Lorenzo can't bring himself to answer his double secret cell phone. Skye tells him that this is no time to be insecure; all of their lives are on the line. He shores himself up and sounds a little like his old self as he answers it. He assures his contact that everything is going as planned and hangs up. Skye wrestles with her conscience. On one hand, she wants Craig to get caught and pay for what he's done to everyone. One the other, her new little family has a chance if Craig gets way with the shipment. Lorenzo tells her that in order for Craig to get away, the hostages would all have to die.

Carly and Sonny are still alone in their own room. She is confident, now, that the code spells Sophie. Sonny tells Carly that he plans to give the code in exchange for her release, but she wants them both to live. Craig comes in to get them and Sonny lays down his conditions. The code for Carly's life. Craig drags them out to join everyone else in the lobby where it's very tense because Father Mateo has just killed one of the goons. Sam jumps up and tells Mateo that he's the same cold-blooded killer that Manny was. The female goon decides to handle things and she shoots Mateo and he falls to the ground.

Everyone outside has heard the gunshot. Luke is losing patience, but Ric contends that it could've just been a warning shot. Lucky tries to get Luke to calm down, and Ric tells Mac to have Luke put under (another!) arrest before they storm the hotel. Mac sides with Ric because he knows Luke won't stay on the sidelines. As Luke is being dragged off by Detective Rodriguez, he yells that Mac doesn't have the guts go in and save Maxi and Robin. Patrick is pushing Mac to set up a triage for immediate medical help once they get the hostages out. As it turns out, Dr. Ford has already begun to set one up.

In the lobby, Emily tries to rush over to see if Mateo needs help, but Craig makes her return to patient Scorpio. Instead, he assigns Liz, Sam and Max to see about the priest. Turns out he's alive, but bleeding badly. He is able to speak and says that no one should help him because he has to pay for his and his brother's sins.

Craig walks over to the computer for an update from Spinelli and is impressed to learn that the vault is now set to open in 30 minutes. Craig announces to the crowd that thanks to Mr. Corinthos and the Jackal, their little gathering will come to an end in a matter of minutes.
Spinelli is worried that he did the right thing by helping Craig. As he's debating what the possible outcomes might be, Lulu pulls Laura's engagement ring from out of her bra. She tells him that if facing one's death doesn't qualify as a special occasion, she doesn't know what does, as she slips the ring on her finger in order to feel closer to her mother.

A few feet away, Emily offers Robin more vodka for the pain, but Robin doesn't feel anything. Nikolas tells Emily that they need to come up with an escape plan right now or they won't be around for Spencer's first birthday.

Inside the steamy vault, the cutie-pie goon tells Maxi that the vault will open in about an hour. Maxi wants them both to run for it when the vault opens. He says that Craig is going to blow up the lobby and everyone in at as soon as he has the briefcase. "You'll actually help him do that?" She tries to get him to see the other hostages as people. She explains that Liz is pregnant, that Sam wants a baby, that Nikolas just got his son back from a kidnapper. She talks about the real value that Robin's life has as a doctor. He says it wasn't supposed to turn out like this, but he has a job to do.

Outside the cops are making their plan. They are going to cut the electricity 15 minutes before the vault opens and then fill the Metro Court with tear gas before they storm the building. Patrick tries to get Mac to let him go in after Robin. He says that it's going to be chaos when the vault opens, who's going to carry Robin? Alexis has checked herself out of the hospital and come to talk to Ric about what's going on. He's mad that she's there and she proves his point by nearly collapsing.

A few feet away, Luke is handcuffed to a pipe near the triage station. He's already tried to talk Patrick into setting him free and now is striking up a conversation with Epiphany with the same goal in mind. Instead she yells more loudly than ever before that she's not a cop and Luke needs to keep his mouth shut. She threatens to sedate him. Ric escorts Alexis over to the triage area where Dr. Ford is furious at her for risking her infection by leaving the hospital. She tells him that his wife would've done the same thing and he can't disagree. Luke gets Alexis's (whom he calls "Natasha") attention and asks her for a hair pin to pick the lock on the handcuffs. He asks if she trusts the hostages' lives to Ric or to him? She's about to help him, but gets busted by Epiphany.

Inside, Craig is explaining the new situation to everyone. He says that Spinelli is going to surprise the cops by opening the vault early. And then, Sonny will provide the code to the brief case. He surmises that some of the hostages could possibly survive the bomb blast that he's planning, but none of them will live through a shot in the head if it turns out that Sonny is lying about the code. As Craig, Lulu and Spinelli walk toward the vault, Jason is able to slip Sam a gun and tell her to wait for his signal. Nikolas tells Emily to stick close behind him -- he's going to pick Robin up and run.

Back at the vault, Craig is duly impressed when Spinelli opens the vault. Inside the cute goon scrambles and is able to put his mask on before Craig can see how comfy he's gotten in the last 12 hours. Craig sees him, apologizes for the lock down and asks him to hand over the case. Once he realizes that it is indeed an equinox case, he announces that it's time to go put the squeeze on Sonny.

Everyone is in the lobby now as Craig demands the last numbers. Sonny changes his conditions and says that everybody goes free before he gives it. Craig is not pleased that he changed the deal, so he orders the chick goon to kill Carly if Sonny doesn't cooperate. Sonny says that if Carly is killed his motivation is gone because he'd rather die with everybody else than help Craig get away. Realizing that Sonny isn't bluffing, Craig offers the original deal only -- the code for Carly's freedom. Sonny gives the code, 767443. As Craig punches in each number, Sam is keeping a watchful eye on Jason. The brief case clicks open and a happy Craig tells Carly that she's free to go. She exchanges a "goodbye" look with Sonny, turns to Craig and says, "No thanks."

Meanwhile Sam been able to sneak away and has slip out of the 2nd story window. As the cops start to see her, the power inside the Metro Courts is cut off, as previously scheduled. Sam jumps to the ground, pulls off her mask and yells to the cops that the lobby is wired to explode and to get everyone out.

Inside, Craig yells, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been emotional" and then all hell breaks loose. The cops storm the building as tear gas fills the air. Goon Jason struggles with Craig, who is ordering Cutie Pie Goon to push the bomb detonator. Maxi is trying to convince him not to do it! Elizabeth is huddled on the ground and is scooped up by Goon Jason. Lulu makes a run for it, Sonny covers Carly and the Cutie Pie Goon covers Maxi as the bomb goes off!

Meanwhile outside, Alexis and Ric watch the scene unfold and reach out for each other. Nikolas has carried Robin out and as he hands her over to Patrick they hear gunshots from within the building. Nicolas remembers Emily and runs toward the building just in time for it to explode.

Next on GH:

Luke begs to be set free so that he can find Lulu.

Nikolas crawls through the rubble looking for Emily.

Carly, Sonny and the others are unconscious amidst the charred debris.