In their hospital room, Dante and LuLu assure Elizabeth that McBain will protect Sam, and with Jason on the way, she will be safe. Luke shows up with Anna and hugs LuLu. He tells her he is relieved and proud. Lulu and Dante fill Luke in on the fact that Ronnie was the one who shot Sonny when he was actually trying to kill Dante. Luke tells Dante to tell Sonny right away to avoid a mob war when Dante gets the info that Ronnie is dead. Delores shows up at the hospital and they are all glad to see each other. She tells LuLu that Dante told her she was the first one to suspect Ronnie and she knows it was a big risk going after him.

In the hospital hallway, Elizabeth knows Anna would give anything to have had a reunion with Robin like Luke was getting with LuLu. She tells Anna it will get easier. Anna doesn’t want to talk about Robin anymore and asks Liz things are going with that doctor she liked. Liz tells her he is in ICU after Kate's attack. She says today would have been her son’s birthday and they hug. Anna encourages her to go see Keenan.

Anna and Luke sit on the stairs in the hospital waiting room and he tells her she does not have to hide her feelings from him. He knows he shouldn’t have asked her to come along but she is glad to be there, where Robin made miracles happen. She has to honor Robin by getting on with her life and he tells her she does not have to be alone. Luke thanks her for keeping him out of a dark place. They hold hands as they walk off and Liz sees them.

Sonny arrives at the hospital to find Jason and sees Kate handcuffed. He finds out she is under arrest for assaulting Keenan. He gives her two minutes to explain. She begs him to look at her and then tells him she has as split personality and it has been going on for months. She begs him to believe her but he thinks she got her hands caught in Johnny’s cookie jar and is doing damage control. He tells her he gave her all of him but she spit on it and he is done. He leaves her there, screaming after him.

A cop brings Starr into the station and Delores has Michael fill out his statement. She leaves to go to the casino and leaves Michael and Starr alone. He asks if she stayed just to kill Sonny and she tells him she went to Johnny to hear the truth. She tells him she believes Johnny and Michael tells her he isn't good at spotting a liar either. She thought shooting Sonny would bring her peace. He thought what they had was real but that she played him. She tells him he stopped her from killing Sonny, and it was never about using him. Michael isn’t sure she believes it herself.

McBain and Sam are holding each other when Jason arrives at the casino. She tells Jason what happened, and that John took a shot and killed Ronnie. Jason turns on McBain for taking the risk. Sam tells him he saved their lives – her and the baby. Jason learns they were both staying at the same motel as Ronnie and accuses McBain of using Sam to get to him. Delores shows up to get McBain’s statement, then she and Sam leave for the hospital. Jason questions McBain's reasons for reading the DNA results with Sam. McBain tells him it was because Jason wasn’t around and he was picking up the slack. After some tough talking, Jason leaves to check on Sam.

In her hospital room, Sam is unhappy to see Liz. She tells Liz that McBain saved her life and if it weren't for him she would not be alive. She assures Liz she doesn’t have to go running to Jason because he already knows. Liz denies running to Jason with anything. Liz defends Jason, telling Sam he needed someone to talk to, but she has no intention of getting in between them. Liz tells Sam she and the baby are fine before walking out. Later, Jason shows up at the hospital and Liz tells him Sam and the baby are fine but her just missed her. She leaves to go to the cemetery to put flowers on Jake's grave for his fifth birthday. They wonder what they would have bought him. She invites him to go with her and they leave together.

At the motel, McBain walks up as Sam arrives. She thanks him and he encourages her to get some rest. He remembers the dragon and hands it to her. She thanks him before he goes into his room.

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