"6 hours. 11 p.m."

Around the back of the Metro Court, Jason gives Spinelli one last chance to bail if he has changed his mind. Spinelli says that he is the roadmap and he's going in. Jason gives him a gun, but he doesn't know how to use it so Jason gives him a quick tutorial. Then they go inside.

Out front, Mac reminds Ric that he is to coordinate any efforts with the PCPD and not act unilaterally. Mayor Floyd shows up and tells Ric that he doesn't have the expertise to deal with the people inside. He gives Ric one hour until he brings in a tactical team to bring the hostages out by force.

Lucky agrees to storm the building with Luke. Dillon comes up and says to count him in. He says that Lulu is family to him now. Tracy joins them and tells Luke that nobody's going in, but it doesn't deter the Spencer guys. As they slip off, she gives Luke a kiss and he says,"Thanks!" Dillon is left talking with Tracy, and Scotty Baldwin shows up. Tracy flatly asks, "Shouldn't you be in prison somewhere?" He scoffs and says unless you're dead; you're never really gone for good. Then he gives his real answer -- that he came home to see how Laura was. Tracy explains to Scotty how it is that she is still Mrs. Luke Spencer in spite of the dreamy wedding that Luke threw for Laura during her brief recovery. Dillon asks Scottie to clarify his feelings for Laura because he's confused about their connection. Scotty tells Dillon that he's been in love with Laura most of his life. He says that Luke and Laura's big fairytale romance was destructive and abusive. Tracy reminds him that Laura is incurable. Scotty says that the next time they find a medicine to help her, it's going to be him who finds it. He tells Tracy that it behooves her to keep Mr. Spencer happy.

Time ticks on inside the Metro Court:

Sam is holding a knife to Craig's neck and tells the goons to drop their guns. Craig calmly tells her that by killing him, she would be killing everyone in the room. Eventually, she drops the knife. "What do I do with you now?" He toys with her. Liz's cramping is getting worse and Craig tells her to "calm down, think happy thoughts and meditate on your navel".

Nicolas and Emily are tending to Alan in the room down the hall. Alan asks Emily if she appreciates irony. He good naturedly tells her that all these years he worried that Jason would be injured because of his dangerous life and here he is close to death from attending a charity event. Nikolas has found an aspirin and they give it to Alan. Emily whispers that if they don't get a defibrillator soon, Alan will die. Craig comes in and says "Not dead yet?" He makes them all leave including Alan so he can be alone with Sam. Craig tells her the only reason he had not killed her yet is because of her "decorative qualities." He unzips her jacket and she calls him a pig. He tells her that he's not a rapist. He asks "sweet Sam" who she cares about in this mess. She tells him to go to hell. He tells Sam that she's totally missing the maternal, nurturing instinct like Liz has. He admires that in her.

Carly and Sonny carefully slip out of their room with the gun they were able to get by knocking out a goon. As soon as they are in the hallway, there's goon bringing Lulu back to the lobby and he sees them. He tells Sonny that he will kill Lulu if he doesn't drop the gun. Sonny can't see a way out of it, so he ends up surrendering his gun. Lulu tells him that he should've taken Carly and run because they have kids. Sonny says he'd never leave her behind and do that to Luke. The goon, Carly, Lulu and Sonny come back to the lobby and Craig makes Lulu go sit with Liz and ease her aching belly.

Everyone but Sam & Mr. Craig (and Maxi) is now in the lobby again. Carly says there is a defibrillator behind the desk and Sonny makes a good case for the goons to allow them to use in on Alan. Finally, Emily is able to shock Alan's heart into a more normal rhythm. Craig brings Sam back and is angry that his goon gave the defibrillator to Alan. He decides to switch partners again because they're getting far too comfortable. As he announces who moves to sit with whom, there's a sound of a helicopter on the roof and he gets furious. "Bloody hell, somebody just made a fatal error!" he shouts. He grabs Liz by the arm and drags her to the desk phone to call Rica. He orders Rica to remove the helicopter or the lovely Liz will be shot baby and all.

Inside the vault, Maxi is describing a certain kind of pizza that she can't stop thinking about. The goon with her says he'd rather have an authentic Philly cheese steak. She changes the subject to fashion and what's going to be big for spring. She says that she's bored and scared and then comments on what weird conversation that is. The goon says that soldiers go through that all the time. He doesn't want to talk about himself, so he asks her about her life. She tells him that her cousin Robin is in the lobby, does he think they've been released already? The goon says that the guy he works for will never leave with the briefcase. Then they go back to Maxi's life and how she considers herself to be the family disaster. She explains her relationship with Lucky, the fake pregnancy, the drugs she stole, everything. He tells her that she's way more interesting than he thought.

Jason and Spinelli are wandering the hallways looking for an air duct so that Jason can get a look at the lobby situation before he surprises the goons. Spinelli tells him that it's like a maze and he'll have to scrunch up and depend totally on him for directions. As he sizes up Jason's girth to see if he'll fit, Spinelli asks, "Geez, how much to you press?" Jason orders "Don't touch me." They duck into an office and see blood on the carpet and know that they're getting close. Then they hear a helicopter and decide it's time to make their move. Jason tells Spinelli to get himself out if anything goes wrong, but Spinelli argues that they're a team now. Jason jumps up on a desk and pries his way into the duct.

Guess who it was that arranged for the helicopter? Luke and Lucky! They drop onto the roof and go into the building. They make it to a camera that shows bits and pieces of the lobby and see that something is wrong with Liz.

Craig is grabbing Liz's arm and talking to Ric on the phone. He tells Ric that they could celebrate the blessed event of a birth tonight if Ric's not careful. Ric tells him to send Elizabeth out while he's deciding what he wants in exchange for the hostages. After they hang up, Craig debates with himself who he should let go -- the pregnant nurse or the doctor with the bum ticker? He won't consider letting Robin go because she's been way too much fun to watch. "What am I forgetting?" he muses to himself. "Oh yes! To kill Michael Corinthos Jr." He places the end of his gun directly on Sonny's skull.

Jason is in the duct getting directions from Spinelli through an earpiece. He makes it to a grate that overlooks the lobby. As he looks down at everyone in the lobby, he's hearing what's going on the room where Spinelli is. Someone is coming, so Spinelli scrabbles behind a couch. It's a goon who is telling Sonny to turn around and face the wall. Jason's listening to that and watching Craig force Emily to decide who goes free. She struggles with her decision.

Tracy tells Monica that one of the injured hostages is coming out.

Alan tells Emily to choose Elizabeth.

Emily makes a touch choice.