Outside Sam's apartment, Carly tells Johnny to go to hell when he calls. She knocks on the door for Jason and when Sam advises her to ask Johnny for help, Carly tells her about Kate and Johnny sleeping together. Carly admits she did have feelings for Johnny and that Luke thinks she was trying to find a replacement for Jax. Today is their 5-year anniversary, and she was on her way to tell Johnny she was finally going to sign the divorce papers when she caught him with Kate. But she senses something is wrong with Sam and Jason. Sam explains she did everything for Jason out of love but only made everything worse. They share a moment and Sam thanks Carly before she leaves.

Jason finds Sonny at home and asks what happened at the party. Sonny fills Jason in about Johnny and Kate. Jason urges Sonny to believe Kate loves him, but Sonny thinks Kate wanted pay back. Jason doesn't think that is how Kate works though, and is sure something else must be going on. Jason explains how Ewan was trying to have Kate committed. Sonny changes the subject and wants to know about Jason. Jason tells Sonny the baby isn’t his and about the rape. Sonny encourages him to talk with Sam and Jason tells Sonny she has been confiding in McBain. They think he is working her because he is a cop. Sonny tells him he has to get past it but Jason isn't sure he can. Jason brings the conversation back to Kate. Sonny calls Ewan and leaves a message.

At Kate's office, Olivia presses Connie for the truth when Johnny walks in. Olivia goes off on Johnny about calling the police in Steve. She asks how he could compromise himself to the level of the person he is trying to take down, which is Sonny. She crumples the dollar Connie gave her and tells her she will never ask her for anything again before she stomps out. Johnny wants to talk to Kate but Connie lets him know she is unavailable. When he asks what happened to getting committed, she explains she persuaded the doc otherwise. Johnny is nervous about what they did but she is sure Sonny will never take Kate back again. She then tries to leave but he stops her. She threatens to cry rape if he doesn't leave and wishes him luck with Carly.

From his hospital bed, Ewan tells Elizabeth that Connie is the one who knocked him out. She presses for more info when he passes out and they stabilize him. Olivia rushes in and starts to tell Elizabeth about Steve, but Elizabeth tells her she heard from Heather, who just left. They meet at the nurse's station where Elizabeth explains to her about the attack on Ewan, someone named Connie.

At the hospital, Heather and Maggie are discussing Steve when Heather remembers Maggie knew where Steve was. She asks Maggie to write a letter to the Memphis police, but she is not sure it will do much good. Maggie leaves to check on Dr. Keenan and while she is gone another doctor comes up to the nurse’s station with a prescription strong enough to kill a patient. Maggie returns and Heather asks her to take her home, then snatches the pills.

At Heather's house, Maggie and her walk in. Olivia calls right when they enter and warns Heather not to leave. Maggie goes to leave but Heather wants to make amends. She tells Maggie she knows about what happened in Memphis and why Steve did it. She offers to make Maggie some tea and slips the pills in her drink. Heather reads to her about Maxie’s trial as she fades out. Heather shows her the pills before she passes out. Then she wipes them off and leaves a fake suicide note.

Maxie rises to be sentenced when Spinelli speaks up that he has info that will change everything. Maxie glares at him but he tells the judge Maxie is not guilty. Maxie pleads with her eyes for him to stop and he does. Sentencing continues when Felicia stands up and wants to take the blame for Maxie's actions. She wants to be sent to prison instead of Maxie but the judge dismisses it and wants to proceed. Maxie is sentenced to 20 years in jail without the possibility of parole. Matt encourages her to tell the truth but she says again she is guilty and ready to serve her sentence. Everyone breaks down and Spinelli tells her he loves her and is not giving up.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly and Connie get down and dirty.

Sam presses Jason.

Starr steals something from Johnny.

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