Olivia visits Kate in the hospital, where Kate tries to convince her it was Connie, not Kate, who did all the damage. Olivia is not convinced, considering this is not the first time Kate has reinvented herself. She thinks the split personality is a good cover story and Kate tells her it took a long time for her to believe it herself. She swears to Olivia she would never intentionally hurt her. Olivia tells Kate about how she went to her for help and she just laughed and threw a dollar bill at her. Kate tells Olivia she was too proud to admit herself and she is getting what she deserves. She wants to take it all back and Olivia gives her a hug. Olivia needs a way to bail out Steve and Kate gives her the money. They hug again.

At home, Sonny tells Jason he doesn't believe Kate’s story. Jason tells him Kate is still the woman who stood by him, but Sonny wonders why he is defending her. Jason tells Sonny that when he found her, everything about her was different. The way she stood, the way she spoke. Sonny just can't get the image of her in bed with Johnny out of his head. Jason tells Sonny he should have compassion since they both have a mental illness. Sonny never made excuses with his bi-polar disorder, but Jason tells him what Kate has is worse. He wants Sonny to understand she is sick. As Jason picks up a glass Sonny threw, he finds the wire and silently shows it to Sonny before submerging it in water. They both know who planted it – McBain. Jason tells him he will take care of McBain, and leaves. Alexis shows up and asks Sonny about Sam and Jason.

Sam and McBain have a cup of coffee in his hotel room. He asks how she feels and she admits she is exhausted. She wonders if she is interrupting him, since he was listening to something. He turns it up – sweet jazz. He asks for her phone and he is going to download some Coltrane for the baby. He assures her he would never let her be killed when she starts to think about what could have happened. She had wondered if she could love the baby but now she knows she can. She already can't imagine her life without the baby, but Jason can't get past it. John thinks he needs more time, but Sam can’t be with him. She feels alone but he tells her she is not alone. Her phone rings and they move apart. It is Alexis checking up on her, but Sam tells her mom she moved out and that she is now at the Rendezvous motel. Alexis insists she come home, but Sam tells her no and gets off the phone. She goes to leave and Jason is at the door. They ask Sam to leave and behind closed doors Jason throws down the tap.

Todd shows visits Starr in jail to tell her he is not guilty. He got off shooting Victor because of PTSD. She is mad that he is not even sorry. But he is sorry he was not there when she needed him. He is going to make all the trouble go away. He tells her in the long run killing Sonny is not going to make her feel better, and that the loss will always be there. It's something she will have to live with. He explains to her there is always a way out of trouble but she tells him there is a witness who already told his story to the police. She is scared and he tells her Sonny will be dealt with. A pregnant Tea Delgado from Llanview walks in.

Felicia visits Mac at the station and he tells her he thinks she chose her own happiness at the expense of her kids. He knows she was a good mom and that is why he can't understand why she left. She tells him she made a mistake, but she won't leave until Maxie is home and safe.

Matt, Alexis and Spinelli are going over their plan to help Maxie at the coffee house. Matt wonders if Spinelli still thinks it was Patrick, but Spinelli tells him he knows it wasn't Patrick. The news broadcasts Ronnie's crime and they gather around the television (read by guest Alexis from "Real Housewives of Orange County"). They are shocked, but when they report security cameras caught the event, Spinelli wonders if their cameras didn’t catch the murder on the boat as well. Spinelli leaves Matt to find out.

At the casino Spinelli pulls up the video footage. He sees the murder.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Matt finds a distraught Patrick.

Steve gets important news.

Carly is mad.

Elizabeth discovers Ewan.

Dante has a hunch.

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