At the airport Jason stops Connie from leaving and lets on he knows she is not Kate. She tries to talk her way out of it but Jason doesn't believe her. He tells her there is no shame in getting treatment. He wants to know if she shot at Anthony's tires but she denies it. He tells her he knows she is a danger to herself and others or Dr. Kennan would not want her committed. He takes her arm and she starts screaming. Suddenly, Kate comes out. She wants to know what Connie did and where she was going. The last thing she remembers was that she was with Dr. Keenan and asks Jason to take her to him.

Officers arrive at the hospital and tell Elizabeth that Kate is gone. They tell her about the altercation with Carly and that they know she is Keenan's attacker and is extremely dangerous. They leave and then Jason shows up with Kate. They learn Keenan is in the hospital with a severe brain injury and Liz tells her she is the one who did it. Kate is devastated. The cops show up and Jason tells them that Kate is ill and he assures her Sonny will understand. Liz wants to know how Jason found her and wonders why he is not taking care of his own situation when Dante and Lulu, with a gunshot in the arm, show up. Jason hears what happened and runs off to go to Sam.

Dante and McBain come up with a plan outside the Haunted Star Casino. Dante walks in with his gun drawn and Ronnie tightens his grip on Lulu. Dante puts his gun down at Ronnie's insistence and kicks it over to him. Ronnie tells Dante that his wife was a whore, no better than those girls at the club. Ronnie then tells him it was him in the parking garage, that he tried to take him out but shot at Sonny instead, setting in motion the accident that killed Cole and Hope. The girls get loose and Ronnie takes a shot. There is a shootout between McBain and Ronnie and Dante and LuLu are able to get away. Ronnie grabs Sam and holds a gun to her stomach. Sam drops to the floor and McBain fires a shot at Ronnie. Sam is holding onto him when Jason shows up.

In the hospital room Dante wonders how he could have missed the signs. She tells him she should have taken care of herself better. Liz comes in to check on LuLu and that is when she finds out Sam was still at the casion, but McBain is with her.

Along the highway, Michael shows up to stop Starr from shooting Sonny. Starr tells him that he should just leave. Michael tries to convince her it could have been Johnny but she doesn't believe it. He knows Cole would not want her to take someone's life. He tells her that he killed his stepmother Claudia, and he will carry it with him his whole life. Starr runs off with the gun and Sonny thanks Michael for saving his life. He tells Sonny Starr took Johnny's gun and Sonny thinks he gave it to her. Sonny’s phone rings and it is Jason telling him to meet him at the hospital and that is important. Sonny shows up and sees Kate.

On the phone at his place, Johnny asks someone to do damage control with Starr. He hangs up and answers the door to Anthony and fills him in on the Starr situation. He really seems to feel sad for Starr. Anthony then tells Johnny that Tracy is trying to kill him and that he saw her talking with Luke, which made him nervous. Johnny tells him she can just divorce him, but Anthony tells him it is not an option and that if she wants out she has to kill him. Starr shows up shaking with the gun. Johnny takes the ammo out and Starr tells him she almost killed Sonny. Anthony wishes she had and Johnny pushes him out. He tells Starr to forget about Sonny and she leaves but runs into Michael and some cops in the hallway.

At her place Alexis sinks into the couch with a glass of wine. Tracy knocks at the door and is desperate to talk. Tracy wants to divorce her husband but no one can know about it. Alexis tells her she can’t take on her case so Tracy offers to pay her double. She then informs her that Anthony has she can’t take on her case and Tracy tells her she will pay her double. Tracy tells her Anthony has some info she doesn’t want exposed and left a copy with his lawyer in case he is killed. She then realizes if he dies the info would go public, which would cause Johnny's inheritance to be confiscated. Tracy realizes Anthony is bluffing and is ecstatic.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam is admitted to the hospital.

Jason confronts McBain.

Starr feels betrayed by Michael.

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