In the elevator, Liz turns down Jason's proposal -because of Lucky and Sam! "This child won't be better off if we are married," Liz says. She says she wants to marry Jason, but doesn't believe their lives fit together any longer. Those old feelings are only a dream! The elevator shaft opens and a rescue worker talks to them. They give their names and ask that their loved ones be notified. The worker tells them to hold on, it will take a while but they'll be freed soon! Liz and Jason sit down to wait and Jason isn't done asking questions. "Will you let me see the baby? Will he or she have my name?" he wonders. Jason tells her he won't take her to court, but he wants to provide for the baby. Liz, on the other hand, is worried about how Sam and Lucky will react to the news and wonders if they should keep things quiet for now. "The lies are going to make everything worse," Jason tells her, but Liz isn't convinced. She believes Lucky will revert to using when he finds out because he has built his new life around the baby. She can't take that away from him! Jason interrupts her, telling her that he can't keep the news from Sam, upsetting Liz. She'll have to tell Lucky now! The rescue worker yells down that the shaft is cleared but the debris on top is still unstable. They will have to take them out one at a time! Jason tells them to take Liz first.

Outside Alan's hospital room, Monica worries about his health. She tells Nikolas that one more attack could kill him! Tracy comes by, wanting to go inside but Monica heads her off. Tracy tells her not to worry. "I want him alive as much as you do," she says. Skye arrives, wanting to see Alan and both women turn on her. "How dare you show your face," Monica says. Inside, Alan asks Emily where Jason is. She tries to distract him with stories of her childhood and tells Alan he is her hero. Emily hears the raised voices outside and goes to check on things. Skye tries to defend herself, telling them she had no idea what was going on in the hotel. Monica and Tracy storm off, telling Skye to stay away from Alan. Emotional, Skye watches through the glass and asks Emily if she can go in. Without the other women there, Emily okays the visit. Nikolas returns, telling Emily that Jason and Liz have been found and are okay. She goes inside to hear Skye confessing her involvement to Alan. "I never meant to hurt you, Alan," she says. He tells her she isn't at fault and forgives her.

Outside the hotel, Luke yells for help for Lulu. Lucky rushes over with a doctor. An artery in her leg has been severed, the doctor says, but she will be okay. The team take her to the hospital and once there Lulu briefly wakes up. "I knew you'd find me," she tells Luke. Tracy meets Luke and Lulu as they are brought in and apologizes to Luke for not believing he would find Lulu. The medics wheel Lulu away to continue working on her. Together, Tracy offers Luke a deal: next time he decides to quit on something she will remind him of this and not let him give up! Spinelli arrives, goofily talking to Luke, The Father Of The Blonde One. Tracy tells Luke that Spinelli is a bad influence and advises him to keep Spinelli away from Lulu. Dillon and Michael arrive and the three begin arguing over who should be with Lulu. "Enough!" Tracy yells and orders Luke to order the boys to leave! Before Luke can say anything, the boys start arguing again. Finally Luke speaks up, telling the boys who Lulu dates is her choice!

Outside the hotel, Lucky and Sam are again turned away from going inside. Sam tries to calm Lucky, telling him it's only been a couple of hours but Lucky is too worried to listen. An officer comes over, telling Lucky they found someone fitting Craig's description. Grabbing his gun, Lucky takes off! On the dock, Lucky is surprised by Craig who hits him over the head with a crowbar and takes his gun! Holding him at gunpoint, Craig tells Lucky he stepped over Liz's body as he left the hotel. She's dead! "You better put that bullet through my heart - or I'm going to break your neck," Lucky says.

Back at the hotel, an officer comes to tell Sam about finding Jason and Liz in the elevator shaft. A reporter comes over to interview Sam - the heroine! "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time," she tells him. As the workers bring Liz out, Sam comes over to talk to her. She tells Sam that Jason was fine when she left. A nurse checks the baby, who is fine, and seconds later Jason comes outside. Sam hugs him, but he can't stop looking at Liz!

Sonny and Carly arrive home, relieved to be alive. She cries in his arms. Bobbie calls, telling Carly the kids are fine. Carly hangs up, relieved for her children but worried about Jason. Sonny assures her Jason will be fine. Carly isn't sure; if Jason were trying to save someone he may have been hurt! "Jason is fine," Sonny says. Crying, Carly leaves to get cleaned up. Sonny gets a call that they have found Jason and tells Carly through the bathroom door. She invites him in and is annoyed to learn Elizabeth was with him in the elevator car. Sonny sees the bruises on Carly's shoulder and begins to bathe her. Gazing at one another, Sonny kisses her passionately! "I've missed you," he whispers. Emotional, Carly pulls away and asks him to go. Sonny is surprised but does as she wishes. Out of the bath, Carly knocks on Sonny's door. She kisses him and they make love.

At her apartment, Maxie gets in bed. Cutie-Pie goon comes out of her closet - asking for help!

Next on General Hospital:

Craig shoots Lucky. Liz decides to tell Lucky the truth; how will Sam react to Jason's news?