Jason busts into the church and demands the cure but Ewen doesn’t have it. He wants to talk to Jerry and is taking Liz with him. Liz tries to break free but Jason orders her to stop. Jason knows the connection Ewen has to the Jacks family and Ewen confesses to killing John in cold blood. He’ll kill Jason too if he has to and shoots him in the leg. Ewen loves Liz and wants to be the one to fix things. He refuses to let Jason be the hero. Liz breaks away and Jason shoots Ewen in the stomach. He tells Ewen he deserves to die for what he did. Jason cuts Liz’s hands free and she checks on Ewen – he needs to get to the hospital or he will die.

At the hospital Kate has some good news for Sonny – Joe Jr. checked out of Metro Court. Sonny may have had something to do with that but he didn’t hurt Joe. She wonders what stopped him. He gets a text to meet Todd at the Quartermaine’s to get the cure and leaves. Later, Steve tells Kate that Olivia has not had another acid flashback like when she thought Ewen was the devil, although that has turned out to be true. Kate knows Ewen is a good man and will not hurt Liz. Just then Liz and Jason come in with Ewen. Kate begs Steve to help Ewen while Liz takes Jason into a room to work on him. Jason and Liz share a close moment while she works on his wound.

Johnny is sick in his office when Carly comes in. Looters have taken everything in the club, but no one can get into Luke’s safe. He hugs her. All he cares about is her. Carly is thankful that Michael and Morgan can take care of Joss when she is gone. Johnny thinks there has to be a way to get that cure. At the same time they get text messages from Todd to meet at the Quartermaine’s.

At PCPD John has a hunch Jerry hid the cure with the cards. The last time Sam saw them Jerry threw them in her face when his father died. The last person she remembers having them was Tracy Quartermaine.

Joe Jr. is very sick at Tracy’s house and Tracy can’t figure out why she is fine and he isn’t. Todd rings the bell repeatedly until she answers. He tells her about his plan to pay Jerry off and needs $17,622,000 dollars from her. She realizes he divided the total by five to get that figure and wants to know who the others are. One of them is Sonny. Joe Jr. runs upstairs when the bell rings. Sonny, Carly and Johnny all arrive at once and Todd welcomes them to the first meeting of the Port Charles One Percenters. The bell rings again and this time it is Sam and John looking for the dead man’s hand. Tracy tells them the last she heard Luke had them and they leave. Todd wants to know who is in on his plan. Todd reminds Carly she is still married to Jax and his billions - it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Johnny tells him he has no access to his money because he is out of the mob. Todd asks Sonny to brew up some cash from his coffee business. Todd is upset – they can’t stand there and do nothing and let Jerry laugh at them while they are all dead! Finally, Sonny is in and Todd thinks it is like "It’s a Wonderful Life" starring Joe Pesci. Everyone starts making calls to get the cash.

From his cell, Jerry tells Jax that Ewen is the one who killed their father because he swindled Ewen’s dad of the dead man’s hand! Ewen’s family went into ruin after John took the cards and he was killed for revenge. In a strange way Jerry was thankful for Keenan making a choice he couldn’t. But he could not let him get away. He blackmailed Ewen and tucked him in his pocket. Jerry is not poisoning the town for the money. It was never about the money! He can’t expect Jax to understand. Jax had a deluded hope there was a trace of the old Jerry left in there, but he sees now there is nothing but a murderer. Jax takes a cop hostage and demands he open the door. As Jax leads Jerry out of the jail, Joe Jr. arrives and tackles Jax. He and Jerry escape. The one percenters arrive at the jail to pay Jerry, but Jax tells them he escaped.

Sam cracks the safe at The Haunted Star with John and finds the cards. But there is something else too …

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny yells at Jax, "Why couldn’t you just have stayed gone?" Jax replies, "What, and rob you of the chance to try to kill me again?"

Ewen says to Steve, "Get me Patrick Drake."

Patrick says to Maxie, "Whatever you are going to say, I don’t want to hear it. We are past that all right?"

Joe asks Jerry, "If the antidote isn’t here, then where is it?"

Todd says to Tracy, "You are the picture of health. Why is that?"

Sam collapses at the Haunted Star as John calls out to her.

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