"2 hours. 3 a.m."

In the lobby, Carly tells Sonny that she can't think about their future in the middle of a lobby full of explosives. A few feet away, Sam tells Elizabeth that one of the guards is Jason. Mr. Craig hears them murmuring wants to know what has the two of them so captivated? He tells Sam that she already has 8 demerits. Since she doesn't know what he's talking about, he addresses everyone and tells them that he's been keeping a system of marks for bad behavior. If anyone gets 10 demerits, they die. He asks if anyone can recall how the lobby is wired. When Emily can recite his description from earlier, Craig gives her 2 credits and a kiss on the head for becoming the teacher's pet.

Over at the front desk, Spinelli is working away on the computer, trying to get the vault open early as directed. WHile he's working, he's trying to keep Lulu calm. Nearby, goon-faced Jason has positioned himself to stand guard behind Sonny and Carly, and then whispers that Luke gave Craig the wrong code, but the first three numbers are 767. Sonny does his very best ventriloquist impersonation and whispers back, "Get Carly outta here." Then he quietly asks Carly if those numbers meant anything to Lorenzo.

Mr. Craig decides to separate Sonny and Carly from the rest one more time. He ties them back to back in the other room so they can say their goodbyes. Sonny tells Craig that he's the one who can help him open the briefcase because the numbers that Luke gave won't work. Craig doesn't believe him and leaves the room. Sonny tells Carly to start thinking about the things Lorenzo talked about when they were married. Was there a plane, a yacht, anything with "767"? Insisting that she knows nothing, she uses her foot to pull a desk phone to the floor in hopes that it's not been cut off. As she does it, Sonny ponders, "What if the numbers aren't really numbers. What if they're letters?"

It's like a sauna inside the vault and Maxi and cute Goon #3 are both sweating. He gives her a little present; he found an antique hand fan inside one of the safety deposit boxes and gives it to her. She says if they survive that she's going straight to Cancun for a vacation, and then asks what he'll do. He says he'll see his girlfriend, and Maxi stops fanning. She asks why he took a job that could kill him if he has someone who cares about him. He clarifies that his relationship is "no strings". Maxi brings up her mother, again. She says that the goon reminds her of Felicia because they both hates to be tied down and are always looking for something better. Maxi admits that she wants to fall in love and have it last. Then #3 asks her about her job at the boutique. She says that she loves it because it involves fashion, but she'd rather work for a magazine and get paid to go to Paris and Milan for the fashion shows. She asks what he'd like to do with his life and he tells her that he just wants quick and easy cash.

Bobbie comes to the scene out front of the Metro Court to sit with Luke. Luke tells her that when Mr. Craig learns that the code isn't right, he's likely to kill all the hostages. Meanwhile, Georgie is lamenting about how awful she has been to Maxi lately. She tells Dillon that she'll never forgive herself if something happens to her. Bobbie convinces Georgie to come back to Kelly's with her, and Dillon declines to come along.

At the hospital, Patrick has completed his surgery and is leaving for the Metro Court even though he is still on call. In Lorenzo's room, Skye is drilling him to try to recall the code. He can't remember a thing. His double secret cell phone rings and Skye forbids him to answer it. She tells him that his contact is calling to make sure the shipment will be delivered in a few hours as planned. From the hallway, Ric has heard everything. He comes in Lorenzo's room and says that he agrees that they shouldn't answer. He and Skye go back to the hall to talk. Ric says that whoever is waiting for this shipment will probably want to cut all ties with Lorenzo even if that means killing everyone involved. Ric leaves and she goes back to Lorenzo's bedside. She tells him that Ric thinks she should take Lila and run before his associates come after them. He asks her not to leave him now. The phone rings again and this time, she tells him to answer it and assure them that the exchange will take place as planned.

The mood in Alan's room is heavy. Monica tells Edward that even though Alan had an angioplasty, the damage to his heart muscle was already done by the time they went into surgery. Then she leaves so that Edward can be alone with Alan. He tells Alan to wake up so that he can get the approval that he's sought all his life. In case he doesn't wake up, Edward tells him that he's proud of all he accomplished. Suddenly Edward looks older than he ever has as he tells Alan what he's never told him that he's proud to be his father. Alice comes into the room and hears that Alan might be too weak to recover. She tells Edward that Dr. Q knows that the family loves and accepts one another, no matter how twisted (she says this as Tracy walks in) they all are.

Alice and Edward leave so that Tracy can be alone with Alan. She takes a hard line with him. She tells him that he's not very original to come up with a heart condition in this family. He's won; she tells him that he has finally gotten their father's acceptance. "So wake up and make me regret telling you how much I love you," she painfully snaps. Then she lightens up a little and tells him that without him, Monica would throw them all out on the street. She doesn't know why Alan gave her the house anyway. Monica comes in to check his vitals and Tracy tells her that she's never been a good wife, but Alan loves her. "Give him a reason to go on living" she says and stomps out.

Alone with her husband, Monica echoes that she has been a lousy wife. And now she's even failed him in the OR. She said she just froze and now there's nothing anyone can do about it. "Your heart's a mess you know." She admits that she's broken it enough times, he ought to know. Too many affairs, too many lies, too many years before she realized that he is the love of her life. As she breaks down and sobs, Alan wakes up and says her name.

Things remain pretty much the same outside the Metro Court. Patrick stands with Luke and learns that Craig doesn't have the right code. Ric comes to tell them that the swat team will move in at 5:30 a.m. and extract the hostages while Craig is figuring out that he can't open the briefcase.

Inside the Metro Court, however, the situation gets more dire by the minute. Robin is murmuring Patrick's name and Emily assures her that paramedics are waiting outside for when they get out. Nikolas tells her to hang on. Robin makes Emily and Nik promise to forget about everything else and just be happy. They promise to try.

Jason crouches next to Liz and tells her to run for the door the second the vault opens. Then, he tells Sam to wait for his signal. "Isn't this cozy?" Craig says as he returns to the lobby and finds the threesome talking. Then he tells his goon (Jason) to go check on Spinelli and Lulu at the computer. When he gets to them, Spinelli asks Jason if he should stall or open the vault, because at this point, all it's going to take is one keystroke. Jason and Lulu agree that he should do it.

On the other side of the lobby, Father Mateo is sitting with Max, who is still bleeding from the shoulder. One of the goons speaks up and tells Mateo that his prayers must not be working most likely because of all his tattoos. The goon hits Mateo in the face with his gun. When Mateo prays for the goon's soul, he gets a whack in the gut for his efforts. The goon continues to taunt Mateo and Max, and Mateo has had enough. He's able to get the goon to lunge at him, and Max helps take him down. The goon drops to the ground to reveal a bloody knife in Mateo's hand. Mateo's eyes go cold as his other hand lets his rosary beads drop to the floor.

In their own room, Sonny tells Carly to think about the people who were close to Lorenzo. Carly eyeballs the letters on the telephone keypad that correspond with "Skye", "Diego", "Luis" and "Sage", but none of those names work because the code is 6 letters. Carly looks at the letters that correspond with 7, 6 and 7 and starts to realize that one combination could spell "S O P". That's when she remembers that Lorenzo's first love was named SOPHIE.

The chick goon shoots Father Mateo.

Spinelli tells Craig that the vault will open in 30 minutes.

Alarms are going off as Craig demands the real code from Sonny.

Craig gives the order to set off the bombs.