Maggie is brought into the hospital on a stretcher and she sees Olivia, Steve and Heather. They are told it was an OD. Steve doesn't believe it but the medics show him the pill bottle. Olivia stops Heather from entering the room they wheel Maggie in and tells her to start praying. Heather accuses Olivia of wanting Maggie to die. She rips open the curtain and Heather looks into the room. Steve works furiously on Maggie but she flat lines anyway. They call time of death at 3:26 PM. Heather is ecstatic. Olivia holds onto Steve as he wonders why Maggie would take those pills. Heather pulls out a letter from her purse and approaches a nurse to get Steve's mail. Heather inserts the letter and hands Steve the mail. They read the letter and confesses to the murder. They wheel out the body.

Luke goes to see LuLu in the hospital, but Dante walks in and tells him she checked out without telling him. They wonder where she is. She is not answering her cell phone. Luke thinks she wanted to leave without argument. He finds matches and tosses them to Dante and wonder if she went back to the casino.

LuLu looks around the Haunted Star Casino. Luke and Dante show up. She wonders why he hasn't told Sonny yet about Ronnie shooting him and Luke agrees he needs to do it right way so he leaves. She tells Luke that when Ronnie held that gun in her face she never felt more alive in her life. She finally realizes what she has been missing all these years. She is good under pressure and can react in a crisis situation, just like Luke. She wants to embrace her thrill-seeking gene and Luke is worried because danger will find her. His phone rings and it is Heather who tells him Steve is home safe and sound. He asks how and she tells him she has her ways.

Alexis and Sonny discuss Kate's case and her alternate personality. She tells him mental illness is a valid defense, but he thinks Kate is just looking for an excuse for her behavior. Alexis wants to know why he is hiring her and wants him to admit he is in love with her. He orders Alexis to just do it and not tell her Kate he sent her. Dante comes in and Alexis leaves. Dante tells Sonny the Zaccharas were not the ones who shot him that night. Sonny tells Dante to bury any anger with Ronnie and be grateful that LuLu is safe.

Johnny approaches Kate at the station and thinks she is there to press charges against him, but she is there for Keenan's assault. Delores enters with the gun Starr used and tells him that is why he is there so they can dust for prints.

In her holding room, Starr tells Tea she stole Johnny's gun and Tea thinks Johnny took advantage of her grief. Starr refuses, saying Johnny is a good guy. Tea tells her looks can be deceiving. They walk out of the room and Starr sees Kate. She wonders why she is there and Kate finds out Starr pulled a gun on Sonny. She tells Starr Sonny is innocent. Alexis approaches and tells Kate not to say another word. Alexis and Tea have a prickly meeting.

Johnny defends Starr to Delores in the station hallway and she tells him Starr is old enough to know it is a crime to point a gun at someone. He tells Delores the gun never left his house but she tells him Michael made a statement that contradicts that. He says it is hearsay and encourages her to lose the gun and threatens to blackmail her for leaking information. Starr approaches Johnny and Tea and Delores speak in Spanish. They leave and Delores thinks Johnny cares about Starr and Johnny tells her he warned her.

At Metro Court Todd presents Carly with flowers and wants a discount on a room. He tells her about Starr and Sonny and she insists he pay full price. He tells her Tea is in town to help and gives Carly a brief rundown of their history. She fills him on everything with Sonny, Kate and Johnny. She encourages him to visit Starr again and he gives her his credit card. He tells Carly to charge whatever she wants and to crank up the heat because it is about to be a cold day in hell.

In the holding room Kate asks Alexis if Sonny sent her. Alexis evades the question and tells Kate she talked to the doctor who examined her. Alexis tells Kate she is aware of the DID and wants to know if she is aware of any other crimes Connie has committed. Crying, Kate tells her there is a possibility that Connie shot out the tires of that car that killed Cole and Hope. Todd is listening outside.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tea and Carly face off.

Patrick has a request for Epiphany.

Sam celebrates her birthday.

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