Ewen but tried to talk herself into believing he was the right person for her. Suddenly John rushes in with Sam and begs Liz to look at her. Sam asks Jason about his leg and when he doesn’t answer Liz tells her that Ewen shot him. John’s phone rings. Jerry has escaped and John wants to go back to the PCPD. Jason wants to go with him but he is too injured. John and Sam share a moment before he leaves. Steve comes in to get Liz and they leave Sam and Jason alone. She can’t help but wonder if they had made different choices, if the baby had lived, how would their lives be different?

Patrick remembers Robin’s death as he stands outside the lab. He tells Maxie that Robin would not want them in the hall feeling guilty and she follows him in. Patrick thinks he is on to something from the time Nikolas Cassadine was poisoned. If this pathogen is similar to the other one, the cure would be the same. Luckily Robin kept her notes but her handwriting is atrocious. Maxie can translate. He thanks her for her help with Emma and the pills. She can’t let it go that she took Robin from him, but he encourages her to. They hug. Steve arrives and tells Patrick that Ewen asked to see him. Patrick doesn’t want to go but Steve tells him he really should. Later, Steve looks over the notes and thinks there is a piece missing. Tracy comes in and tells them her symptoms have reversed. He leaves her alone in the lab while he gets some tests and Joe walks in. She tells him that Jerry escaped with help. Liz and Steve come in to take Tracy’s blood and Joe gets nervous.

Patrick visits Ewen on his deathbed. Ewen tells him he is sorry but there is something he doesn’t know about Robin. He flatlines before he gets it out.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam tells Jason, "Everything would be so different if I had only walked out of Ferncliff before Heather told me what she knew."

Heather calls Steve and says, "Steven Lars, it’s your mother." He replies, "It’s not my mother."

Spin tells Maxie, "I require no apologies. Just you." They kiss.

Sam calls out to Jason, "I am asking you to stay with me."

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