Todd visits Starr in jail and tells her he will be saving her today at the preliminary hearing. She is skeptical but he tells her he persuaded Sonny to talk to Michael. She wonders why and he tells her he is very persuasive. She is worried because Sonny could have him disappear, just like that. She demands answers because she knows he would do anything for her. He just tells her they have reached mutual understanding and she will not be returning to jail. The jailor comes and leads her out.

Outside the courtroom Michael assures Sonny he isn't backing out. He doesn't want to hurt Starr but he wants to tell the truth. But Sonny wants Michael to tell the judge he made a mistake. Sonny wants him to trust him and retract his statement because of Todd. Michael wonders what Todd has on Sonny. He tells Michael that Todd knows who really shot out Anthony's tires. Michael wants to know who he is protecting but Todd walks up and they all go in the courtroom. Tea is still not there so Todd leaves her a message. He then asks Sonny if they have an understanding. Later, Starr leaves the courtroom free. She wonders why Michael changed his story and why Tea did not show up. Inside, Sonny gets off the phone with Alexis who is worried about Kristina. He tells Michael he appreciates what he did and leaves. Michael leaves and hears Starr talking to her mom about Todd's involvement. She sees Michael and thanks him. He tells her Todd knows who really shot the tires.

McBain calls Anna from his hotel room and leaves a message asking for more time to get Sonny. Later, he fights with his wife on the phone but tells her he hopes to end his trip soon.

At the Quartermaine estate Heather suggests she and Monica get some fresh air. Tracy, Luke and Anthony's body are on the patio outside the estate. Heather wants to congratulate Anthony but he doesn't respond which she finds rude. Monica is shocked when he has no comeback. Tracy tells Monica she heard her talking about Jason’s evil twin brother. Luke suggests they move inside so Anthony doesn't overhear while Heather looks suspicious. Inside, Tracy and Monica discuss Franco and Jason while Heather sidles up to Luke. She wonders why he is so interested in Anthony and he tells her it is because he and Tracy are still close friends. She wonders how close and presses against him. Tracy wonders why Heather is still there and says she is family. She won’t leave so they throw her out. She tells them they haven’t seen the last of her, especially Luke. Monica wants Luke to follow Heather but he tells her his hands are full. Monica is overwhelmed by all that happened and goes to lie down. Luke and Tracy go back outside and Anthony is gone.

At Kelly's, Sam asks Jason to join her at Lamaze and he doesn’t answer. She doesn't want to push him, or lose him. A Port Charles Press reporter has a copy of a newspaper article about their ordeal, running tomorrow. Franco was a famous serial killer and his legacy is newsworthy. They are upset so he gives them a copy and leaves. Jason tells Sam to leave to meet Molly, and she does. Later, McBain comes in and Jason holds up the paper, suggesting he sold them out. Mcbain tells Jason he is using Jason, not Sam, to get to Sonny since he is Sonny's weakness. McBain tells him his beef with Sonny is personal because the woman in the accident was his sister. Jason tells him he has no proof, but McBain will get what he needs to take Sonny down.

At home, Molly lets it slip to Alexis that Jason is not the baby's father. Alexis is shocked and demands Molly to start talking. Sam walks in and tells her that Franco raped her and that Jason doesn't want to have anything to do with the baby. She also tells her about the newspaper article. Alexis tries to keep the story from running but doesn’t have any luck. They decide to call Kristina to warn her before she hears somewhere else. Her roommate tells them she left school weeks ago. Sonny shows up and as he is about to call his men and Alexis is about to call the police, Kristina walks in.

Outside Kelly's, Jason is arrested for Franco's murder.

Monday’s episode of General Hospital is preempted for the holiday. Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason reaches out to Liz.

Kristina reveals her new project to her family.

Maxie throws a huge wrench into the prosecution’s case against Matt.

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