At their New York hotel, Kate tells Sonny she thinks he's still running from Brenda. Sonny denies it, but Kate reminds him he can't get rid of someone with a piece of paper. He points out she did just that when she changed her name. They rehash their past and Kate says there's something they have to do before things get out of hand.

Kate brings Sonny to his old home in Bensonhurst. She thinks it's the place that made him who he is and urges him to face it.

Dante enters the loft to find Lulu baking. He's shocked, but thinks his place looks great with her standing in it. He puts her engagement ring on her finger and kisses her. Lulu is thrilled when he ignores a call from work, but then they realize Lulu's pie has burned. Dante takes off to pick up a pie at Olivia's while Lulu stays behind to finish their meal. Lulu waits around for Dante to return. When she grows antsy, she grabs her coat and leaves.

Dante walks through an alleyway and pauses in pain. He hears an alarm and sees a burglar running by. As he follows him, Dante grows weak and passes out.

Jason meets with Shawn at Kelly's to talk about Franco. After Jason angrily leaves, Carly shows up with Josslyn. She tells Shawn how worried she is about Jason. Shawn is too. They discuss Thanksgiving and compare menus: hers is from the Metro Court, while his is home cooked. Shawn suggests they have a taste test. After sampling Shawn's meal, Carly concedes that his is superior. Shawn asks her to stay after dinner and they dance to a song on the jukebox, as someone watches through the window.

Jason enters the penthouse and finds Sam sleeping on the couch. She wakes up and he tells her he's been looking all night for Franco, but had no luck. Sam thinks he's probably off somewhere else right now. Sam changes for Thanksgiving at the Qs, but she's clearly on edge. Jason tries to comfort her, but she feels lost. Jason wants to cancel with the family, but Sam thinks it would be better than sitting there mulling over their situation. When Sam walks out of the room to get her coat, Jason calls Bernie demanding he find Franco now so he can end this.

At the Q mansion, Alice tells Monica cook is preparing a traditional dinner instead of their usual pizza. Edward enters and says it was his idea because Jason will be joining them. Monica worries it will put too much pressure on Jason. Michael arrives and learns of Edward's plans for the reunion. Meanwhile, Tracy tries to get a hold of Luke, but has no luck. She then receives flowers from Anthony. She calls Luke and leaves a message inviting him to dinner. Edward overhears. As he questions her, Tracy confesses to her using "tainted" money years ago to help ELQ. He surprises her by telling her he already knew. He lets her know that when Skye told him, he moved money around, but she'll probably still have trouble with the SEC. She asks for his help, but he tells her she got into this mess, she has to get out of it. Once Sam and Jason show up, Tracy's surliness rears it's ugly head and she makes digs at the newlyweds. Jason walks away to call Bernie, who has no news, while Sam talks to Michael about Abby and her friends. Michael is more concerned at the moment about Jason's dark mood. As the family waits for dinner, Michael asks about the honeymoon. Sam tries to go with the flow, but Jason grows uncomfortable and walks away. Sam talks with Jason in the foyer and learns the woman Franco killed wasn't in the room when the cops came. Sam blames herself for not reporting her attack because now Franco has gotten away with everything. Monica finds them to say dinner is ready. Jason tries to back out, but Monica pleads with them to stay. Edward marvels over actually having a turkey to eat in their house for the holiday. They can't remember the last time that happened. Edward leads the group in a song, but Jason can't take it and flips the table over in frustration. He stalks out and Sam follows. Alice says, "I guess he wanted pizza after all."

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Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, a re-airing of Jason and Sam's wedding from September 22 will air.

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