"3 hours. 2 a.m."

As Craig taunts Luke with Lulu's life, inside Nikolas yells to Luke that he should give up the code. Luke tries to reason with him, but Craig cocks the gun and Lulu screams. Luke panics and yells, "767285 that's the code what will allow you to reset the briefcase." Behind him, Skye tells Ric and Mac that Luke made the last three numbers up.

Inside the lobby, the female goon is on Jason's case for not covering his people properly. Craig brings Lulu back in and makes her thank her brother for saving her life. Then Craig goes over to Jason (who he refers to as #5") and asks if he's losing focus on their mission. To get Jason off the hook, Sonny calls Mr. Craig over and engages him into a conversation about how to get away with his life. Craig gets tired of Sonny talking and punches him in the mouth. Then, he makes #5 (Jason) take Lulu in the back room and orders him to kill her if she gets mouthy.

Elizabeth is still cramping and Sam is holding her arm and talking her through it. Liz apologizes to Sam for every bad word that she's ever said about her. Sam lets her off the hook. Liz tells her that she and Jason will have a baby in time. Sam expresses her concern that Jason might not really want a baby. To assure her otherwise, Liz admits that she turned Jason's marriage proposal down (when he thought the baby might be his) because she realized that he loves Sam.

Outside, Luke tells Ric and Mac that Craig won't know he has a bogus code until the vault opens. Nobody's pleased with Luke's reckless police work, and Mac tells Luke to let them handle things from now on. Then he puts his team on trying to come up with the right code. Skye finds Luke and he tells her that he should've let her handle the bluff. After all, she's cold enough to let all those people go into the Metro Court when she knew what Lorenzo had going on there, she could've bluffed better. Skye tries to explain how it happened, but Luke tells her that she's not the person he thought she was. As she's crying, Dillon comes back to report that Alan is still in surgery.

At the hospital, Edward brings Tracy coffee, but she's acting difficult as is her way when she's hurting. Edward talks about all the things that he did wrong when it comes to Alan. "How many men have a brilliant doctor for a son?" He admits that he's always treated his only son like an embarrassment. He figured he'd be able to make amends on his own death bed and tell Alan how proud that he's made him. It never occurred to him that Alan might die first. Tracy tells Edward that Alan will survive if only to spite her. She contends that Alan will never let her have their father's undivided attention. Edward admits that he should've listened to Lila all those years ago and spent more time with their children while they were young. Behind the surgery door, Dr. Ford asks Monica if she was aware that her husband had heart disease. Monica says that his cardiac tests always come back fine. "Your patient's heart is failing," he tells her.

Inside the Metro Court Lobby, as soon as Jason gets Lulu back in the other room, he reveals himself to her. Instead of being thrilled that he is her newest captor instead of a real goon, she pounds on his chest and asks what the hell is wrong with him? She's furious that he didn't do anything while Luke was bargaining for her life. Jason is able to calm her down and then explains the code situation. He tells her that he's getting her out of there now before Craig figures out that Luke gave him the wrong numbers. Spinelli comes out from hiding behind the couch and Jason tells him to get Lulu out of the building, while he goes back to see what he can do about the others. As they start to run, Craig comes back and asks what is going on? Spinelli covers by acting like he just stormed in and is fighting with #5 to rescue Lulu. As Craig is about to shoot him, Lulu announces that Spinelli can open the vault. So, Craig and #5 drag Lulu and Spinelli back to the lobby. Craig announces that everyone can relax because this "jackal person" has come to their rescue and is about to open the vault. Spinelli admits that he's not sure if he can do it, but Craig tells him to "get sure".

Nikolas and Emily are spending time with a very weak Robin. They plan how they are going to carry her out as soon as they see a chance. Robin stirs and tells them they need to leave her behind because she would slow them down. A few feet away, Carly sits quietly next to Sonny and remembers a recent conversation with Jax about their lives together.

Outside, Georgie has come to the scene for an update because she is tired of watching the news from Kelly's. When Mac tells her that he's had no word of Maxi, she falls into his arms. Lucky comes over to report to Mac and Georgie lays into him for using Maxi and not even caring that she's stuck inside as well as his precious Elizabeth. Within earshot, Dillon is telling Luke that his attempt at rescuing Lulu was worth a try. Luke says that he has spent his life running bluffs, but with Lulu's life on the line he folded. He said he started to think like a father instead of a card player, and now Lulu is worse off than she was before. Dillon confesses that he doesn't know when it happened, but he can't imagine his life without Lulu. After he finishes with Luke, Dillon walks over to stand by Georgie and tells her that they can be scared together. Georgie rests her head on his familiar shoulder.

Skye has come back to the hospital and is trying to explain to Edward and Tracy that she loves all of them. They won't cut her any slack and tell her that she is no longer a Quartermaine and that her baby is a disgrace to Lila's name. Monica and Dr. Ford come out to report that Alan arrested on the table and has considerable tissue damage, but he's still alivevia a ventilator. Monica tells them that she is normally so secure in the operating room, that's why she insisted on doing the surgery because she thought that was what Alan would have wanted. She admitted that when Alan flat lined, she froze because she knew she was going to lose him.

Tracy goes back to the scene to tell Luke that Alan isn't doing well, but she's profoundly grateful to him for getting her big brother out. He tells her that he owed her one and takes her into his arms.

Inside, the clock ticks by. Jason was standing guard by Sam and Elizabeth, but the female goon interrupts him and announces that they are trading places. Craig paces by Spinelli who is working at the front desk computer. Craig tells him if he doesn't open the vault with at least 1 hour to spare, one of the hostages will die. So, he has until 4:30 a.m. or Lulu dies. Sonny is whispering to Carly and tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her if they live. She responds by making him promise that he'll live.

Sitting on the ground at a goon's feet, Liz tells Sam that her cramps are subsiding and then thanks her again for being so supportive. Then she says that she doesn't have a will. As Sam is telling Elizabeth that she won't need one...she recognizes Jason's eyes inside of the black mask.


Monica doesn't know if Alan will regain consciousness.

Carly tells Sonny to ask her to marry him again if they live through this.

Sonny asks Carly if the numbers "767" means anything to her.