From his cell Dante begs Delores to let him out, but she thinks he set up Eddie. He tries to explain how he has been framed by Ronnie who was found out by LuLu. He begs her, as his partner, to believe he would never lay a finger on a woman in a violent way, but she reminds him that he didn't believe her when she said the same about Eddie. She lets him out but warns him she will shoot him if he is lying to her. They go to the computer and pull up LuLu's cell phone GPS signal. Luke and Anna show up looking for Dante, but he is already gone.

Sam and McBain run into each other in the hallway at the hotel and he wonders how she knew he was staying there. She tells him she is there because she left Jason. She tells McBain it could have been fine with Jason if only she hadn't opened the DNA results in front of McBain. He feels bad for causing trouble, but she tells him the real problem is that Jason doesn't know if he can love the baby. They realize their rooms are right next to each other, then hear loud cartoons coming from a room. Sam decides to go get some snacks and he decides to knock on the door about the noise.

Ronnie has LuLu tied up in a hotel room. He tells her Dante isn't coming because he is locked up for beating the strippers. She screams for help before Ronnie grabs her and tells her it is her fault for snooping around. He goes to take a shower and puts on cartoons. She kicks at the remote and turns the volume way up. McBain knocks on the door and gets into it with Ronnie before Ronnie pushes him out and locks the door. Outside the door, McBain's phone rings and it is Anna. Inside the room Ronnie gives LuLu a last warning then leaves to go smooth things over at the front desk. He runs into Sam in the hallway. In the room, LuLu gets access to her cell phone and knocks down a lamp. Sam wants to check it out and Ronnie grabs her arm.

Anna and Luke are at Metro Court worrying about LuLu. She tries to get him to stop thinking the worst and tells him how easy it is to blame himself, then walks off. She is thinking about her last few hours with Robin, that maybe she could have saved her. He opens up about how he pushed Lucky away because he couldn’t deal with his pain. Anna thinks he underestimates Lucky, that he may come back when he deals with his grief. She then calls for backup to help with LuLu, but not the PCPD. She calls McBain. He shows up and Luke and Anna fill him in. McBain promises to go after Dimestico with everything he has. He uploads a picture and sees it is the guy from the hotel.

At his place, Johnny is happy to see Carly until she knees him in the groin before telling him about her smack down with Kate. He tells Carly that Kate is mentally ill, that the woman she saw with him was not really Kate but her split personality, Connie Falconari. She still doesn’t believe him until he says DID and she tells him about Kate’s paperwork. He explains Connie’s motives for breaking up Kate and Sonny and that he turned her down many times, but finally was too mad at Sonny. Johnny tells Carly he has real feelings for her but she tells him it is over. Carly leaves and he realizes his gun is gone.

Starr shows up at Sonny's place and asks to come in. She tells him that Johnny picked up her recording contract and he wonders she would trust Johnny when he is the killer. He understands she is grieving, but there are a lot of things she doesn't understand, like Johnny. She tells him that she knows he tried to kill Johnny over a simple misunderstanding, but Sonny tells her it was more than that, that is was personal. Starr pulls out a gun on Sonny and he asks where she got it. He warns her that Johnny is taking advantage of her pain. He tells her he will help her find the right person and that if she shoots him her life is over. But Starr informs him her life ended that night on the highway. She tells him they are going on a trip and forces him out the door.

Dante and McBain arrive at the hotel room with their guns drawn.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason is on a mission.

Michael runs to Starr.

Clues lead to the Haunted Star.

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