On the docks, Lucky tells Mr. Craig he would rather be dead and with his family than alive without them. He lurches toward Craig, who fires his gun! Another cop pushes Lucky out of the way just in time. Craig gets away and Lucky explodes in anger, wishing he was dead! The officer calls in to give Craig's last known position and they are told that Elizabeth has been found! Lucky hustles back to the rubble and a nurse tells him Liz and the baby appeared to be fine before they left for the hospital.

Medics take Liz to the hospital and she tells them she has been cramping. They roll her away, leaving Sam and Jason alone. He asks Sam to put him on the list for treatment but first he needs to see Alan. Outside Alan's room, Monica updates him on Alan's condition. Jason asks if he can sit with Alan for a while, but Monica suggests he get treated first. "I don't want him to wake up and see you like this," she says. Confused about what to do, Jason leaves. He finds Sam, who leads him into a treatment room. Before he can say anything, she interrupts. She tells him about her OB-GYN appointment. "We can't get pregnant after all," she says with tears in her eyes. Jason is stunned by the news. Sam explains that her uterus is scarred and Jason blames himself because some of the scarring is from when she was shot. They are interrupted by reporter who want to talk to Sam about her heroic actions at the Metro Court.

Alone in her hospital room, Liz talks things over with the baby and comes to a decision. It's time to tell Lucky the truth. Lucky's cop friend comes in, telling Liz about the incident on the dock. "He thought you were dead and he wasn't going to live without you," he tells her. Liz is more conflicted than ever when Lucky comes in the room but she tries to tell him the truth, only to be interrupted by Lucky. He puts his hand on her belly and tells her that she and the baby gave him a reason to hold on. "I'll never risk our love, our family again," he says. Jason comes by, watching the two of them from outside the room and then leaves. A few minutes later Lucky leaves and Sam arrives. "I tried to tell Lucky the truth but I just couldn't," Liz tells her. Curious, Sam wonders what the truth is.

At Maxie's, Cutie-Pie goon asks for her help but Maxie freaks out. He has to leave - now! Her father is the chief of police and he can't find them together. "Maybe it's time I start learning from my mistakes," she says. She doesn't even know his name. Cutie-Pie introduces himself: he is Coop. Georgie calls from outside and Maxie makes Coop hide. When Georgie tells her Robin is out of surgery, the two head to the hospital. Once there, Georgie, Maxie and Mac are excited to see her in recovery. Mac teases her that from now on if she isn't at the hospital she should be at home - no more going out! Robin asks how Maxie is. "I'm just glad it's over," she says. Alone once more, Patrick and Robin kiss and talk about the future. She has something to say - it's time for an apology. She is sorry for threatening to break up with him over an HIV test when she didn't even want to take a six-month retest a few weeks ago. Patrick surprises her, saying he didn't take the HIV test. He was waiting for her! A nurse comes in to draw blood for the test. Patrick reassures Robin that everything will be okay, as long as he has her!

Back at Maxie's, Coop waits alone. Maxie returns with food for him, telling him she has had a change of heart. "I think you should stay here," she says. If he stays he will be able to hide in plain sight. When they were locked in the vault, he could have left her to die but he didn't. Now she is going to try to save his life!

In the waiting room, Tracy and Luke argue over Lulu's suitors. Tracy thinks they are all unsuitable, but Luke won't make a decision. A doctor comes out, telling them Lulu came through surgery fine. All three boys want to see her and Luke tells them all to back off. No one is going to see Lulu - except him! Entering Lulu's room, Luke sees she is awake but woozy. Luke tells her about Dillon, Spinelli and Milo arguing over her in the waiting room. Lulu can't believe it. Luke goes back to let Tracy know Lulu is fine. Spinelli takes off to see her, but they stop Dillon and Milo. Dillon has a huge responsibility to Lulu and Milo is just a goon, according to Luke. Both should just leave her alone for a while.

In Lulu's room, Spinelli apologizes for not keeping her away from the blast but Lulu tells him it was her own fault. "Did I ever thank you for risking your life to save mine?" she asks. Before he can answer, Jason arrives, asking Spinelli to come outside with him. Jason needs Spinelli to track and find Mr. Craig! "Can't the cops handle this?" Spinelli asks. Jason doesn't care what the cops do; he is going to handle Craig! Walking through the hospital, Spinelli tells Jason about the PDA and the possibility of tracking him through the device. Jason stops briefly outside Alan's room but rather than going inside, he heads out of the hospital.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Craig slips into a medical worker's jacket! He opens a body bag and pulls #6's PDA from her pocket.

Dillon arrives at Lulu's room, followed a few minutes later by Milo. He offers to help Lulu with her physical therapy and Dillon interrupts. "If anyone is going to help Lulu with her physical therapy it's going to be me," he says. Milo smirks at him, telling him he doesn't look like he knows how to work out. Dillon grasps Lulu's hands, telling her he wants to renew their old bond. From the doorway, Georgie says,"Please, don't let me interrupt," and quickly leaves the room! Dillon follows and then Milo leaves. A few minutes later, Scotty arrives. He needs to talk to Lulu, if she'll let him!

In the all, Georgie tries to let Dillon out of their marriage. "I am not the nerd you fell in love with at Kelly's," she says. "We've changed." Georgie tells him he has to let go - and so does she! Dillon struggles for a moment before telling Georgie he loves her. "But?" she asks. "But," he says, "You're right. We're over." Georgie turns and walks away.