In their holding room at the police station, Kate tells Alexis that Connie could have shot out Anthony's tires and Todd overhears. He wonders who Connie is when cops arrive drag him off. Kate tells Alexis she had two blackouts that night, so there was opportunity and motive. She goes over the evening and doesn’t remember how she got the gun. Alexis wants to speak to Connie but Kate is terrified to do it. Alexis tells her not to talk to anyone and the cops arrive to take her to her cell.

Heather calls Luke from the hospital and wants to celebrate but he hangs up on her. She calls back but he doesn't answer. She wants to hear all about LuLu and tell him everything she did to help Steve. Olivia walks up and wants to know exactly what Heather did to help Steve. She tells her she prayed for him. He comes out and Heather hugs him. He still can't get over Maggie and Heather wants to chalk it up as a miracle but Olivia wonders otherwise. Steve is devastated and Heather wants to lighten the mood by getting a BLT and celebrating his freedom.

Anna rings the bell at Patrick’s house but leaves when there is no answer. Epiphany arrives and threatens to bust the door down. He lets her in, and she is mad. He has been assigned surgeries but he doesn't want them. She hands him the patient files and wonders if he is going to pass Dr. Keenan, who needs critical brain surgery, off on someone else. He tells her he can’t. She wants him to look in the mirror so he can see what Emma sees and then decide if that is who he wants to be. She leaves.

Luke is trying to change his phone number outside a restaurant when Anna arrives. She tells him Patrick wasn't home and he tells her Heather found his gun and has been calling him. She is not happy Heather went through their things, but they laugh over the idea of her storming into Memphis to rescue Steve. Luke tells Anne he likes it when she smiles and they share a look.

Liz is out to eat with Aiden and Emma when Jason joins them. She comments to Jason that Jake was just like him and he tells her he likes when she talks about him. He shares with Liz how he told Sam he wasn’t sure if he could love the baby and Liz knows that must have been hard for Sam to hear. He worries it is too late for him and Sam. Anna and Luke come in and Luke notices how Aiden looks more like Lucky every time he sees him. Anna pulls Liz aside while Jason thanks Luke for the charity he set up in Jake's name. Jason leaves. Outside, Jason calls Sam but she doesn't answer. Epiphany arrives and tells Liz Patrick hasn’t left his house for weeks so Liz asks Anna to watch Emma and Luke offers to watch Aiden and she agrees. Heather arrives and sees them together and happy.

McBain opens the door to Sam at his motel room. She wanted to make sure Jason hadn't killed him. He tells her Jason wasn't there to talk about Sam and he shows her the bug Jason found at Sonny’s. He wanted to send Sonny a message. He tells her Sonny killed someone he cared about and she wonders if it was a woman. Her phone rings and he overhears that it is her birthday. He gives her a surprise – a bar of soap. The door knocks to his room and Tea arrives and tells McBain Todd is in town. Sam leaves and Tea thinks she can get Starr off if Todd doesn’t mess it up.

Jason comes up to Sam in the hall as she is on her way back to her room. He wishes her a happy birthday and when she invites him in, he tells her he needs to go.

Tea checks into the Metro Court and Carly recognizes her name. She tells Tea Todd is staying there and introduces herself as Sonny's ex. Carly defends Todd but Tea tells her he killed Victor in cold blood and since she doesn’t know him, don’t defend him. Todd walks in and he and Tea begin to argue. She grabs her card, refuses to stay there and leaves. Carly approaches Todd and tells him she likes Blair better and he agrees. He tells her he heard Kate say Connie was responsible and she fills him in on the split personality.

Liz shows up to at Patrick's house and he tells her he is having a hard time. He knows it is no excuse for lying to her and she tells him he can make it up to her by operating on Ewan.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny has an important request for Alexis.

Todd overhears Michael and Sonny.

Shawn and Alexis are shocked.

Dante has a hunch.

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