Alexis arrives at the courthouse and Sonny wants to talk about Kate. She tells him that assaulting Keenan is the least of her problems. She tells Sonny that it is clear Kate has no memory of the event, that Connie is real, and Kate is terrified of her. Sonny tells her Johnny told him the same thing. She tells Sonny she put in a call into a new psychiatrist to hypnotize her to get Connie to come out for questioning. Sonny wonders what else they need to know since they have her fingerprints on the paperweight. Alexis tells him the will talk later.

Felicia and Mac discuss the evidence with Spinelli in the courtroom when the DA arrives. He asks where the evidence came from and Spinelli tells him about the casino footage. Alexis pleads the case to the judge but the DA is not in agreement because the image could be doctored. Spinelli rises and assures them the image is not doctored, but the DA is unconvinced until the man can be identified. The judge asks if they have anything else to support the image or the confession stands. Spinelli objects and they let him speak at risk of contempt. He pleads for Maxie's release and admits he knows the man's identity. He knows it is not Maxie and is ready to tell the truth. He tells them it was Matt Hunter.

Matt meets Maxie in a holding cell and she has a black eye from her "clumsy" roommate. She asks him for a nail file and he tells her she is getting out in just a couple of days because Spinelli found the killer from footage from the Haunted Star. She is upset that Spinelli would do that to her. He tells her Spinelli enhanced it as much as he could but could not make out the face. Matt tells her he thinks it is Patrick but Maxie tells him it wasn't Patrick. He tells her they are talking to the judge right now and he wants to warn Patrick but Maxie stops him. She tells him if they follow up on the evidence it won't lead them to Patrick. He realizes she knows who the killer is and she tells him it was him. He is shocked and scared.

Tea visits Starr in her cell and tells her Todd is still in town and that he seemed pretty tight with Carly. They don't think he knows she is Michael's mom but tea would love to be there when he finds out. Starr fills Tea in on her history with Michael, but Tea tells her he is willing to testify against her, and is not on her side. Tea tells her she is going to start slinging mud to make him look like a dirty little liar. Starr refuses to let Tea destroy Michael's credibility. Tea wants to know what happened with Michael and Starr tells her they connected. Tea wants her contrite and calm for the arraignment when she enters her plea of not guilty and Starr knows nothing will stop Michael from testifying.

Michael and Carly talk about Starr at Metro Court when Todd walks up and introduces himself to Michael. He threatens Michael, but Michael tells him he is going to tell the court the truth. Todd thinks waving a gun around is a far cry from attempted murder. Carly steps in and Todd lets them know he just wants to help Starr because she is in a jail cell. Michael knows what Starr has lost, and Todd encourages him to take back his statement. He tells them Starr is already in her own hell but Michael won't back down. Todd leaves and Carly thinks he has a point. She is just concerned about Michael and his reasons for turning Starr in.

At the hospital Liz and Epiphany wonder if Patrick will come back when he shows up. He apologizes to Liz for his behavior last night, but she is just glad he is there and walks off to let everyone know. Epiphany wonders why he came back and he tells her it was because of her. He tells her he took a look in the mirror and had no clue what he saw. He has some people to apologize to. Liz tells him the OR is prepped and ready for Keenan's surgery.

At his office Sonny opens a drawer and finds a picture of him and Kate. Milo enters and tells him it is a visitor and Todd comes in. They congratulate each other on beating their raps and then Sonny has Milo frisk him. Todd wants Sonny to drop the charges, but Sonny tells him it is not happening. Todd tells him Starr was in pain and not thinking straight. He tells Todd the DA is already on it, but Todd wants Michael to take his statement back or he will tell the cops who is really responsible for Anthony's tires - Connie.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kate gets close to dealing with her demons.

Luke works Tracy..

Mac and Felicia hope Spinelli gets through to Maxie.

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