Tracy looks for Anthony at the boathouse, but only finds a tarp with shoes sticking out. She rips back the tarp. It's just some buoys, not a body.

Sonny is on the phone outside Shawn's when Carly walks up. She knows everything about Kate and Connie and the deal from Todd, and he wonders how much time they are spending together. She wonders if he still cares about Kate and he tells her about his confrontation with Connie. Carly is doubtful, but he is adamant and she believes him. She is worried about Kate and reaches out to Sonny. He knows he struggles with bi-polar, so how can he blame her for anything? He tells her Johnny came to him and told him that Kate was innocent and that he would do anything to win Carly back. Sonny wonders if she'll forgive Johnny and she asks him the same about Kate. He is considering taking Todd's deal.

Spinelli grabs Matt at Shawn's and asks him what he is going to do about Maxie. Without his confession, Maxie will remain in jail. Matt is amazed by Maxie's resolve and Spinelli wants him to convince her to sign. Matt knows she will never testify against him, but he agrees to try. Spinelli leaves and runs into Sonny outside. He shares his pain that the women they love are behind bars.

Felicia visits Maxie in jail and lets her know that if she doesn't take the deal there may not be another one. Maxie is not going to sign the form. She thinks Spinelli ratted her out but Felicia tells her he tried to do everything to avoid implicating Matt. Felicia knows what it feels like to make a bargain with God, because she would sit in jail for 20 years to bring back her girls, but you just can't do that. Two inmates bribe the guard after Felicia leaves and pin down Maxie for a "makeover," complete with an eyeliner tattoo. Later Maxie is looking over the contract when Matt shows up. He wants her to sign it and she tells him she just did.

At the station Dante tells Mac he is going to Johnny's to question him about the night Anthony's tires were shot. The mayor arrives and fires Mac because of the unresolved cases, like the one that should have put Sonny away, and tells him to clean out his desk.

Luke walks in on Anna crying about Robin at home. She wishes she was more useful and he commiserates that it is no fun being an ex super spy, but if she is bored they could always execute the perfect crime. Tracy knocks on the door and while Anna showers she asks Luke what his plans are for Anthony. He has an old friend who sells used cars in Uruguay who is shipping out today with Anthony and he will be arrested once they land. Anna walks in and hears Luke ask Tracy to get Anthony to the boathouse. Tracy leaves but before Anna can get answers from Luke, Felicia comes by for her and he leaves. Felicia wants to know what is up between Anna and Luke, but Anna assures her they are just friends. Felicia thinks she could do a lot worse than Luke. After she leaves the mayor shows up and offers her the police commissioner job.

Dante comes back to the station and Mac tells him he got fired because the mayor wanted Sonny to go down for something. He wants Dante to keep digging and maybe he will find the truth about the night on the highway. He leaves and Felicia catches up to him, wanting his help to get Maxie out. He tells her he has all the time in the world to help her.

At home, Johnny relives shooting Anthony and starts to cry. He is freaked out and sees visions of Anthony, taunting him. He hates himself for the accident that killed Cole and Hope, but at least now that Anthony is dead no one will find out about it. He walks away but can't get away from his visions of Anthony. Dante knocks at the door and wants to ask a few questions about Anthony's tires. Johnny opens the door, but without a warrant will not let Dante in. He closes the door and Anthony gets a text from Tracy to meet her at the boathouse. Johnny gets an idea.

Tracy comes back to the boathouse and pulls up the tarp. This time, Anthony's body is there.

Carly arrives at Johnny's, wanting to talk.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke and Tracy get surprised.

Sonny and Todd face off.

Edward and Monica get unsettling news.

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