In the prison holding room, Starr and Todd are hugging when Tea comes in. Starr is ecstatic to see her and welcomes her to the team. She tells Starr she will get the charges dropped and wants to be alone with Starr but Todd won't leave. Todd thinks Tea is there to exact revenge on him for killing Victor. She tells him she will find another way to put him behind bars and won't need Starr to do it. He will never shed a tear for Victor, but he is sorry Tea is in pain. She screams at him to get out and to think about his daughter for once. "We can get you an attorney who is not one of my bitter ex wives," he tells Starr. He relents, and leaves. Tea and Starr hug.

Flowers from Johnny arrive for Carly at Metro Court. Johnny appears and she tells him it is cliché to give flowers for cheating. Carly throws the flowers and water at Johnny. He tells her all he cares about is getting her back and will do anything. She tells him to clean up the mess, and then go unscrew Kate. If he can't do that, he is out of luck. He wishes he could change it and she wonders why he couldn't have just made it look like it happened. She asks if he knew Kate had a split personality and the fact that he did and slept with her anyway makes him a rapist. He tells her Kate said the same thing but swears he wasn't thinking of it that way in the moment. He vows to win Carly back and she tells him not to waste his time, but he doesn't see it that way. Todd arrives later with flowers of his own for Carly.

Liz comes to see Kate in her hospital room at her request. Kate wants to know how Keenan is and Liz tells her they don't know if he will recover. Kate tells her that Keenan told her she had DID but she thought it was preposterous. She tells her Connie slept with Johnny to break up her and Sonny and that Sonny will never forgive her. Liz tells her about Lucky and to prove to him he was not good enough for him she had an affair with his brother. But she made her bad decisions all by herself and it broke her. She ended up on the roof and Lucky had to talk her down. She wants to know if Lucky foragv her but Liz doesn't answer. Outside, a doctor tells her Keenan's outlook is not good.

Heather remembers poisoning Maggie at Steve's place when Olivia walks in. She tells Heather she is going to Memphis to bail out Steve but Heather tells her it will be a waste of money. She wouldn't be surprised if Steve walks in free as a bird when he does. Olivia hugs Steve and he tells them all of the charges were dropped because of a confession from Maggie. They are confused, but Heather wants to celebrate. She thinks it is a shame Maggie tarnished his name and is glad she is out of the picture. Olivia wonders what she means and Heather brushes it off, then goes to freshen up. They vow to figure out why Maggie confessed as Heather eavesdrops. They find out Maggie has been rushed to the hospital, but she is alive.

Matt comes to Patrick's house to ask for help. He tells Patrick that Maxie got sentenced 20 years and what it felt like to see Maxie hauled off. He feels hopeless and so does Patrick. Matt apologizes. He knows Patrick is not working or answering his phone and he is worried that he is falling apart. He wonders if he knows how far away Emma feels for him right now. Patrick tells Matt he doesn’t know about loss and to go find out who killed Lisa and leave him alone. Matt doesn't want to leave but Patrick throws him out. Patrick stares at a picture of him, Robin and Emma then lies down.

Spinelli wonders if he should reveal the footage against Maxie's wishes when Mac and Felicia enter. They want to know what his lead is and they demand he share any evidence he has. He is unsure, but relents. They can easily see it is not Maxie, and they are ecstatic, but they can’t tell who it is. Spinelli pulls out the cars and says the image can’t get any better. They decide it can wait one more day and thank Spinelli for his work. Matt shows up and they tell him about the footage. Matt watches the footage and seems shocked.

Johnny arrives at the police station and sees Kate.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Despite Tea’s hopes, Starr sticks up for Johnny.

Johnny tries to blackmail Delores.

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