At home, Sonny leaves another message for Ewan. As he makes a drink, a bug is visibly planted under his bar. Michael comes in and wonders if Kate caused the accident. Sonny tells him about Kate cheating with Johnny. He tells him everything about finding them and that Kate admitted they had been sleeping together for months. Sonny knew something was off with Kate but didn't want to face it. He wonders if he ever really knew Kate. They hug it out and then Michael notices a wrapped present on Sonny's desk. It is the article about McBain's sister and he wonders why McBain would leave it. Sonny tells him McBain thinks he was responsible, but he is wrong. He tosses the article and asks if Michael has heard from Starr, but he doesn't know where she is. They hug again and Michael leaves.

At his place McBain is listening to the bug, and Sonny's conversation with Michael. He wants them to start talking about his sister's death and they finally do. He gets up to leave and his wife calls.

Sami is at home when Jason walks in. She asks if he is going to stay and he begins to fight with her again about how she did not turn to him. If she could change it she would, but she is glad he now knows. He is upset he didn’t hear it from her, rather from Elizabeth, and is still upset about her telling McBain. She turns on him when she finds out Jason told Elizabeth about what is going on between them. She decides the problem isn’t other people, it is them and his feelings about the baby. She asks him straight out if he will be able to love the child as if it were his own. He wants to but wonders if he will think of Franco every time he sees the baby. She tells him she is moving out so he can have the time he needs and will call him when she finds a place. She says she loves him as she walks out the door. When she is gone he remembers happier times.

At the hospital Olivia and Elizabeth talk about Dr. Keenan’s attack. Elizabeth went through his files and could not find a Connie, but Olivia tells her about Kate. Elizabeth reveals how Kate has been acting strange. Elizabeth wonders how far Connie would go. Olivia tells her about how Kate made a pass at Steve and how she slept with Johnny. Olivia encourages Elizabeth to look at his files to find out what was up with Kate and she agrees. They realize they need to find Kate. When Elizabeth worries about Johnny, Olivia tells her that Johnny has been harassing Steve. Elizabeth calls the police and they agree to let each other know of any changes.

Connie is leaving Kate’s office when she runs into Carly, so she taunts her about her fling with Johnny. She goes on and on about their intense sex life, then tells Carly that Johnny joked with her about how bad she was in bed. So Carly punches her in the face. She tells her she is going to wipe the floor with her skeevy ass and then they go crazy on each other, rolling around on the floor. Leonard breaks it up, but Carly grabs Kate's shrink paperwork that fell out of her purse. She asks her what a DID is and assures her she will find out and then leaves. While Kate is packing up the cops come in and she leaves quickly.

At home Johnny pulls out his gun when there is a knock on the door. It's Starr who wants to talk about Sonny. She wants to know from Johnny for sure that Sonny is guilty. Johnny explains to Starr that Sonny tried to kill him last night. She wants to know what he did to make Sonny come after him and he says it was only a simple misunderstanding. She wonders why he didn’t call the police and he tells her it is an unspoken code in their lifestyle. He goes on to explain to Starr he was born into the lifestyle, but Sonny chose it and has no conscience. She feels lost, that she has nothing and he encourages her to move on. But she knows he wouldn't be able to. He takes a call that informs him where Sonny is and when he turns around Starr is gone. There is a knock on the door and it is Carly.

Starr knocks on Sonny’s door with her hand on a gun in her purse.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam runs into trouble.

Dante and McBain team up.

Sonny has a tense moment, thanks to Starr.

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