Matt shows up at the hospital and tells Liz and Patrick about his role in Lisa’s murder. They are shocked and both want to go with him to the courthouse. Matt wants Patrick to focus on his life, but he assures him he would not want to be anywhere else. Liz stays behind and her phone rings. It is Jason and he needs her help.

In jail, Jason is handcuffed and learns that an anonymous tip about Franco's murder is why he is there. He refuses to speak without his lawyer and calls Alexis. He gets her voicemail and hangs up. Liz arrives and bails him out. He hands her the newspaper article and knows it was leaked by McBain. They talk about Sam and Jason tells her he went to Monica, who felt like Jason was living, breathing proof that Allan cheated until she held him and loved him unconditionally. Liz thinks in time Sam and Jason will work things out.

Spinelli visits Maxie in jail. He knows she is mad that he broke his promise but he has always loved her and always will. She wonders if this is his way of getting rid of the competition, but he only did it to save her. He worries if she stays in jail her luminescence will be gone for good. The guard arrives to take Maxie to court.

Anna arrives at McBain's hotel room and fills him in on the mayor's job offer. He is happy for her but she doesn’t want to do that to Mac. He wants an in at the PCPD and lets her know he has something in the works for Sonny. He tells her about his half-sister, Theresa. His dad, a cop, was dying in the hospital when he told a young John about an affair and his daughter. He made him promise to find his sister and look out for her, but also made him promise never to tell his mom and brother. Anna is appalled at the burden put on him as a child. At the bureau he was able to track her to a club in Atlantic City. He thought they would have more time but she was dead before he could help her. Anna is worried about him. He thinks she should take the job and keep him in line.

At the courthouse Felicia is furious about Mac's firing, but he wants them to focus on getting Maxie out of jail. Matt and Patrick arrive and Matt tells them he had no idea he did anything. Mac is upset at Matt for letting Maxie take the rap but Patrick says he can’t confess to a crime he doesn’t remember. Maxie arrives in the courthouse and hugs Patrick. She tells him she does not want him to lose his brother. The DA tries to strong arm her into testifying against Matt before she is released. Her lawyer Rosalind Kwan arrives and says Maxie will not testify until after she is released. Her sentence is dropped and Maxie is free to go but must return to testify in 30 minutes. Maxie wants to spend those 30 minutes alone with him and they leave. Felicia thanks Spinelli and tells him eventually Maxie will learn that she needs him. Outside the courtroom Maxie asks Matt if he trusts her. He does and they run off. Mac and Anna run into each other and he shares the good news about her release. Anna tells Mac she was offered his job, but turned it down. He encourages her to take it, then they go back inside. Anna tells Patrick she is not going anywhere if he needs anything. Cutting it close, Maxie comes in and tells them she will not testify after all. A wife does not have to testify against her husband, and, flashing a ring, tells everyone they are now married.

Kristina shows up at Alexis' house, mad at her and Sonny. She had been having the time of her life at Yale until she found out that Sonny bullied the school into taking her. Sam and Molly are there and she thinks the family should know what happened. She asks Alexis if she knew what Sonny had done, and she did. She accuses Alexis of doing it to get her away from Ethan. Sonny is upset that she is disrespecting her parents. Molly defends both of them, but Kristina won’t relent. She tells them how someone found out about it and it was all over campus. Everyone called her mob princess and she felt like a freak. So she quit. Alexis wonders where she has been the past few weeks and she tells them she met a grad student. They are working on a new reality show about the Corinthos family called "Mob Princess."

Jason knocks on McBain's door and tells him he has done enough.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz surprises Sam.

Spinelli has a broken heart.

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