At Sonny's, Todd tells him they can save Starr and Kate at the same time. Michael just needs to take back his statement and when Starr goes free, Todd will make sure Kate dodges two murder charges: Cole and Hope. Todd is certain it was Kate because he heard her tell Alexis in jail. Todd tells Sonny that DID is a devastating disease and that Kate is going to need his help. Sonny tells Todd the plan means nothing to him because Kate means nothing to him. Todd tells Sonny he can't stop caring for a woman once he loved her, even when they are not together. Sonny tells him he is a fool. Todd tells him to get Michael to recant or Kate fries.

In Starr's cell, Tea tells her to plead not guilty, but Starr tells her nothing is going to change the fact she tried to kill Sonny and Michael stopped her. Cops bring Kate back to her cell and Tea tells her Starr not to talk to her. But Starr wants to know what Kate was going to tell her before Tea showed up earlier. Starr really felt better after talking to Kate and wants to return the favor. Instead of telling her about Connie, she tells Starr again how sorry she is for her loss. Tea tells her if she was really sorry she would get Sonny to back off. Kate tells them Sonny doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. Starr tells her she hopes everything works out for her and Kate wishes her luck in court before she leaves.

In the jail hallway Alexis and Kate are waiting for the specialist to help get Connie out, and Kate wishes she did not have to do it alone. Sonny arrives and tells Alexis he needs to talk to her. Kate realizes he hired Alexis and he tells her it does not change anything. She thanks him and the cops lead her way. Sonny tells Alexis it is about Todd. He tells her what Todd told him and she tells him the only person who knows for sure is Connie. He wants to see it for himself, and since he is paying the bills he wants to hear it from Connie's mouth.

Kate is alone in the holding room waiting for the psychiatrist when Connie shows up and tells her she "ain't going nowhere." Kate tells Connie she does not need her protection. Kate asks her if Connie caused that crash.

Starr and Tea are in the courtroom, and Starr is wishing Blair was there when Todd walks in. Tea asks him not to make the scene, and he tells her that in case she needs it, he is packing interesting information. He asks her what the name Kate Howard means to her when court is called in session. When asked how she pleads, Todd jumps up and says not guilty. Starr pleads not guilty but bail is denied.

Spinelli tells the court it was Matt who killed Lisa and the judge wants to know if there was an eye witness. Spinelli tells them Maxie was an eye witness. Felicia knows how far Maxie would go to protect the people she loves, but wonders why Matt would let Maxie take the fall. Spinelli tells them Matt was blackout drunk and does not remember. Alexis asks for Maxie's release, but the judge tells them he will consider if she verifies Spinelli's testimony. The DA will release Maxie if he gets a signed statement that she will testify under oath against Matt. Spinelli asks to be the one to go and Mac and Felicia hope he can convince her.

Maxie tells Matt in her cell that he killed Lisa. She tells him he was too drunk to remember but when she got to the boat she saw Matt kill Lisa and wander off. She went looking for Matt and found the captain dead. She knew it was only a matter of time before he remembered or was found out, so she went to Anthony. She tells Matt they are in it together, right up to their necks. Matt refuses to let her rot away and has to come forward and confess. He is paged to the hospital. He tells her he does not deserve her and won't promise not to got to the police. He leaves and Spinelli arrives.

In the boathouse Tracy has fantasies of killing Anthony. He walks in and she tells him they should take a spin on the lake. He declines then decides to sail with her. When they leave she grabs an oar and follows, but Luke grabs her and knocks her down. She tells Luke she was tired of waiting and is taking matters into her own hands. He tells her he wants to help her and if she needs it that bad he will arrange it. Anthony comes back and hears them plotting.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd and Tea argue over Starr.

Patrick and Matt bond.

Johnny and Annthony argue.

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