Heather is driving down the road with Anthony’s body, listening to hip hop music. It is raining hard, but she is just chatting with the body, glad she is able to take care of Luke. He is lucky to have her in his life and will soon realize they belong together - as long as no one finds the body. Suddenly, the cops are behind her. She pulls over and pushes Anthonys’ face into a smile. The cop tells them the road is closed and to turn around. Driving again, she brags a bit about killing Maggie but wants to hurry because his body won’t bury itself.

In a parking garage, Todd calls Téa again, worried about her. He looks over and sees her lying on the ground. He wakes her up and she is confused. She fell running to court. He explains that Starr is free and she can’t believe his blackmail worked. He wants to get her to a hospital and after some fighting she gets in the back of the car. They are on the road in the rain discussing the case. He doesn’t think it is blackmail if everyone gets what they want. However, he is upset that his granddaughter is dead and there is no resolution. As they are fighting Téa goes into labor. The car spins out of control to avoid something in the road. Todd checks it out and tells her they are stuck in a mud pit with no cell service. Her contractions are getting stronger and the baby is coming now.

Dante brings Luke and Tracy into the station for questioning about Anthony’s disappearance. Lulu asks where the body is. There is none, but Delores tells her she got an anonymous call about shots fired. Lulu knows there are no neighbors within hearing distance of the mansion and thinks it is suspicious. Tracy tells them the last time they saw Anthony he was alive and well and sipping tea - Delores saw him. She did, but did not talk to him. Tracy doesn’t know where he is, probably some place with a bar and a casino, spending the Quartermaine fortune. Dante wants to know what Luke and Tracy were doing together with the weapon. She hates guns and was merely trying to get rid of it. Dante can tell Tracy is lying. Luke tells her to quit talking until their lawyer gets there. Delores shows them Anthony's cell with her text about meeting at the boathouse. They found it at Johnny's, who told them Tracy and Luke were plotting the murder. Dante books them. Lulu knows there is more to the story but Luke won’t talk with her. She insists she wants to help him.

At home Sonny is arguing on the phone with Alexis about the reality show, but hangs up when Jason arrives. Sonny asks about his arrest, then wonders why Jason had Liz bail him out and not Sam. Jason doesn’t want Sam anywhere near the investigation. He also thinks John McBain got him arrested because he will do anything to take Sonny down. Sonny thinks it is Sam that McBain is really after and assumes McBain is exploiting their relationship problems. They discuss riding out McBain’s warrant, and Sonny denies having anything to do with McBain's sister's death. He is worried McBain will find out Kate caused the accident and she will lose everything. Jason agrees to send him a message. Before he leaves, Sonny tells Jason that Sam loves him despite pushing him away. If Jason can get past McBain, Sonny thinks they can work through it. Sam needs Jason, not McBain.

John opens his hotel door to Sam. She wonders if he was behind Jason’s arrest, but he is more interested to hear what she thinks. She knows he didn't do it. He thinks she must understand him because he didn't. She knows that Jason thinks everything that is going wrong is John’s fault. He agrees. He could be using Sam to get to Jason to get to Sonny. On the other hand, he could want her for himself – in Jason's mind. The storm is making her anxious. He wonders if she should go home to be with her husband but she knows there is wall up she can't break through. She tells him that Jason suggested she give the baby up for adoption. He won't connect with the baby and she can’t let that happen. She goes to leave and has a contraction. They have no phone and the contractions are getting stronger. Her water breaks. He lays her down on the bed and tries to calm her down and she won’t let him leave. She is having the baby right now.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke confesses to Lulu.

It may be too late for Jason.

McBain is in danger.

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