Carly and Sonny explain to their boys that in spite of the crisis that they endured together, they are going to divorce. After the boys are sent upstairs, Sonny pleads his case yet again. Carly begs him to let her go. Sonny says that over the last 24 hours, it became clear that she loved him. "We're in this life together," he states. She tells him that they slept together only because they were grateful that they survived. She says that her first priority -- after the boys -- is a marriage that really works. She tells him if the last 24 hours didn't bring them together for the long haul, nothing will. She tries to explain that they can always be close; she just doesn't want to go back to where they were. She explains that her pain comes from trying to live with him, and he cuts her off and says that his pain comes from living without her. The boys come downstairs and say their goodbyes to their dad so that they can go back to Carly's house. As Carly heads out the door, Sonny tells her that he does wish her well and wants her to be happy.

From her hospital bed, Liz calls Jason, but gets his machine. She looks to her doorway and sees that Lucky is standing there with flowers. He hasn't overhead what she has said to Jason, but says show grateful he is to Jason for finding herwhen he couldn't. Then, he tries to articulate how he became so confused over the past few years. He thinks it all began when she agreed to be the surrogate mother to Jax's baby. Liz lets him off the hook by saying that it was too much to ask of any man. Lucky tells her how grateful he is that she is safe and that she held onto their baby through it all. He tells her that asking her to marry him was too much pressure, and he promises to help her have her baby in peace. "This is me letting go," he explains that she's been through too much pain. He says he'll be around whenever she needs him, but he'll be okay. He says he is finally doing what's right for both of them. Tears are rolling down their cheeks as he tenderly kisses her goodbye. Soon after he leaves, Luke pays her a visit. He admits that he ran into Lucky; then asks Liz what she wants. She says that she doesn't want Lucky to hurt anymore. Luke says that forgiveness sets you free. He goes on to explain that when Laura truly, deeply forgave him, it made him a better man. He suggests that Lucky could stop hating himself if Liz would forgive him.

Down the hall, Emily and Monica are with Alan as he goes into full cardiac arrest. The code blue team comes in and tries to resuscitate him. Edward and Tracy come in and everybody starts to panic. Dr. Ford is able to get a pulse and then asks the Monica to speak to him in the hallway. He tells her that this is a temporary reprieve and Alan's heart can give out at any moment. He tells Monica that this patient is dying and that she owes it to the family to let them say their goodbyes. She asks him how much time Alan has and Ford says he's surprised that he's still alive. "He's waiting for our son." Sitting with Alan, Emily realizes that time is of the essence for her dad, so she goes to the nurse's desk and demands that someone page Jason again. Spinelli arrives and informs her that Jason isn't available. Emily begs him to go find Jason and tell him that their father needs him.

But Jason and Mr. Craig are still facing off at the Metro Court. The getaway helicopter is hovering outside and Craig says that one of them will die before this ends. In spite of the gunfire, Spinelli comes running into the room and tells Jason that Alan just had another heart attack. Jason tells him to get out of the building. Craig tells Jason that he only gets one father; he shouldn't waste any more time on their duel. Jason only hesitates a second before leaving and Craig yells after him that he made a wise choice.

Tracy tells Edward to talk Alan through the process of bouncing back. So, Edward goes to his bedside and gives it a go, although he's very frightened. Instead of talking to Alan, Edward starts talking to Lila. He tells her that their son always looks to her for comfort, not him. He asks her to make everything bettersomehow. Alan squeezes Edward's hand, so he runs to get Monica. Monica talks to Alan; she tells him that no one has ever made her feel more like a woman, even after her mastectomy. She tells him that they have had "one hell of a love affair."

Lucky goes back to Laura's house and hangs out on the front porch. He pulls out his wedding photo and holds it in his hand. As he's sitting there, Liz shows up. She's been released and wanted to see if her heart was right that he'd be there. She tells him that she saw a little of the old Lucky today. She tells him not to give up on his dreamsor her. She explains that Luke helped her to realize that somewhere inside Lucky is still the boy that she's loved since she was 15 years old. She says that she wants them to learn from their mistakes and to trust each other. She wants to forgive him and ask for his forgiveness in return. "And then I want us to get marriedif you still want me." Lucky is tearfully relieved as he takes her in his arms.

As Monica, Tracy and Edward talking outside of Alan's door, Emily sites inside with her dad. She is begging him to wake up. She tells him that he's the only father she's ever known. She recalls how sad and alone she felt when he first adopted her, and how he was able to turn things around for her. She leaves and room and joins Edward who takes her in his arms and tells her to run as fast as she canaway from him (because of the the kind of man that he's become). Meanwhile, Tracy is yelling at Monica for giving up on Alan. Edward tells Tracy that they should follow Monica's advice and prepare for the inevitable.

Carly gets her boys home and sits on the couch to snuggle up with them. A delivery guy brings flowers and the card says, "I'm sorry for all of this, but you'll always have my heart." Then there's a knock at the door and she assumes it's Sonny. She opens the door and tells him that just because they had sex.oh-uh it's Jax!

Jason comes racing into Alan's room and finds Emily crying by their father's side. She just looks at Jason and shakes her head. She leaves Jason with Alan and goes to find the family. Jason tearfully closes the door to be alone with Alan and says, "I'm sorry."


As Carly throws herself into Jax's arms he asks if she slept with Sonny.

Lucky promises to love Cameron and his new baby will all of his heart.

Jason tearfully says to his (dead) father, "I didn't make it in timewhen you needed me, I wasn't here."