At Pazzollo’s Jason leaves a message for Spin. Inside, Sonny tells him Joe came to see him. If he kills Joe, Kate won’t be able to handle it and he can’t lie to her. So Joe lives for now. Spin busts in and tells them he has news on Keenan. Sonny is upset – Kate depends on Ewen. Spin tells them there is a connection among Alexis, Joss and Dr. Keenan. He was born and raised in Australia and put himself through college shearing sheep. He went to Anchorage, Alaska, instead of staying in Australia. Strange, right? Jason comments it is just like Jax. That can’t be a coincidence. Sonny wants proof and Jason asks Spin to go to Alaska and look for a connection between Keenan and Jax.

Liz lights candles for a romantic dinner at home. Outside, Ewen is approached by Jerry, who was waiting in the shadows. He just wants to make sure Ewen and Liz don’t talk about him. Jerry knows how tempting it is to confess to the lovely Liz and warns him again to stay silent. Liz calls out to Ewen. She invites him in and asks him to open the wine. She asks how he is feeling – he could have been injected too. He wonders if Jason asked her to find that out. She assures him Jason did not, and she wouldn’t if he did. They kiss, but she is not ready to sleep with him. She pulls away again and he asks if it is about Jason. She just wants to slow things down. He gets up to leave but she is concerned about how much he drank and encourages him to stay on the couch.

Tracy runs into Joe Jr. in the hallway of Metro Court and spills soup on him. He takes it well – it isn’t every day you get chicken soup dumped on you by Tracy Quartermaine – or should he say Zacchara? He is staying there and gives her his room number when she asks for it. He invites her over, but she just wants to pay for his dry cleaning. She seems totally charmed as he walks away. Luke comes out and asks what has her so preoccupied. Wouldn’t he like to know? He tells her that thanks to Heather, Anna is in Switzerland. She told Anna that Robin is alive so she is looking for her. He is worried about her. His phone rings – it is Anna! The connection is bad but he can tell it is urgent. He is going to go find her and calls to make a flight. Tracy decides to give him the jet. Just don’t scratch the seats – they are Corinthian leather.

In his room, Jerry asks Joe if he got his son out of town and Joe hopes so. His team is ready and waiting for instructions. Jerry wants to make sure the pathogen gets to every single citizen of Port Charles. They are going to meet at the reservoir at 2 AM. Joe is surprised he bothered to save anyone. Jerry has feelings – he even had Jax detained on the other side of the world. Joe wants guaranteed protection before he gets near that stuff. Jerry has him covered. Trey texts Joe that he is on the plane and Joe is glad one of them is safe.

Outside Trey’s, Milo tells Michael and Starr that Kristina is inside. They walk in but the apartment is empty. They slipped out the window! Michael thinks Trey is using Kristina for revenge. He has to warn Sonny. Starr tries to talk him out of it so he leaves a message for Kristina instead. He goes through Trey’s laptop and finds out they are going to Vegas tonight.

Jax shows up at Joss’ hospital room. He came as fast as he could when he got Carly’s message. He is relived she is better and gives Joss a music box to remind her how happy he is she is a part of this world. Inside, a prince and princess dance. He asks Carly what happened to Joss. She tells him about the kidnapping and injection. Did someone with a grudge do this to lure him back to town? He was detained in Shanghai, but was able to pull some strings and she wonders if it is related. He is not leaving until he finds out. She comments that Sonny is marrying Kate, her new partner thanks to him and he tells her he had his reasons for selling his shares. Later at the hotel, the three of them decide to go swimming. Outside, Jerry walks by and tells someone on the phone it is already in motion and should be resolved in the next three days. He needs to hold up his end of the bargain because Jerry has nothing to lose.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke strokes Anna’s hair and asks, "God, what have they done to you?"

Carly tells Todd, "Jax and I are over." He replies, "Over, but married."

Johnny calls into Carly’s room and Jax appears in just a towel.

Ewen comes down the stairs at Liz’s without a shirt and Jason says "I didn’t know you’d be here."

Jerry tells Joe, "Today is a good day not to be in Port Charles."

Olivia screams at Steve and Patrick from her hospital bed.

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