Steve saddles up to the bar at Jake's and downs a beer. Coleman wonders what's got him shaking like a leaf. Steve responds that you make decisions and choices never expecting them to follow you around. Coleman understands, lamenting his failed relationship with Kate. He compares her to Lisa, minus the crazy. Coleman wonders if he's spooked since he fired her. Matt walks up and sits with Steve. He blames himself for what happened to Liz because the party was for him after he acted like a spoiled brat. They both get paged and leave.

On the pier, Shawn and Carly see a body in the water and realize it's Lisa Niles. They argue about what to do which infuriates Shawn. Carly explains this is the most attention she's received from him in days so she's going to take advantage of it. Ronnie and Delores show up and question the duo. Ronnie demands to know what they are doing at the warehouse. Shawn covers by saying they needed some privacy, much to Carly's amusement. Ronnie doesn't necessarily buy their story and wonders how far they are willing to go. Shawn insists they didn’t kill Lisa. Ronnie wants to take their statements at the station. After Ronnie leaves, Carly smirks as she tells Shawn they’ll have to keep up the ruse. She adds, "You're stuck with me Butler."

Robin catches Patrick sneaking back into the house. She asks where he's been. He explains he couldn't sleep and went for a walk. His shoes are wet because he got caught in the neighbor's sprinklers. They lie on the couch together, as Patrick suggests they go on a vacation. Robin thinks they should wait until things settle down, but Patrick wants to live in the now. As they play around, Robin's stitches open and she starts to bleed. He wants to look at it, but she would rather go to the hospital so he doesn’t get infected.

Robin finds Steve and Matt at the hospital. They think she's there to cover for them because they've been drinking, but they weren't even on-call. Delores shows up and tells them Lisa's body washed up on the harbor. The coroner is working on the cause of death, but it's not looking like an accident.

Olivia tries to get rid of Sonny at her door, but he bypasses her and enters her place. She hides the pregnancy test as Sonny asks if he has a shot with Kate. Olivia feels she knows Connie better than Kate, but muses she's probably scared to get her heart shattered again. Kate calls Sonny and tells him her car broke down. Sonny says he'll be right there.

As Kate waits for Sonny at her car, Johnny shows up. Kate is suspicious since he left the bar well ahead of her. He says he had a long night and has been driving around. He offers to take a look under the hood and instructs her to get some tools out of his car. She grabs a wrench, but he tells her you don't use a wrench like that on a car. However, he uses it for other things. Sonny and Olivia show up. Olivia tries to diagnose the problem with the car, but she keeps losing her balance. Sonny instructs Johnny to take her home. Johnny obliges, leaving Sonny to wait with Kate for the tow truck. They flirt and Sonny kisses her.

As Johnny brings Olivia home, she warns him not to start a mob war using her family members. He assures her it's not on his agenda. He was just trying to help. She thinks someone messed with Kate's car.

In Hawaii, Jason tries to delicately explain that he watched Franco carry Sam to the bed from the shower, but he couldn't see anything after that. Sam cries hoping nothing really happened. Jason just says, "When I find him, I’m going to kill him." Jason wants to get her to the hospital, but she doesn't want anyone touching her right now. She takes a shower, as Jason sits in the bedroom trying to hold back the tears. When he can't take hearing Sam cry any longer, he turns off the water, wraps her in a towel and holds her. They sit together outside because Jason knows the stars make her feel safe. Sam feels safe with him.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason and Sam search for clues on Franco.

The new pediatrician hits town.

Lucky gets a visitor.

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