McBain and Dante run up to Ronnie's room at the hotel together, guns drawn. The room is empty, but LuLu’s cell phone is still there. McBain sees Sam’s dragon and knows Ronnie has her too. He tells Dante about Luke and Anna calling him for help and sending him the photo. When he came back he ran into Dante and he knows the rest. They wonder where Ronnie took them when McBain spots casino matches. Dante tells McBain it has been closed for months. McBain realizes someone left the matches there on purpose. Dante wants to call Jason but McBain stops him. They leave for the casino.

Ronnie has LuLu and Sam tied up at an empty casino. LuLu tells him he made a mistake taking Sam because the baby's father is Jason Morgan. Sam warns him that McBain is in town with Dante. They are going to find them. Sam then remembers to herself what happened when Ronnie took her into the hotel room. Sam recommended he take LuLu to the empty casino and then shook out LuLu's purse. She had grabbed the casino matches before he tied them up and led them out. Sam dropped the matches by the door. Ronnie points the gun at the two girls and they beg him to just run and leave them. McBain and Dante show up and listen just outside. They need a plan.

Jason and Carly are both looking for Sonny at his house. Carly tells Jason he was right about Johnny and that she never listens. He is sorry that she is hurting but is still trying to figure out why Kate did it. Carly tells him what Johnny said about her split personality and she admits that he seemed sincere. Jason has seen two very different sides to Kate, even saw her unraveling right in front of him. Carly wonders how Sonny doesn't know about this and Jason begins to think the gun found in Kate's office was Connie's. Carly tells him Kate is at the airport and Jason takes off.

Connie shows up at the airport and wants the next international flight. There is a flight to Rio and she pays for it in cash. Her passport says Kate Howard and he won't issue her a ticket, but she explains that she travels with an alias because of her fashion magazine. After some sweet talking he issues her a first class ticket. While she is waiting to board she has a fight with Kate out loud, and a woman recognizes her. Kate goes to the bathroom and the woman calls a friend to tell her the editor of Crimson is either on drugs or crazy.

In the airport bathroom Kate and Connie fight with each other. Kate begs to come out and explain to Sonny what happened. Connie just taunts her about Johnny and reminds her she just made up the name Kate Howard, so she doesn't even exist. Kate tells her she will eventually come out and take back her life then realizes Kate must have hurt Dr. Keenan. Connie tells Kate goodbye and leaves. She goes to wait for her flight when Jason shows up.

At his place Johnny realizes Starr must have taken his gun. He calls Starr and tells her he is on his way to find her and is about to leave when Michael shows up and punches him in the face for Carly. He then accuses Johnny of setting Sonny up with the car accident. Johnny tells Michael that Starr is still in Port Charles and that he bought out her record contract. When Michael wonders why Starr didn't leave Johnny tells him he thinks she is there to kill Sonny and that she left with his gun. Michael calls Sonny and when it goes to voicemail he runs out.

Michael arrives at Sonny's and rewinds the security tape. He sees Starr leading his dad out and leaves.

Starr walks Sonny out to where the accident happened that killed Cole and Hope. She remembers how happy they were that night, that Cole had just proposed. Sonny knows she is haunted by the accident and tells her how the Zacchara's put a hit on him but the bullet hit Michael instead. There was blood all over the floor and the only thing he could do was hold him. He tells her how Michael went into a coma but she reminds him Michael is still alive, and her daughter is dead. She doesn't think it is fair he hasn't paid. He asks her to consider that the killer might still be out there. Sonny wonders how Michael will feel if she shoots him and tells Starr he will blame himself. Suddenly, Michael runs up.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Dante and McBain try to crack the case together.

Jason faces a difficult moment.

Michael begs Starr.

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