At the hospital, Monica cares for Alan, who had made it through surgery. Alan asks to see his family and Monica assures him they will be there soon. Tracy arrives and pulls Monica away to tell her about the explosion. The rescue workers are just beginning to pull people from the rubble, and she doesn't know anything more. Back inside, Alan asks Monica what happened at the hotel, but she won't tell him there was an explosion. In shock, Alan recalls what happened while he was still inside. Why didn't Jason come, he wonders? Why did Jason stay away? Monica promises to get him through the ordeal as he continues asking for his children. "I wish things could have been different between us," he says.

Inside the rubble, Maxie tries to disguise one of the hostage takers! None of the other hostages saw his face. He could be free! "Why are you doing this for me?" he asks. Maxie tells him it's because he didn't shoot her. Rescue workers arrive and take them both outside. Meanwhile Luke, still handcuffed to the drain pipe, begs Alexis to get a key. He has to get to Lulu! Alexis leaves him to get help and Dillon arrives. Luke is nearly hysterical at not being able to go inside to search for Lulu and convinces Dillon to free him. Finally free, Luke confronts Mac who still won't let him inside. Maxie comes outside, distracting Mac long enough for Luke to get inside. From the corner of her eye, Maxie watches her captor go free.

Nikolas wakes outside the hotel and sees the destruction. "She was right behind me," he yells as Mac and several police officers try to hold him back. He needs to get inside to Emily! Alexis and Sam try to calm Nikolas down, to keep him from going back inside. Inside the rubble, Lucky finds Emily but she is trapped. Another worker tells him to get his own wound cared for, and works to free Emily. Lucky leaves and sees Nikolas outside. He tells them he found Emily and as he does, she comes outside!

Patrick pulls Robin outside, but can't tell how badly she is hurt. They arrive at the hospital as Robin wakes up. He holds her hand asking how she feels. Robin tells him she is grateful to be out of the hotel. She knows he talked them through her surgery. He saved her life, that means he owns a part of her now! Patrick kisses her hand.

Sonny pulls Carly from the rubble but she is unconscious. As he begins calling for a medic, she wakes and tells him she loves him. Worried about her friends, Carly asks how everyone is and wants to begin searching. Sonny tells her not to look. They need to get out of there! Across the room, Mr. Craig wakes from the blast, pinned under some debris. The briefcase is beside him and he begins trying to open it! A red light begins to flash and he tries to push himself free of the wreckage. As Sonny leads Carly away, he hears Mr. Craig free himself - and shoots him! Mr. Craig is wearing a bullet proof vest and isn't injured. Sonny tells Carly to grab the case and go, but she won't leave him. The rescue workers are trying to reinforce the building, but mistakenly move a support beam! Sonny pushes Carly away from the newly falling debris and ducks!

Skye arrives at the hotel, awed at the destruction. She talks to Ric who recounts to her who has gotten out so far. "What about Mr. Craig?" she asks.

In an elevator, Jason and Liz are trapped. He tries to get the elevator moving or the phone to work but can't. "There is no telling how long it will take them to dig us out," he says. Liz wants to know how he found her, but Jason isn't sure. Elizabeth begins to cry, remembering how many others were still in the lobby and worried about who may have been killed. Jason tries to calm her, worried about the baby. She assures him she feels fine. He tries yelling to let any workers know where they are but no one yells back. Jason explains how he and Spinelli worked to try to free the hostages. "I waited too long," he says. Elizabeth can't believe what she is hearing. Does he think he did something wrong? Jason ignores her question and tries to think his way out of the elevator. Elizabeth can't believe that he blames himself for the blast. She stops talking abruptly, as the baby starts kicking. Taking his hand, Liz allows him to feel the kicks. Crying, Elizabeth tells him Lucky isn't the father. "You are," she says!

Next on General Hospital:

Jason reacts to the Liz's revelation; Luke searches for Lulu inside as Nikolas tries to get back inside to search for survivors.