Dante busts into Kate's dark office with his gun drawn and a woman puts her hands in the air. It's Lulu. She tells him not to shoot and he is surprised to see her. He apologizes, but she tells him it was kind of a rush when he kicked the door in holding a gun. She has to get the magazine to press because no one else is available. They talk about Kate's assault of Dr. Keenan and Dante tells her he found the gun that shot out Anthony's tires in Kate's office. Is it possible considering the new information that the gun was hers? Lulu thinks the shot was too difficult for her and Dante thinks Johnny has the strongest motive. Lulu thinks Johnny is loyal to Anthony, but Dante tells her Johnny was out for blood that night.

At her house, Molly brings TJ some ginger ale. Alexis is working late and they are all alone when Sam walks in. She is there to pick up Alexis for her Lamaze class and a flustered Molly wonders why Jason isn't going. As Sam tries to think of an answer, TJ leaves and Molly walks him out. Outside they kiss goodbye and Molly heads back in and tells Sam Alexis is working late. She asks again why Jason isn't going and Sam tells her that she left Jason. Molly wants to hear the truth and Sam tells her that Jason is not the father of the baby. She tells her everything and Molly wishes they could go back in time so she could stop Sam and Jason from going to Hawaii. Molly doesn’t understand why Jason is acting the way he is and offers to be Sam's coach.

Carly finishes her coffee at Shawn's while she remembers the bracelet Johnny gave her. Shawn walks up and wants the details on her and Johnny. She tells him she caught him cheating and is done with him and he wonders why she still has the bracelet. She agrees and gets rid of the bracelet. She regrets not leaving with Shawn that night she got with Johnny but he knows she cares for him only as a friend. Besides, he is seeing someone else now, but is sorry she got hurt. She remembers how Jax managed to forgive her after she cheated, but she is not sure she can forgive Johnny. TJ shows up and Shawn sends him upstairs to study. He leaves and Carly gets the bracelet out of the garbage.

At the hospital Jason, who was just leaving after seeing Liz, is approached by a nurse directing him to the Lamaze class. He tells her he was not signed up and together they see that Sam is signed up with Alexis. Liz asks him if he is okay and he tells her he is glad she has her mom. Liz wonders if there is any way he can patch things up with Sam. He tells her he went to see Sam on her birthday but they did not talk about the baby. He says she keeps putting McBain in the way and Liz wonders if that has changed how he feels about her. He wants to have their life back but is not sure they can. Liz and Jason hold each other as Sam and Molly show up.

Outside the interrogation room Alexis gets a text about Lamaze but she can’t leave Sonny and Kate. In the room, Connie tells Sonny it was she who shot Anthony’s tires. She tells him she got the gun and caught up with Anthony, then got close enough to shoot his tires. Then she went to the office and that is when Sonny showed up. They had sex and it gave her the opportunity to plant the gun to make Sonny look guilty. Connie screams, then Kate is back and confused. Sonny tells her Connie told him what happened.

Anthony has a gun on Johnny at his place. Johnny tells him he is the one who tried to kill him but Anthony thinks he is lying. Johnny tries to egg Anthony into shooting him but Anthony demands the whole story. If Johnny hated him for years, what was special about that night? Johnny tells him he woke up in a cold sweat and decided to avenge his mother. He left Carly in bed and saw Anthony put his suitcase in the trunk. He followed him and shot the tires. Anthony isn't buying it. He wants to know how the gun ended up in Kate’s office. Johnny tells him it was to frame Sonny. Sonny implicated himself by having sex in the same spot where he could have dropped the gun. Anthony and Johnny fight over the gun and it goes off.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kate is distraught.

Sonny and Alexis deal with some shocking news.

McBain confides in Tea.

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