Jax pays Alexis a visit and she tells him about her custody battle with Ric. She brings him up to speed about how hard the chemo was on her, why she ended up smoking pot and how it came to be that Ric busted her. "Weed, reefer, dope, Maui wowi, wacky tobacco," she explains and Jax assures her that he knows what she means. Jax says that he won't let Ric get away with using that in order to get Molly. She tells him that Ric won't compromise, but Jax says there is always hope.

Sam sits with Lucky at his desk at the PCPD and learns that he and Elizabeth are going to be married. He tells her that he's surprised that she came back to him after getting hooked on pills and cheating on her. "Elizabeth has no right to judge you," Sam tells him. She clarifies that she's been unfairly judged, so she knows how that feels.

Elizabeth finds Jason on the waterfront and learns that Alan has died. Jason talks about how hard it must have been for Alan after his accident all those years ago when he lost his son and got an angry stranger in return. Jason says that Alan spent the rest of his life trying to make a connection with him and he didn't do anything about it. Jason laments that all Alan wanted was a connection or a visit and it wouldn't have cost him anything to do it. He goes on that Alan would've been so proud to learn that he's going to be a father. Liz tells Jason that she and Lucky are getting married. She explains that inside Lucky is the person he used to be and she can and does -- love him again. "What about our baby?" Jason asks. Liz says that she can't take the child away from Lucky. Jason wants what's best for his child, not for Lucky. Liz asks him to make the ultimate sacrifice so that the baby can be safe and loved and in a happy family. She asks him to let Lucky be the baby's father. She promises that Jason can be part of the baby's life much like he is with Michael. "Do you know how much it cost me to give up Michael?" he asks her. Liz reminds Jason that he told her that she should do what she thinks is best for her family. Then, she asks him to love his baby enough to let go. "If that's what you want, I told you I wouldn't fight you," Jason says. Liz thanks him and leaves.

Leslie Webber is shocked to open her door and see none other than Scotty Baldwin standing there. She hugs her "ex-favorite son-in-law" and invites him in. He starts to chit chat, and Leslie sees right through him and asks what he wants. So, Scotty asks her what Laura was like during her recovery. He wants to know if she laughed and if so, did her eyes sparkle like they always do? He also wants to know if she mentioned him. Before Leslie can answer, Luke brings Lulu home from the hospital and tells him to leave. Luke tells Scotty to stop keeping tabs on his family. Leslie says if Laura were here, she'd want them to get along. Scotty takes the high road and leaves, after commenting that Lulu looks just like her mother. After Lulu gets settled on the couch, Luke tells her that Leslie will take good care of her and that he needs to go be with Tracy. "Stay away from Scott Baldwin" are his parting words.

Carly is sitting with Michael and explaining about Alan's death and why even though he was his grandfather, he didn't spend time with him. "He was always really nice to me," Michael says.

Monica is sitting on the Q sofa, looking at old photo albums. Emily serves her some tea and learns that Jason sat up through the night with her listening to family stories. Monica tells Emily that Alan was proud of her for saving Robin's life, but she needs to have an HIV test. Emily says that she didn't break any skin and before they could talk about it any more, Tracy and Edward come into the room and want to start making funeral arrangements. Tracy says that Alan deserves a big sendoff for spending his life with Monica. Alice announces that Carly has arrived. She has come to say that Michael would like to come to the funeral and she thinks it would be a good thing for all involved. Edward agrees, but Tracy thinks it's a ridiculous idea since they kept Alan from his grandson during his life. Later on, Tracy finds Monica and asks her a favor. She asks her not to mention to Luke that Lulu has been investigating Rick Webber's death. For once, Monica agrees with her sister-in-law. She says that she wasted too much time on Rick Webber when the love of her life was right by her side.

Alexis pays a visit to the Quartermaines to express her condolences just as Ned arrives from New York. He is warmly greeted by the whole family, especially his mother. After hugging everyone, he ends up in Alexis's arms. Later, they get some time alone to catch up. He tells her that Brook Lyn is still singing and he's trying not to hover over her and let her grow up. He reflects that Alan understood about family and that nothing is more important than your kids. Alexis couldn't agree more.

Jax has arranged for Mayor Floyd and Ric to meet him at the PCPD. He tells them both that they will be out of a job if they don't drop Molly's custody fight and the drug charges against Alexis. Jax threatens to turn Alan's death into bad PR about the PCPD's inability to handle the hostage crisis. Jax points out that the press will be looking for a scapegoat and it could be either of them if they don't back off of Alexis. After Jax leaves, the mayor tells Ric that he is becoming a political liability.

Dillon takes Lulu some cookies. He says that food keeps arriving at the Q house and Cook can't stop baking because she's sad. Lulu tells Dillon that she thinks Scott Baldwin knows who killed Rick Webber, and for now, they won't let Luke know what they're working on.

Carly comes home and finds Jax talking to the Michael about death. She hears him saying that Alan wouldn't need Michael to cry. She enters the room, sends Michael upstairs and thanks Jax for helping. Then she just says what is on both of their minds, "Are you ever going to get past the fact that I slept with Sonny?" He doesn't answer, instead starts talking about Alexis and her problems. He draws a parallel that hatred is all that Alexis and Ric have left and that's not what he wants for himself and Carly. He says that he's not blameless in their current situation because he left her yet again, but what happens now? "I love you and I always will," Carly tells him.

Alexis comes home and finds Ric there. He offers her one last chance to sign over custody before the court decides to do it for her. "If you want to take an innocent child away from her mother with cancer, you're going to have to do it publicly." She goes on to explain that the public needs to know that he slept with his child's step-sister and then tried to kill her. Alexis wagers that they'll never make it to court because Ric loves himself far too much to be exposed.

Liz meets Lucky at Laura's house and agrees that they have lost of good memories there. He suggests that they raise their family there.

Jason finds Sam and tells her that he was too late to talk to Alan. He says that he's been focusing on the wrong things in life and needs to hold onto the people that he loves.


Jax tells Carly that they can't just pick up where they left off.

Edward tells Sonny that it's his fault that Alan didn't get to say goodbye to his son.

Lucky tries to convince Liz that they can be happy at his childhood home.