At home, Jason stares at the glass phoenix and thinks of Sam. Spinelli comes in and hands him a still from the footage of Lisa's murder. Jason doesn't recognize the person and Spinelli is relieved. He tells Jason it is Matt and why Maxie took the blame, but hopes the image will prove her innocence without revealing Matt's identity. Spinelli hopes Jason and Sam can work out their problems and Jason tells Spinelli he went to see her, but didn't want to make any promises he couldn’t keep. Spinelli tells him he can't give up hope for him and Sam. He leaves and Jason thinks about Sam.

In the hospital, Sam stares at the dragon and thinks of Jason. Dr. Lee enters and Sam tells her Alexis will be her labor partner and that Jason is unsure he can love the baby. Lee thinks maybe Jason needs more time. She assures Sam Alexis and Molly will be great partners. Then she sees something in Sam's chart. The baby's iron level is low and they need to test the baby for a disease when he is born but assures her she is on track to have a healthy baby. She wants Sam to have fun at the childbirth class tonight.

Shawn and TJ are at the restaurant getting ready for the day. TJ does not want to be late and leaves.

Alexis is rushing around at home because she is running late, and Molly comes down in her robe. Alexis wants to take Molly to school but she convinces her she will make it fine on her own. When Alexis leaves she rips off her robe and opens the door to TJ. He wonders if she is okay going behind her mom’s back but she doesn't think they are doing anything wrong. They lean in for a kiss and Michael walks in. He tells her she is not to be anywhere near TJ but she thinks it is totally unfair. She begs him not to tell anyone and he agrees, but warns her Alexis will go ballistic when she does find out.

Shawn and Alexis run into each other outside the restaurant and they talk about TJ and how he is going to school and staying out of trouble after the party crackdown. She tells Shawn that Molly is unhappy about the limits she set on seeing TJ, but that she accepts it.

Over breakfast at the restaurant Michael tells Sonny why he turned Starr into the cops. Alexis comes in and Michael asks about Molly before he leaves, then offers to take her to school. Sonny wants to know if Alexis can get Kate off but she tells him it is more complicated than that. She leaves and then Johnny comes in with something to say. He doesn't want Sonny to blame Kate and tells him she did not sleep with him of her own free will. Sonny wonders why Johnny is telling him this and he says it is the right thing to do because he loves Carly.

At the police station Todd is banned from seeing Starr but he thinks she is in danger because she is locked up with Kate. He pulls out money to bribe the cop, but the cop throws him out.

Johnny shows up Metro Court with a gift for Carly and she is shocked to see a bracelet she wanted as a child. She doesn't remember telling him about it. He begs for another chance and grabs her but Todd comes up and tells him to take his hands off of her. Johnny realizes he is Starr's father and Todd wants to know how he knows Starr. Johnny tells him about the gun and recording contract, but Todd tells him to stay away from her and Carly. Johnny leaves and Carly throws the bracelet away. Todd thinks Johnny is working Starr but Carly doesn’t believe Johnny wanted her to take the gun. Todd leaves and she pulls the bracelet out of the thrash. Michael arrives and tells her he was the one who turned Starr in. Todd comes back just in time to hear it.

In her cell, Kate thinks she caused the accident that killed Starr's family. She calls out to Starr and apologizes but Starr tells her it is not her fault. She tells Kate how she got pregnant at 16 and Kate thinks it must have been hard to have a baby so young. Starr says she was lucky because she had her whole family. Kate tells her no one wanted her family to die. She is about to tell Starr about Connie when Alexis comes in and orders her not to say another word. In a holding room, Kate tells Alexis she is ready to let Connie out.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly gives Michael some advice.

Spinelli pleads his case.

Todd has a proposition for Sonny.

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