"4 hours. 1 a.m."

"Oh my God, it's Alan!" Monica finally realizes that the man who has fallen to the ground in the midst of a gunfight is her husband. The police restrain her as the chaos goes on. Inside Emily is inconsolable as she begs Mr. Craig to stop the shooting. Upstairs, Luke and Lucky are yelling out the window that Alan is having a heart attack, but the shooting continues. Luke grabs a chair, throws it through the window and out they go to drag Alan behind the police barricade. When the cops see that it's Luke, they hold their fire, but the sniper doesn't. Two swat team members go in and drag Alan to a gurney. Monica can't find a pulse. The paramedics are able to shock Alan's heart into a rhythm and they load him in the ambulance and take off for GH.

At the hospital, Skye massages Lorenzo's shoulders and tries to get him to relax and remember the code. He just plain can't remember it. Epiphany comes in and tells her that Alan has been released from the Metro Court because he's had a heart attack. Skye runs out of the room.

Inside the Metro Court, Emily goes ballistic on the goons for letting them shoot at an innocent man. Arms flinging, hair flying, she gets right in Craig's face and calls him a coward. Jason, who's wearing a mask pretending to be a goon, reaches for Emily (to protect her) and she swats at him trying to grab his mask. Carly, who has realized that Jason is pretending to be one of the goons, is able to stop her and tries to calm her down. Craig reminds them all that he is in charge and tells them they will pay the price if they don't behave. He sends Lulu to the back room for a while because he's sick of her voice. Sonny whispers to Carly that she is to stay calm and quiet for Michael and Morgan's sake. Craig reminds them all that the lobby is set up to explode, so they should be careful what they touch.

Lulu gets tossed in the room where Spinelli is hiding He can't believe his luck and as soon as the goon leaves, he comes out to tell her that the jackal has come to rescue her. She runs into his arms. He fills her in that Jason is out among the hostages. He gives her a gun and she takes off, but the second she's out the door, the female goon tells her to hand over the gun. She really has no choice, so she does as she's asked and is escorted back to the lobby.

Inside the vault, Maxi sees that her goon is nodding off, so she quickly pulls his facemask off (to reveal a really cute guy!) He snaps to and pulls his gun on her. "Give me one good reason not to kill you," he says. She tells him that he doesn't want to kill her, and she must be right because they sit back down and continue to get to know one another. Maxi assures him that even though she knows what he looks like, she won't turn him in. She states that he clearly didn't sign up for all of this and he agrees. He asks if she's playing him and she tells him a little. She wants him to like her so that he won't shoot her. He tells her that he won't shoot her. Together they scheme on how to get out of this thing alive.

At the Q's, Tracey, Alice, Edward and Dillon see that the hostage that has been released is Alan and he looks wounded. They all head to the hospital and are waiting in the GH lobby when he is brought in. Edward whispers in his son's ear that there is only room for one heart patient in this family. Skye tries to say something to Alan, but Monica calls her a witch and tells her to get away from her husband. Then she explains to Edward and Tracy that if it weren't for Lorenzo Alcazar they would all be safe at home right now. Edward asks Skye if it's true but she runs off.

Mac, Ric and Luke are out front of the Metro Court arguing about how to go forward. Ric is livid that Lucky and Luke pulled their own rescue attempt. He says that while the helicopter was dropping them off, Craig called him and he could hear Liz whimpering as he jammed a gun in her side. Lucky may have just killed his own baby, he accuses. Luke is fed up with the cops and walks away. He sees that Skye has just arrived at the scene. She tells Luke that the ringleader's name is James Craig. Luke bets that he doesn't know that the briefcase is wired to explode. He decides to offer Craig the code even if he has to lie about the last three numbers.

In the OR, Monica scrubs in to perform Alan's angioplasty and Dr. Ford objects. She pulls rank on him and says that she will be the one to operate on her husband. He tries to reason with her that she's too close to the situation to be objective in a crisis. She tells him to file a complaint if he needs to, but stop wasting her time. In the waiting room, the rest of the family quietly thinks about Alan. Especially Tracy. She tells Dillon that Skye will pay if her brother loses his life tonight. Edward vows to go after Alcazar.

Inside the Metro Court Jason is silently watching as Liz's contractions are getting worse. Sam reaches out to her and tries to help by talking about what a miracle her baby is. Then she suggests that they try to think of baby names. Carly is trying to figure out a way to let Sonny know that she thinks Jason is in the room with them. She tells him that she wishes Jason could be in the room because he'd know what to do. She says that he would be calm and quiet and just take it all in, but it's too bad that he's in Paris right now. Then Sonny realizes that she's trying to tell him something and he starts looking around the room.

Luke grabs a megaphone and starts talking to Mr. Craig. He introduces himself and says that the briefcase that he's so hot to get out of there is equipped to self destruct thanks to Lorenzo Alcazar. Luke points out that waiting for the vault to open isn't enough. "You need to code, and I have it," he yells. Luke tells Craig to trade the hostages for him. Inside, Craig asks Lulu if her name isn't the same as the madman on the megaphone. When Lulu admits that Luke is her father, Craig takes her to the front door with a gun to her head. He faces Luke and announces that he reveals the code or Lulu is dead. Luke tells Lulu that it's okay. Mr. Craig knows that if he kills her he'll never get the code. Craig says that first he'll kill Lulu and then Liz and the baby that she's gestating. From inside, Nikolas yells for Luke to give the code because Craig has already shot 2 people. Skye whispers to the cops that Luke doesn't even know the code.

At GH, Monica is trying to stay cool as she operates on Alan's heart. Dr. Ford states that the damage to the heart tissue is extending. "If you want this patient to live, let me take over," he tells her.

Dr. Ford tells Monica that her patient's heart is failing.
The female goon tells Jason that he's getting sloppy.
Craig tells Luke that the game is over as he cocks his gun into Lulu's neck.