Trapped in the elevator, Jason questions Elizabeth, believing she is in shock. She tells him about the paternity test and says, "This is your baby." Jason can't believe what he is hearing. How could she keep this a secret? Liz explains that Sonny jumped to the wrong conclusion - and she let him. Later, when she went to see Jason, she wanted to tell him the truth but he already thought it was Lucky, too. "I honestly believed it would be better if you never knew," she says. She tells him she actually told him the truth when he was shot in the chapel but he didn't hear her, and when he asked her later she just couldn't tell him. She couldn't tell Lucky, either, because she was afraid he would go back to the pills. Jason can't imagine telling Sam about the baby anymore than Liz can imagine telling Lucky, but he believes he has to. "I want our child, more than anything," Jason says. Hearing noise from outside, Jason begins yelling for help again but no one comes. Reminding her that he asked her to marry him in the fall, Jason asks if she has thought about that any more. Liz tries to slow him down - this is all happening too fast! "This baby changes everything," he says and tells her when he asked her to marry him he meant it. They can make this work! "Just marry me," he says.

In another room, Sonny and Mr. Craig recover from the newly fallen rubble at the same time. Pointing guns at one another, they are at a standoff. "Give me the briefcase and it will all be over," Mr. Craig says! Sonny holds Carly close to him; she still has the case. More rubble falls, pushing Mr. Craig down. Carly wants to help him, but Sonny tells her no - they have to get out!

Outside, Sam brings a blanket to Alexis and tries to get her to go home but she won't leave. Ric tries to convince her, too, but Alexis won't listen. "Why don't you go help somebody else?" she asks. Sam tries to calm them both down as Sonny and Carly come outside. Alexis gives her blanket to Carly as Sam asks about Jason. She worries when she hears that he hasn't been seen yet. Sonny describes the hostage takers to Ric and Alexis as Skye eavesdrops. Worried, Skye watches him turn the briefcase over to Ric! They tell Ric the code, but before he can use their code, Skye tells them they are wrong - and gives them a code from Alcazar! Ric isn't sure if he should believe Sonny or Skye but eventually sides with Skye. Sonny can't believe that his brother is siding with Alcazar and leaves. Ric tries Skye's code and the case opens - but the information inside is destroyed!

Outside the debris, Mac tells Lucky to stay outside and let the rescue crews do their work. Angry, Lucky tells him he has to get inside to find Elizabeth, but Mac won't listen. Nikolas is caring for Emily when a worker tells him there has been another collapse. He tries to go back in but they won't let him. Lucky comes over, angry that the workers won't let him back inside but Nikolas calms him down somewhat. A doctor clears Emily and Nikolas to leave and Lucky tells Mac they are reinforcing the building. He should go back in now to find Liz. Mac and another rescue worker won't allow it, telling Lucky that the building is still too unstable for anyone else to go in!

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin are interrupted by a nurse, coming to check on her. She tells them they are taking the most critical patients from the hotel blast before they will operate on Robin again. Not worried, Robin says she can wait. Patrick kisses her. Emily and Nikolas arrive to check on her. "My personal rescue squad," Robin says emotionally, wondering how she can ever thank them enough. Emily tells her to just get better. The doctors come in to begin prepping Robin for surgery. Before leaving, Robin asks Patrick for a favor - while she is in surgery, will he go to the lab for an HIV test? "I'll take the test, I'll go to the chapel to say a prayer and I'll paint the kitchen that awful yellow," he says. "You're my hero," Robin says as they wheel her away.

In his hospital room, Tracy tells Alan that hostage situation is over and the kids are okay. "Anyone seen Jason?" he asks but she doesn't answer. A few minutes later Monica comes in to find him alone. She tells him about Robin and that Emily and Dillon are fine. Alan tells her she is the only woman he has ever loved. "You never quit on me no matter what," he says, believing Monica's will kept him alive in the operating room. Emily and Nikolas come in the room and Monica leads them into the hall before Alan can see them. Emily explains that no one has heard from Jason but they know he was inside when the blast happened. Monica asks her to keep that from Alan, but allows Emily to go inside. Alan's first question is about Jason.

Inside the rubble, Spinelli is trying to find Lulu. He knows she was right behind him at one point but can't find her now. The rescue workers find him and pull him out against his will! Outside, they try to understand what he is saying but can't understand his weird code. Dillon comes over and Spinelli explains to him that Lulu was behind him and then she was gone! Worried, Dillon asks where they were the last time he saw Lulu but Spinelli doesn't know. He had her hand in his before the blast but when he woke up she wasn't there! Inside the rubble, Luke continues searching. He describes Lulu to rescue workers, but they don't recognize her description. One of them tells him to leave but he refuses and keeps looking. Seeing a hand in the rubble, Luke begins to dig! He uncovers a victim. It isn't Lulu and he keeps looking. "Lulu! Answer me!" he yells. Coughing from the dust and debris in the air, Luke is running out of strength. He asks Laura to help him find her. In the corner of the room, he sees an arm in the rubble and begins to dig again. It's Lulu! "Daddy's here," he tells her unconscious form. She is bleeding heavily and Luke carries her from the building.

Next on General Hospital:

Will Liz accept Jason's proposal? Sonny and Carly find their way back to one another. Doctors begin working to save Lulu's life.