In bed, Carly dreams of the hostage crisis. Sonny assures her they are both safe now then leaves to make breakfast. Downstairs, Carly picks up the phone to find out how the clean up efforts are going. Jax's engagement ring was in the vault and she wants it back! Sonny comes in with French toast and Carly stuns him. "Nothing has changed, Sonny, Im going to get a divorce." Sonny can't believe what he is hearing - they love each other! Carly tells him it is because of their love that they need to step back. "We work well in a crisis," she says. "But when the crisis is over we fail miserably!" Sonny tells her things can be different, but Carly believes Jax is her future. "He is in here," she says, covering her heart, "in a way that you can't be in here any more." Sonny tries to convince her that she is wrong. They are soul mates, he tells her. Bobbie brings the boys in, then leaves. The boys are excited to be back home, but Carly puts a damper on things when she tells them they are moving out - today!

In her hospital room, Scotty tells Lulu he is in town to see her mother. She explains that Laura is at Shady Brook but Scotty already knows that. He asks Lulu how Laura was when she came back and asks if Laura said anything about Rick Webber. Skye arrives, annoyed to find Scotty talking to Lulu. "You left me for dead in a burning hotel," she exclaims and tells Lulu he should be avoided. She tells Lulu not to believe the rumors that will circulate about her involvement in the hostage crisis. As she leaves, Scotty tries to convince Lulu that the problems between Luke and Laura were not his fault. Alone again, Lulu asks her own questions of Scotty - she wants to know what Laura was like before Luke! Tracy arrives and orders Scotty to leave! "Don't you have an ambulance to chase?" she asks. Annoyed, Tracy asks if Luke knows he is there. Lulu watches, wondering what is going on between them. Tracy starts counting and Scotty leaves, with one parting shot. "You're no Laura," he says. Tracy warns Lulu that Scotty will use her to get to Luke. "Don't get in the middle," she says. A few minutes later, Spinelli arrives, and Lulu tells him about Scotty's visit. Lulu wonders why Scotty is visiting now and comes up with a reason: he knows who really killed Rick Webber!

In her hospital room, Sam is confused about "the truth" that Liz keeps talking about. Realizing that Jason hasn't told her about the baby, Liz tries to backtrack. She says Lucky proposed but she couldn't say yes. More confused than ever, Sam wonders why Liz can't forgive Lucky. "There is nothing standing in the way to you raising your child with the man you love," she says, and tells Liz that she would give anything to have the same with Jason. Liz is stunned when Sam reveals that she can't have kids - ever! She goes through their options, deciding that none of them are possible. With their pasts, she and Jason can't adopt; he wouldn't be interested in surrogacy options, either. Sam leaves and alone Liz wonders what she and Jason should do now.

In the hallway, Sam bumps into Edward who is in a forgiving mood. He tells Sam how sorry he is for how he has acted toward both Tracy and Alan. "In the end there is nothing more important than our children," he says. Uncomfortable, Sam tries to leave. Edward stops her, telling her he wasn't trying to gain an heir from her. He only wanted her to think about things. Sam tells him she is just tired. "Take some credit for your courage," Edward says as a news report comes on, hailing Sam as a hero.

In his hospital room, Alan asks for Jason again. He needs to speak with him and asks Monica to call him. "I don't want to mourn the son I lost anymore. I want to have a relationship with the man he is now," Alan says. Monica and Emily agree to find Jason for him. Outside, Emily bumps into Spinelli who tells her Jason is on a mission! Emily explains to Monica that Jason isn't at the hospital any longer. They hope he will return soon. Tracy arrives and heads inside. "If you're milking this to get Daddy's sympathy. . ." she says, and then smiles. "You scared the hell out of him and me!" she exlaims. With tears in her eyes, Tracy tells Alan that the whole family will be lost without him. Alan says not to worry - he'll be around to torture her for years! Edward comes in, promising a diet of bland, boring food for the rest of Alan's life. "You're a man filled with love and courage," Edward tells him emotionally. He tells Alan he is proud of him and smiles. Skye arrives and Monica grudgingly lets her in; Edward tries to head her off but Alan tells him to stop. Seeing he isn't getting anywhere, Edward leaves. Skye sits down, wondering why Alan is still talking to her. "How do you love me in spite of all the things I've done?" Skye asks. Alan tells her she is his family, as much as Emily, Jason an AJ are. Skye vows to stand by Alan throughout his recovery. She kisses him as Monica comes back in the room and then leaves. Weak, Alan asks Monica not to shut Skye out. Talking about their pasts, Monica tells him he is the love of her life. "Marrying you - both times - is the smartest thing I ever did," she says. Emily comes in, telling them Jason is on the way. Alan begins to have trouble breathing and Monica calls for a crash cart!

In a corridor, Jason tells Spinelli to stay away from the hotel. This is something he has to do alone! At the hotel, Craig tries to hide from rescue workers. When a few workers leave the area, he goes inside to begin searching for the PDA. Jason arrives and has Craig under the gun for a moment, but the goon gets away when more debris begins to fall! Following him into a stairwell, Jason and Craig exchange shots. Jason sneaks around a corner, trying to get to Craig. He takes a shot but misses! Craig starts talking to Jason and the more he says, the angrier Jason gets. They exchange shots again and both miss. Craig tells Jason to let him go - or he'll be sorry! Jason charges up the steps. Fighting their way back to the lobby, Craig offers Jason money to let him leave but Jason doesn't buy it. "Don't you have any better place to be?" Craig asks. Jason won't leave but as Craig continues talking, he doubts his resolve and begins thinking of Alan.

Next on General Hospital:

Doctors work to save Alan's life; Jason is in a gunfight with Craig. Lucky overhears Liz on the phone to Jason. Jax is back!