Jason breaks down in his cell wondering what Franco did to Sam. Jason's door mysteriously opens. He runs out, as Franco enters the room with a spray can.

Jason races to the honeymoon shack and finds Sam passed out in her bed. Sam wakes up and he asks what she remembers. She tells him about the note and the beer and how she took a shower. She thinks he was there in the shower, but realizes from his reaction that wasn't the case. Shaken, Jason tells her to continue. She remembers getting dizzy, but she thought he was outside the shower to catch her. It gets fuzzy from there, but she remembers he was in bed with her. Jason gently tells her it wasn't him. It was Franco.

Dante and Lulu return home. They talk about the surprise she prepared for him the night he was shot. Lulu cries thinking about almost losing him. He wants to end this night the way that night was supposed to. He asks for the ring and she pulls it out of her bag. He asks her to wear the ring when they're together. She agrees and he puts it on her finger, stating how much he wants to make her his wife. They start to kiss, but Lulu tells him he needs to rest. She gets up to leave so he doesn’t get too worked up with her there. He pleads with her to stay, so she agrees to stay on the couch. After Dante falls asleep, Lulu smiles at her ring and gulps down a glass of wine.

Johnny and Carly discuss Claudia on the pier. Carly starts to get nervous as Johnny grows darker and inches towards her. Shawn shows up and Johnny warns Carly not to fall back into old patterns with Sonny. He leaves, as Shawn chastises Carly for going off with Johnny Z, especially after a few drinks. Carly wonders why he's even there. Shawn had to make sure she got home okay. She wonders if it's a mission of mercy or something more. He tries to avoid the conversation and she assumes he doesn’t want to be with her because she's white. He tells her she's crazy, so she wonders if he is a player or the world's last gentleman. He responds he's neither. He has a job to do and besides, she's drunk, legally married and hung up on Jason getting hitched. She wants him to look her in the eye and tell her there is no attraction between them. Shawn gets distracted by something in the water.

At Jake's, Kate and Sonny rehash the past. They end up dancing, as Coleman scowls. Kate wonders what happens next. Sonny moves in and kisses her. He then says he has to call it a night. She wonders if it's an invitation. He thinks they should take it slow and not rush anything. She stays behind to finish her drink, as Sonny says he hopes to see her soon. Once Sonny is gone, Coleman says he doesn’t appreciate her using him to get at Sonny. He tells her to play her games at another bar. She feels at home there, so she's sorry if he's jealous. Coleman can't believe what an ice queen she is. He tells her to finish her drink and get out of there. Kate leaves, as Johnny follows her.

Steve stops by Olivia's as she's about to take a pregnancy test. She quickly hides it and answers the door. Steve thinks she's still upset about the boat party. She readily agrees and then runs off to make him some food. Steve gets a call. He asks the person when they are getting to Port Charles and suggests they be ready to start as soon as they get there. After he hangs up, he finds the pregnancy test. He quickly hides it again when Olivia returns. He tells Olivia he has to get back to work and nervously leaves. Olivia looks at her pregnancy test, as Sonny knocks on the door.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Robin catches Patrick coming home late.

Sonny is concerned about Olivia.

Johnny helps Kate with her broken down car.

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