In the courtroom the DA orders Maxie to testify against Matt, but she informs him that a wife does not have to testify. She shows off her ring and Patrick and Spinelli are shocked. Maxie expects all charges against Matt to be dropped and the DA agrees that since Maxie signed the agreement as a single woman, now as his wife she can’t be compelled to testify. Plus, her release stands. Mac tells them they will have to stay married forever in order to prevent her from ever having to testify. She asks Mac and Felicia to be happy for her. Spinelli tries to remind her about her previous problems with Matt. He wants to marry her instead and give her a big wedding she deserves. He pleads with Mac and Felicia to change her mind, but they know they can’t. Mac tells Felicia Matt is not good enough for Maxie. She invites him out for a drink like old times. Maxie and Matt leave while Spinelli holds back tears.

At the police station Delores tells Dante that she found a blood stain at the Quartermaine boathouse and is waiting for the results from forensics. Dante wants her to come with him to Johnny's to question him about the tire shooting. He is a suspect again and to Dante, Carly's alibi is meaningless.

At home Johnny is haunted by Anthony. The murder has not yet been reported despite all of his efforts. Anthony thinks it is because he always screws things up, like when he killed those kids. He accuses Johnny of regretting killing him and doubts any charges against Luke and Tracy will stick. Dante and Delores arrive with a search warrant. He tells them he had nothing to do with shooting Anthony’s tires and instead they should start with Tracy and Luke. Anthony came over there scared because they wanted to kill him. Delores finds Anthony’s cell phone. Johnny tells them he got a text and left to meet Tracy. They get a call that the blood was Anthony's and leave. Alone, Johnny wonders where the body is, but Anthony tells him there is one problem. Luke and Tracy didn’t do it.

Luke and Tracy are in the boathouse looking for the body. They know he could not have walked away but Tracy begins to wonder if he was really dead. Luke tells her someone must have moved him and again they accuse each other of killing Anthony. She swears on everything she holds dear, like her father's life. He tells her to pick someone she truly loves, and after smiling at him, chooses her mother, Lila Quatermaine. He swears on Lucky and Lulu. So if neither one of them did it, who did? She thinks maybe Sonny, but he doesn't agree. Luke tells her they have to get rid of the weapon. As they are holding the gun the cops come up and arrest them.

At Alexis' house, Kristina tells Molly, Sam, Sonny and Alexis they are going to star in her new reality show, "Mob Princess." Sam tells her the last thing they need is media exposure and she will regret it like she did when she did reality TV. Sonny is not sorry about Yale because he did what he thought was best for her. Alexis thinks she is overreacting. They had good intentions, but it was misguided. Kristina is taking charge though, and the camera crew comes in to set up. She introduces Sonny before Alexis threatens them with lawsuits. Kristina keeps talking about everyone and Molly begs her to stop. She doesn't and Sonny breaks a camera. Kristina threatens them to all be part of her show or she will leave and never come back. Alexis realizes Jason had been arrested and tells Sam. Molly tells her she is only cares about Kristina but Kristina thinks it'll be fun. Outside, Alexis prefers not to lose Kristina, but Sonny refuses.

At Mcbain's hotel room Jason accuses him of calling the cops and wonders how it helped Sam to feed the story to the paper. Jason also defends Sonny in regards to his sister, but McBain tells him he wasn't there. Jason wants to know of McBain wants him out of the way to get to Sonny or Sam? John tells him it doesn't matter since Sam loves him and if he loses her it is his own fault. Jason leaves and runs into Sam in the hall. She heard about his arrest and he tells her Liz posted his bail because he didn't want her involved. She wonders why they are arresting him for an old murder and he tells her to ask McBain, then leaves. Inside John calls Natalie and leaves a message telling her he does not want to lose her.

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