At the hospital Matt is thinking about Maxie's confession when Elizabeth asks him if he is okay. He tells her Maxie was protecting someone and may be released. She asks who when Patrick walks up after Keenan’s surgery. He tells him it went well and he should be fine. Matt wants to know what happened to Patrick. He realized his depression would not bring Robin back. He then asks about Maxie and Matt tells him about the new developments. Patrick is happy for them and sorry he has not been more supportive. Later, Liz asks Matt if they know who the real killer is, but he tells her they don't. Patrick comes out and tells Liz that Ewan is asking for her and she leaves. Patrick lets Matt know he feels hopeful for the first time since Robin died.

Spinelli and Maxie talk in her cell. She thanks him and he is confused because he broke his word. She realized he was right all along and that she is not cut out for prison. She is relieved she can get out without getting Matt in trouble. He tells her the DA would not agree to her release and insisted on knowing who the person in the picture was. He told them it is Matt and she is livid. She wants to know everything and he tells her she will have to recant her statement and testify against Matt. She says she will sign then pretend to have amnesia but he tells her she will end up right back in jail. She made Matt promise not to confess and begs Spinelli to stop meddling. He leaves.

Luke and Tracy talk about getting rid of Anthony in the boathouse. Anthony overhears and leaves. When Tracy pushes Luke to say he will off Anthony, he tells her there will be no whacking on his watch. He tells Spanky that he will take Zacchara off her hands, but he needs her to promise him she won’t attempt to murder him. She wants to know his plan but he doesn't have one. He swears he will rid her of Zacchara. He tells her she will always have a piece of his heart and they kiss. She promises to step aside and let him work his magic. But if his plan fails, they revert to murder. He agrees that if all else fails, murder is on the table.

Anthony arrives at Johnny's apartment and asks to hide because Tracy is trying to kill him. He tells Johnny that Luke and Tracy are plotting against him and he is moving back in. Johnny tells him over his dead body, and blames him for pushing him to sleep with Connie. Anthony snaps and grabs Johnny's collar. He refuses to apologize for keeping the fact that his sister was his mother from him. He throws Johnny on the floor and pulls a gun on him. Johnny tells him to do it and then they will be even. He tells him it was not Sonny who tried to kill him, it was him.

In the courtroom, Tea and Todd argue about his outburst earlier. He tells her Sonny's girlfriend Kate's alter, Connie, shot out Anthony's tires. Tea wonders if he is making it up based on Todd's history of making up a DID alter. He tells her about his plan to get Sonny to convince Michael to recant his statement, but that Sonny doesn't seem to care about Kate anymore. Tea tells him hatred never goes away, but Todd knows they share a bond and that Sonny will never give up on Kate. She isn't banking on it but Todd is convinced Sonny will take the deal. He knows he will forgive Kate but Tea tells him there are some things that can never be forgiven.

Sonny won't leave the jail until he sees the psychiatrist session with Kate. He and Alexis wait for the doctor and see Kate behind the glass, yelling at Connie. Sonny is freaked out and Alexis goes to look for the doctor. Sonny watches Kate tells Connie that Sonny will never forgive her and he tears up. He runs to Kate and tells her it is okay, he is here, but it is Connie. She wants to tell Sonny to his face how much she hates him and that she made him turn his back on Kate, but he tells her he is there for Kate. He wants to know what Connie did to sabotage Kate, while Alexis watches behind the glass. She saw the night he got shot as her chance to take matters in her own hands. He pushes Connie for more information and she tells him it wasn’t Johnny who went after Anthony, it was her.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Shawn gets an earful from Carly.

There's a tense moment at the Zacchara household.

Jason and Elizabeth find themselves in a moment.

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